Geoffrey Owens

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2 Big Names Come Through for 'Shamed' Cosby Show Actor

Geoffrey Owens reportedly to act in 10 episodes of Tyler Perry show; Nicki Minaj wants to donate $25K

(Newser) - The swelling tide of well wishes for the Cosby Show actor who was job-shamed by multiple media outlets may have just turned into something more lucrative. Sources tell TMZ that Geoffrey Owens has accepted a job offer by filmmaker and producer Tyler Perry, who tweeted earlier this week that the... More »

Woman Who Snapped Photo of Cosby Show Actor Speaks Out

'I just kind of did it on impulse and it was a bad impulse'

(Newser) - Geoffrey Owens was ringing up Karma Lawrence's groceries at a New Jersey Trader Joe's when Lawrence snuck a couple candid photos of the former Cosby Show star and submitted them to various celebrity websites. The Daily Mail published them, and the rest is history: Owens got job-shamed, a... More »

Cosby Show Actor Working as Cashier Has Friend in Twitter

Articles put Geoffrey Owens on blast for his cashier gig

(Newser) - An actor known best for his role on The Cosby Show who was snapped by a Trader Joe's customer when he was spotted working as a cashier is being defended against the ensuing ridicule by fans and famous folks alike across social media. Geoffrey Owens, who played the role... More »

3 Stories