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Jagger Met New Galpal Before L'Wren's Death

Melanie Hamrick is a 27-year-old dancer

(Newser) - Mick Jagger has a new girlfriend—and he met the 27-year-old dancer two weeks before his longtime girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, committed suicide . Jagger and Melanie Hamrick met and "exchanged details" back in March, according to the Daily Mail ; a Jagger rep confirms they met when dancers from the...

Was L'Wren Scott's Will Meant to Hurt Mick Jagger?

Sources say the move could have been 'a big F-you'

(Newser) - News broke yesterday that L'Wren Scott left her entire $9 million estate to longtime partner Mick Jagger—and today, sources tell Page Six that Scott was just trying to pay him back. "He bought her the apartment, bought her all the jewelry," says one. "She was...

Jagger, L'Wren Scott's Sister Butt Heads Over Funeral

Sister says her own brother is also trying to bar her from Scott's funeral

(Newser) - Drama has erupted over L'Wren Scott's funeral: Longtime partner Mick Jagger is planning a private service in LA, while Scott's sister, Jan Shane, wants the fashion designer buried near their childhood home in Utah, sources tell the New York Daily News . Jagger has reportedly been in discussions...

Jagger Was About to Settle Down With L'Wren Scott
Jagger Was About to Settle Down With L'Wren Scott
sources say

Jagger Was About to Settle Down With L'Wren Scott

Rolling Stones rally around Mick as death is declared suicide

(Newser) - L'Wren Scott's death was officially ruled a suicide yesterday—and made even more tragic by a revelation from her brother-in-law. Her longtime lover Mick Jagger "had recently decided to end his hotel lifestyle, and I understand they had just bought a $10 million home in New York,...

L'Wren 'Clearly Wanted to' Make Sure She Died: Source

As report comes out that she was about to shut her business

(Newser) - When L'Wren Scott hanged herself with a black satin scarf Monday, she also wrapped a tie around her neck—and law enforcement sources tell the New York Post that indicates Scott wanted to be absolutely certain she died. "The necktie would apply more pressure," one source explains....

Mick Jagger: 'I Am Struggling to Understand'

Says he will 'never forget' L'Wren Scott

(Newser) - Mick Jagger's website has been transformed: The home page title reads simply, "L'Wren," and after a picture of his longtime girlfriend, Jagger issues a statement about L'Wren Scott's death . "I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end...

Inside the Exclusive Condo Where L'Wren Scott Died

She may have used a scarf of her own design to hang herself

(Newser) - The condo building where fashion designer L'Wren Scott was found dead yesterday is the ninth most expensive address in New York City, an exclusive building where units sell for $10 million or more and Scott's neighbors included Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, the New York Daily News reports....

What Led L'Wren Scott to Suicide?

Sources say fashion designer was struggling with depression

(Newser) - Speculation is swirling: Why would L'Wren Scott kill herself , as she is believed to have done yesterday? Not surprisingly, it took the New York Post very little time to find multiple sources who claim Scott and Mick Jagger had recently broken up after a dozen years together. One of...

L'Wren Scott, Mick Jagger's Girlfriend, Found Dead

 Mick Jagger's 
 Found Dead 

Mick Jagger's Girlfriend Found Dead

L'Wren Scott's assistant found her hanged this morning

(Newser) - L'Wren Scott—fashion designer, model, and Mick Jagger's girlfriend—has been found dead in an apparent suicide in her Manhattan apartment, sources tell the New York Post . Scott's assistant found the 47-year-old, hanged, around 10am today, police tell the New York Daily News . Foul play is not...

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