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One Book Was 'Obviously' Obama's Favorite in 2018

Former president gives thumbs-up to his wife's 'Becoming,' plus other favorite books, songs, and films

(Newser) - Barack Obama on Friday offered on Facebook what has become a tradition for him: a list of his favorite books, songs, and movies for the year. Obama not only includes picks that he found "most thought-provoking, inspiring, or just plain loved"—he also places a spotlight on "...

List of Those Who Died in 2018 Includes Less-Known Names
Among Those
Who Died in 2018:
35 Less-Known Names
in case you missed it

Among Those Who Died in 2018: 35 Less-Known Names

Does Juan Romero ring a bell?

(Newser) - Being reminded that Aretha Franklin, John McCain, George HW and Barbara Bush, Burt Reynolds, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Stephen Hawking, and Stan Lee died in 2018 will likely come as no great shock. But the AP's roll call of some of the people who shuffled off this mortal coil...

'An Act of Senseless Hate' Is AP's Top Story of 2018

Parkland school shooting leads annual AP survey

(Newser) - It's been challenging to keep up with the seemingly never-ceasing news cycle of late, but some stories drew more eyes than others in 2018. Since 1936, the Associated Press has conducted an annual poll of US editors and news directors to see which were the top news stories of...

The Things We'd Like to Leave Behind in 2018
The Things We'd Like
to Leave Behind in 2018

The Things We'd Like to Leave Behind in 2018

The AP presents its list

(Newser) - Keep your backyard chicken coops, dear 2018, and your vampire facials, too. And the stiff-arm Floss dance? Stomp it out in the new year. Here's some of what the AP would like to leave behind as we slide into 2019. You're welcome.
  1. The Floss: The arm-flailing, hip-swaying, rapid-fire

The Movies You Likely Didn't See in 2018 (but Should)

'Death of Stalin,' 'Sorry to Bother You,' 'Mandy' among the flicks you shouldn't miss, per the Daily Beast

(Newser) - Yes, everyone is still doing the Wakanda salute from Black Panther, cringing along with Elsie Fisher's character in Eighth Grade, and singing "Shallow" from A Star Is Born. But as Marlow Stern writes for the Daily Beast , there were more than 700 movies released this year, and "...

No. 1 Song of Year: the 'Anthem 2018 Deserves'

According to Digg, Ariana Grande rules the roost with 'Thank U, Next'

(Newser) - "Everyone" has weighed in, and they've told Digg what the best songs of 2018 are. The site confesses it didn't use a "super fancy algorithm" to figure out what tunes were resonating with the people at large. Instead, a "human Digg Editor" pored over a...

Bill Gates Wants You to Read These 5 Books Before 2019
Bill Gates Wants You to Read
These 5 Books Before 2019

Bill Gates Wants You to Read These 5 Books Before 2019

Anxiety, Silicon Valley, learning how to reinvent oneself—his picks feature wide-ranging topics

(Newser) - If you've ever wanted to get into a person's head, finding out what books he or she reads is a good place to start. Time reports on the tomes that have been taking up real estate in Bill Gates' mind of late, "perfectly timed for the holiday...

Here Are the Best Science Books of the Year


(Newser) - says we're currently living in "exciting" and "slightly alarming" times, at least when it comes to science. To keep everyone in the know, and well prepped to handle whatever breakthroughs and obstacles may be thrown our way in 2019, the site has whittled down...

One Actress Shows Up in 2 of AFI's Best Movies of 2018

Emily Blunt was in 'Mary Poppins,' 'A Quiet Place'

(Newser) - Thinking of wrapping up 2018 with a good book , or perhaps by taking in a movie? The American Film Institute has you covered on the latter with its list of 10 of the most "culturally and artistically significant" films of the year. Actress Emily Blunt shows up in two...

10 Best Albums of 2018
Here Are 2018's
10 Best Albums

Here Are 2018's 10 Best Albums

These are some of the year's most beloved releases

(Newser) - The sheer volume of music (no pun intended) available to listeners both casual and obsessive in the streaming age is vast to say the least. But in this era of self-curated and Spotify-created playlists, Paste wants folks to know the art of the album is still alive and well. To...

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