Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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UN Report: Sea-Level Rise Worse Than We Thought

It could climb 3.6 feet by 2100: IPCC report

(Newser) - The words of Greta Thunberg were still echoing at the UN Climate Action Summit as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its latest report, describing evidence of climate change from one pole to the other, in ocean depths and mountain peaks. If carbon emissions continue to increase, sea level... More »

UN: 'Life-and-Death' Action Needed on Climate Change

Rapid transformation within 12 years could limit worst effects

(Newser) - The latest United Nations report on climate change doesn't sugarcoat its findings: Climate change is here, with catastrophic effects, and it is going to get worse. But that doesn't mean it's time to give up: The report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stresses that... More »

China to Trump: We Didn't Make Up Global Warming

Minister points out Reagan's role in climate talks

(Newser) - China wants Donald Trump to know that contrary to his notorious 2012 tweet , global warming is not a concept it invented to undermine American manufacturing. At United Nations climate talks in Morocco Wednesday, China's Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin pointed out that Republican presidents helped launch Intergovernmental Panel on... More »

UN Panel: Cost to Fight Climate Change Still 'Modest'

But only if the world acts soon, experts say

(Newser) - The cost of keeping global warming in check is "relatively modest," but only if the world acts quickly to reverse the buildup of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, the head of the UN's expert panel on climate change said today. Such gases, mainly CO2 from the burning... More »

UN: No One on Planet Will Avoid Climate Woes

'Pervasive' impacts include hit to food security

(Newser) - There was no mincing of words in what is the second of three reports on climate change to come from a UN group: Climate change is going to have "severe, pervasive, and irreversible" effects on the world in the decades to come, reads the report from the Intergovernmental Panel... More »

Planet Has Used Up Half Its 'Carbon Budget': UN Panel

Climate-change panel says we're on track to hit limit around 2040

(Newser) - The UN's climate change panel for the first time charted the upper limit of acceptable global carbon emissions today—and we're already halfway to it. Based on an internationally agreed upon goal of keeping temperatures within 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit of their pre-industrial levels, humanity can only allow... More »

Scientists Now 95% Sure Climate Change Is Our Fault

And say sea could rise 3 feet by end of century, according to leaked IPCC report

(Newser) - OK, we did it. A new UN report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has found "it is extremely likely that human influence on climate caused more than half of the observed increase in global average surface temperature from 1951 to 2010." That "extremely likely" is... More »

Russian Spies Accused of Leaking Climate Emails

Senior IPCC members say attack was pro job

(Newser) - The hackers behind the leaked climate change emails were none other than the Russian secret service, say higher-ups at the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Panel members say the hack was a sophisticated, professional operation, and note that the emails were originally leaked from a server in the... More »

UN Panel to Investigate Climate Emails

IPCC switches its stance, calls the allegations serious

(Newser) - The UN’s climate change panel says it will investigate the recently leaked e-mails from British climate scientists that have caused a conservative uproar. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change initially dismissed the "Climategate" emails, in which scientists from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit discuss... More »

Sea Rise Estimates Double

Antarctic melt will threaten major world cities

(Newser) - Accelerated melting of Antarctic ice is set to send sea levels rising double previous estimates, researchers warn. The seas will rise by 4.5 feet by the end of this century if temperatures continue climbing at the current rate, threatening coastal cities like New York and Shanghai, according to the... More »

West Eases Off Carbon Demands for China, India

Copenhagen deal closer, but 2050 goal less likely

(Newser) - Industrialized nations backed away from long-term carbon cut demands on developing nations yesterday, in the hopes of reaching a deal at December's Copenhagen summit. The US and EU have pushed for a 50% reduction in global carbon emissions by 2050, but China and India refused to sign up, wary of... More »

Google Earth, Al Gore Detail Climate Change

Al Gore narrates intro to new feature detailing perils, and solutions

(Newser) - Google—with the help of Al Gore—has introduced new “layers” to its Earth application that detail the possible effects of climate change in the next century. The Nobel laureate narrates an intro to a series of virtual tours that highlight terrifying scenarios and solutions. The upgrade allows users... More »

Climate Change Already Causing Evolution

(Newser) - Global warming is changing the face of the planet, and a key panel estimates that a quarter of the world's species will die out—but a few organisms are already evolving to survive in a hotter world. In the past few years Scottish sheep have become smaller, while species of... More »

Industry Muffled Own Scientists on Warming

Coal, oil, companies suppressed experts' findings for years

(Newser) - A coalition of industries linked to fossil fuels lobbied for more than a decade to cast doubt on global warming—while the companies' own scientists advised them that climate change was irrefutable, the New York Times reports. The Global Climate Coalition, financed by the oil, coal, and auto industries, conducted... More »

Fires Fuel Climate Change, More Fires

Scientists warn that fires must be included in climate models

(Newser) - Climate change calculations have missed the blazingly obvious, according to a new report from a global group of scientists. They warn that forest fires—generally considered to be a part of natural cycles—are a key driver of climate change, releasing vast amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and creating... More »

Antarctica Speeds Into Trouble

Disturbing new discovery indicates climate change is accelerating

(Newser) - Parts of Antarctica thought to be unaffected by global warming are in fact melting as the temperature of the oceans rises, and in parts of the continent, annual ice loss has jumped 140% in the past decade, new research shows. Satellite mapping shows change on a previously unimagined scale, reports... More »

Gore Blasts Climate Inaction in Nobel Speech

Laureate singles out US, China as biggest offenders

(Newser) - Al Gore collected his Nobel Peace Prize today in Oslo and blasted the US and China for blaming each other rather than addressing climate change. "Both countries should stop using each other's behavior as an excuse for stalemate," he said. Gore also called his 2000 presidential defeat a... More »

UN Warns of 'Abrupt' Warming

Earth at 'tipping point' of irreversible catastrophe: UN chief Ban Ki-Moon

(Newser) - The last and most forceful of a series of UN reports on climate change unveiled today urges swift action to avoid "abrupt and irreversible" damage to the environment. Melting glaciers will cause a rapid rise in sea levels, wiping out vulnerable species and destroying water and food supplies for... More »

Nobel-Winning UN Panel Head: I'm 'a Symbol'

Indian scientist has nothing but praise for co-laureate Gore

(Newser) - The Nobel Peace Prize came as a surprise to the head of the UN committee that shared the award with Al Gore, who seized the opportunity to share the panel's mission: "To tell the world we need to do something about climate change urgently." Rajendra Pachauri deflected praise... More »

G8 Agrees to 'Seriously Consider' 50% Reduction

G8 summit in Germany promises to address emissions cuts.

(Newser) - G8 leaders agreed to a climate-control deal today they hailed as a breakthrough, though it was unclear what it actually accomplished. They didn't adopt German Chancellor Angela Merkel's target of cutting emissions in half by 2050—already adopted by the EU, Canada and Japan—but they agreed to  "seriously... More »

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