Kenneth Goldsmith

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'Wasting Time on Internet' Now an Ivy League Class

You get an A! And you get an A!

(Newser) - If "checking social media, watching cat videos, chatting, and shopping" sounds like how you spend your time when the Man's back is turned, well, leave it to the Ivy League to figure out how to make it a chore. As Yahoo reports, the University of Pennsylvania is now... More »

Man Wants to 'Print the Internet'

Art project to honor of Aaron Swartz

(Newser) - It sounds impossible—because, frankly, it almost certainly is—but Kenneth Goldsmith wants to print out the Internet. Or, more accurately, he wants you and everyone you know to print out whatever portion of the Internet strikes your fancy and mail it to him. "We just want shitloads of... More »

2 Stories