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Stewart's Right: Screeching CNBC Is Whacked

Shouting heads are so very far off base

(Newser) - It should come as no surprise to fans of Jon Stewart, but CNBC is as hysterical as he says—and worse, Gabriel Winant writes in Salon. After 12 hours watching the network "I was huddled in the corner of my couch, wondering why the angry faces were yelling at... More »

Cramer Going on Daily Show Thursday

(Newser) - This should be interesting: CNBC's Jim Cramer has agreed to go on Jon Stewart's Daily Show Thursday, notes the Business Insider. Stewart has been roasting Cramer, along with his CNBC cronies, for their market boosterism prior to the downturn. Last night, for instance, Stewart played a series of clips showing... More »

'I Save a Lot of People Money': Cramer to Stewart

(Newser) - Jim Cramer is once again on the defensive, as Jon Stewart seemingly can’t stop finding damning Mad Money clips, Gawker reports. Appearing on this morning's Today show, Cramer was subjected to a CNBC snippet that ran on the Daily Show last night, from January 2008, where the host literally... More »

Gibbs Isn't Afraid to Throw Verbal Punches

Obama spokesman lets Limbaugh & Co. dig their own holes

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs has shown he’s not afraid to skewer the likes of Rush Limbaugh and cable-TV talking heads in his White House press briefings, but he also knows when the best tactic is standing aside. “If your enemies are fighting themselves, then don’t get in the way,... More »

Money Guru: None of Us Really Knows What to Do

Pundits should hedge their bets and speak with caution

(Newser) - Financial pundits don’t know everything, and don't trust those who act like they do, Joel Lovell writes in the Washington Post. The GQ money expert acknowledges anxiety over dispensing information that may not be true at all. “It makes me feel like a bit of a fraud,”... More »

Cramer Changes Course: Have Faith in Geithner

It's cheaper than nationalization, and gets banks moving again

(Newser) - Geithner’s got it, James Cramer writes in New York—much to his own surprise. Cramer notes that he's railed against the Treasury chief for months, but he's now come around just as others have abandoned him. “The press, the pols, the Wall Streeters—they are all dumping their... More »

Cramer Is Fun, Informative, and Mostly Wrong

(Newser) - With Wall Street in shambles, Jim Cramer’s ratings are higher than ever—which is fine as long as you ignore his stock picks, Bill Alpert writes in Barron’s. Cramer doles out thousands of buy/sell recommendations a year that consistently underperform the market. Alpert examined Cramer’s record from... More »

Cratering Dow Sinks Cramer Cred (but Doubles Ratings)

'It’s just a bear trying to do a show in this environment,' Mad Money host says

(Newser) - Jim Cramer was long Wall Street’s most reliable cheerleader, psyching up investors on his high-octane CNBC show. He’s insisted several times this year that the worst was over—only to tell viewers this month to forsake stocks entirely. “It is harder to get it right than any... More »

Cramer: I Was Being Responsible!

Mad guru maintains that money is safer out of Wall Street

(Newser) - Jim Cramer returned to NBC's Today Show to dismiss viewer attacks that he yelled "fire in a crowded building" by advising they pull out of Wall Street any money they need in the short term. "What happens if there is one raging?" he retorted. The "innate optimist,... More »

Sell Those Stocks! Banks Are Better: Cramer

(Newser) - The stock market is no place to keep a dollar these days, warned hollering financial guru Jim Cramer today on Mad Money. Another depression is possible and energy woes are likely, he said, so the smart investor will free up money needed in the next 5 years by selling stock.... More »

You 'Can't Afford Not to Own Gold'

Cramer urges investors to store value in gold as it surges past $900 an ounce

(Newser) - Investors simply "must own gold" in financially shaky times like these, Jim Cramer said on his Mad Money TV show today—after gold spiked 16% in the last week and topped $900 an ounce. Cramer called gold a safe haven regardless of whether Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's $700 billion... More »

After Meltdown, 'Safe Will Be the New Sexy': Cramer

'Good, clean, old-fashioned banking' is coming back in US markets

(Newser) - A new era has arrived on Wall Street, with the big investment firms falling, James Cramer writes in New York, and traditional banks with large deposit bases looking like the smartest option all along. “We’ll see a more chaste culture emerge from all of this, on Wall Street,... More »

Housing Will Bottom June 30, 2009: Cramer

Bombastic guru lists 10 signs of a real-estate turnaround

(Newser) - Jim Cramer has spent over a year “shouting in my usual unhinged way” about the bleak real estate market, he writes in New York. But now he’s so confident housing’s headed for a bottom that he’ll name the exact date: June 30, 2009. Why?
  1. New home
... More »

Fannie, Freddie Deal Will 'Stem the Mess'

'There will be no reason to foreclose' after takeover: Cramer

(Newser) - Jim Cramer predicts that a lot of people will whine about the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—especially those shorting them—and say it won't help. But they're dead wrong, Cramer writes on TheStreet.com: it's going to turn housing around and bring the rest of the... More »

Cramer: the Bear Has Been Tamed

Bombastic market guru says Bear deal marks end of crisis; buy JP Morgan

(Newser) - We've hit bottom, Jim Cramer proclaims. Bear Stearns' collapse may have been apocalyptic in scale, but it at least woke up a complacent Fed and Treasury secretary, the bombastic market guru writes in New York today. “We’ve been through dozens of false bottoms,” he says, but now... More »

And He's Not Going to Take It Anymore

'Mad Money' madman Cramer snaps, beseeches Bernanke to cut rates

(Newser) - In YouTube's most watched video today, CNBC's Jim Cramer blasts Fed chairman Ben Bernanke for signaling that he won't cut interest rates, calling the present stay-the-course market situation "Armageddon." As his dumbfounded interlocutor looks on, the "Mad Money" host pounds the table and thunders that the "... More »

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