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Richard Simmons Sues Tabloid Over Sex Change Stories

Simmons' complaint claims the Enquirer's source blackmailed him

(Newser) - Richard Simmons has a bone to pick with the tabloids. According to the Hollywood Reporter , the fitness guru filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer, Radar Online, and American Media, Inc. after a series of stories claiming Simmons underwent a “shocking sex surgery” began appearing in June of 2016.... More »

An Incredible Story of Trump Trying to Date Salma Hayek

The actress says Trump reacted poorly when she rejected him

(Newser) - Salma Hayek claims Donald Trump once filed a malicious tabloid rumor about her after she refused to go out with him, BuzzFeed reports. Hayek—who E! Online notes has been refusing to say Trump's name since at least 2015—told the story Friday on a Spanish-language radio station in... More »

Dr. Phil Sues Enquirer: I'm Not Abusive Hypocrite

McGraw and wife Robin are suing for $250M

(Newser) - "Dr. Phil" McGraw and the National Enquirer are lining up for a courtroom brawl after the television talk show host and his wife filed a $250 million lawsuit against the tabloid and its sister publications, charging that they falsely accused him of being an abusive husband and a hypocrite... More »

Trump: Cruz's Dad Hung Out With Lee Harvey Oswald

Cruz camp says claim is 'garbage'

(Newser) - Donald Trump's latest is a wilder-than-usual attack on Ted Cruz: Trump says Cruz's father was in the company of Lee Harvey Oswald just months before Oswald shot John F. Kennedy in 1963. His comments are based on a National Enquirer story that claims a previously unidentified man photographed... More »

Cosby Lawyers Got National Enquirer to Drop 2005 Story

Instead, the tabloid ran a softer interview with him

(Newser) - The Bill Cosby mess might have gotten an airing nearly a decade ago had the National Enquirer not been swayed by the celeb's lawyers, reports the Guardian . The tabloid was all set to run an interview with accuser Beth Ferrier when Cosby's legal team got wind of it... More »

Enquirer Funds Prize After Publishing Hoffman Lies

Actor's friend sought settlement he would want

(Newser) - A National Enquirer story filled with lies about Philip Seymour Hoffman's last days has spawned a foundation dedicated to the actor's pursuit of artistic truth. After playwright David Bar Katz—the friend who found Hoffman's body earlier this month—spotted the story claiming he and Hoffman had... More »

Lindsey Vonn Cheated on Tiger: Witness

Well, well, how the tables have turned on Woods

(Newser) - Just try to read this and not feel a little bit gleeful: Lindsey Vonn has reportedly cheated on Tiger Woods. Of course, this report comes courtesy of the National Enquirer and must therefore be taken with a few grains of salt ... but still. "Lindsey is not a nun,"... More »

National Enquirer Heirs in ... Enquirer-Like Money Battle

Founder's broke son wants slice of mom's $200M

(Newser) - The heirs to the fortune of National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope are engaged in a fight over cash that wouldn't be out of place in the very pages of the publication that made Pope rich, the Miami Herald reports. Pope's widow, Lois, a respected Palm Beach philanthropist, has... More »

Cruise Threatens Lawsuit Over Enquirer Story

Tabloid describes Katie's 'house of horrors'; his lawyers blast 'disgusting lies'

(Newser) - A new National Enquirer cover story says Tom Cruise "abused" Katie Holmes and forced Suri to spend months in a "tiny, windowless room"—and Cruise's lawyers are furious. They say the story is filled with "disgusting lies" and are threatening to sue the tabloid over... More »

Oprah Staging Wedding to Save Network: Tab

And Stedman Graham will get a $100M prenup for the pleasure: source

(Newser) - How to save her failing network: Get married on live TV! That's Oprah Winfrey's plan, insiders tell the National Enquirer . Oprah's romantic proposal to longtime partner Stedman Graham reportedly included an offer of a $100 million "prenup" and the tearful line, "You're the only... More »

Rush's Bride Enraged Over 'Slut' Brouhaha

Limbaugh's wife Kathryn 'fit to be tied,' says source

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh's "slut" tirade may have gotten the home fires burning, and not in a marital-bliss kind of way: Seems Limbaugh's 35-year-old fourth wife, Kathryn, is "fit to be tied" over the controversy, sources tell the National Enquirer . The Florida event planner, to whom 61-year-old... More »

Enquirer Runs Photo of Whitney in Open Coffin

Did tabloid cross line, or are we all obsessed?

(Newser) - Has the National Enquirer crossed a line? Many were horrified when the tabloid published a photo it claims is the body of Whitney Houston shown in an open gold coffin. The pic was taken at the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey, according to Enquirer editors, who have not revealed... More »

Calif. AG to Probe Schwarzenegger Sex Arrangements

Tabloid claims Arnold used security detail to cover up affairs

(Newser) - California's attorney general will investigate accusations that Arnold Schwarzenegger used state-funded security personnel to help arrange and cover up his extra-marital activities, according to Radar . William Taylor, a former law enforcement officer who claims to have been head of security at the Sacramento Hyatt Regency, has told the National ... More »

I Told the Enquirer About Edwards' Affair With Rielle

Pigeon O'Brien reveals how the 'National Enquirer' got the scoop

(Newser) - In the 1980s, Pigeon O'Brien was friends with a girl named Lisa Druck, and "Lisa Druck was trouble," writes O'Brien on the Huffington Post . She told seedy stories about "strip poker and non-monogamy," but O'Brien and other pals liked her nonetheless. Then Lisa Druck vanished for... More »

Steve Jobs Has Weeks to Live: Enquirer

'Skeletal' Apple CEO seen leaving cancer clinic

(Newser) - The claim to take with a grain of salt: Steve Jobs may have just 6 weeks to live, says the National Enquirer. The claim that seems a little more backed up: Jobs was spotted leaving the same California clinic where actor Patrick Swayze sought treatment for cancer in his final... More »

Aretha Franklin Has Cancer: Relative

Surgery was for pancreatic tumor, says National Enquirer

(Newser) - The undisclosed illness that required Aretha Franklin to undergo surgery last week is cancer, a relative tells Fox 2 News In Detroit . The 68-year-old singer abruptly canceled shows last month on doctors' orders but didn't give specifics on why. The National Enquirer says the cancer is pancreatic, notes PopCrunch . Click... More »

Enquirer Refused Masseuse Request for $1M

Al Gore accuser apparently still looking for a payday

(Newser) - Al Gore's masseuse/accuser tried to score a big payday from the National Enquirer, but the tabloid refused her request for $1 million, reports Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post . "No money changed hands," executive editor Barry Levine tells Kurtz. He said the Enquirer conducted only a quick interview... More »

Meet Richard Simmons' Gay Lover

National Enquirer shocks the world once again

(Newser) - The latest National Enquirer has a scoop so big, it’s sure to blow your mind: Richard Simmons is gay! If that doesn't surprise you, perhaps you don't remember that if the fitness guru is gay, he’s still in the closet. A blogger posted the first page of the... More »

Obamas Unfazed by Affair Rumors

National Enquirer isn't retracting the story, but...

(Newser) - The Obamas aren’t upset about the National Enquirer’s claim that Barack had an affair with Vera Baker—because they “know it’s all bullshit.” A source tells the Chicago Sun-Times the first couple knows that “unfortunately these false stories go with the territory when you... More »

Tab: Jolie-Pitt Twins Have Down Syndrome

Enquirer's making stories up now, retorts blogger

(Newser) - Taking a break from the tawdry affairs of Democrats , the National Enquirer turns its, er, unique brand of investigative journalism to Down Syndrome and the important unanswerable question of whether two pint-size Jolie-Pitts, Knox and Vivienne, have it. The cover-worthy story, it seems, is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie... More »

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