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France Is Still 'Obsessed' With Burkinis

Debate is revived after top court upholds ban on garment at public pools

(Newser) - A French city's attempt to loosen swimwear regulations at public pools has been slapped down by the country's highest administrative court, renewing debate about the "burkini." Last month, officials in Grenoble voted to allow women to wear the garment, which covers everything except the face, hands,...

French High Court Rules on Town's Burkini Ban

Council of State says women on resort's beaches can wear full-body swimsuit if they want

(Newser) - France's tussle with the burkini was just dealt a strong blow by the country's top administrative court, which on Friday overturned one resort town's ban against the full-body beachwear, the AP reports. The ruling from the Council of State comes during a summer of high-profile cases along...

Burkini Inventor: Who's Worse, Taliban or French Politicians?

Aheda Zanetti says she invented the burkini to give women freedom

(Newser) - The inventor of the burkini believes France and others who want to ban it have fundamentally "misunderstood" what the garment is all about. Aheda Zanetti, writing in the Guardian , says she invented the burkini in 2004 after watching her niece try to play netball in a makeshift skin-covering athletic...

Cops on French Beach Make Muslim Woman Remove Tunic
Cops on French Beach Make
Muslim Woman Remove Tunic
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Cops on French Beach Make Muslim Woman Remove Tunic

Controversy over burkini ban intensifies

(Newser) - The ban of the body-covering worn by Muslim women known as the burkini at several French beaches seems to grow more controversial by the day. The latest incident to make headlines comes from Cannes, where four police officers surrounded a Muslim woman and forced her to remove a veiled tunic...

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