Brooke Astor

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Son Who Looted Brooke Astor Fortune Dies
Son Who Looted
Brooke Astor Fortune Dies

Son Who Looted Brooke Astor Fortune Dies

Anthony Marshall was jailed last year at 89

(Newser) - Anthony Marshall served with distinction in World War II, was a CIA operative and a US ambassador to several countries, produced a Tony Award-winning Broadway play, and wrote seven books—but he's going to be remembered for swindling his elderly mother out of millions while she was suffering from...

Brooke Astor’s Son, 89, Paroled After 8 Weeks

Lawyers say Anthony Marshall can't stand up

(Newser) - Brooke Astor's 89-year-old son went to prison two months ago following a conviction for stealing from his mother's fortune. Anthony Marshall was supposed to serve a one- to three-year sentence, but he's already been paroled due to his health, the New York Times reports. His lawyers have...

Brooke Astor's 88-Year-Old Son May Be Going to Jail

Anthony Marshall loses appeal in theft case

(Newser) - New York philanthropist Brooke Astor's 88-year-old son has lost an appeal that kept him out of prison after he was convicted of plundering her fortune. The state Supreme Court's Appellate Division ruled today that Anthony Marshall's 2009 conviction was based on legally sufficient evidence. Appeals judges also...

Astor Juror Says She Voted to Convict Out of Fear
Astor Juror Says She Voted
to Convict Out of Fear
Felt son was innocent

Astor Juror Says She Voted to Convict Out of Fear

Appeal will argue that holdout juror was intimidated

(Newser) - Anthony Marshall was innocent, a juror in the trial of Brooke Astor's son says now, but she voted to convict him because she felt threatened by another juror. Her statements, along with some 60 emails sent among the jurors, form the basis of an appeal the defense will file today....

On His Way Out, Manhattan DA Zings Bloomberg

Robert Morgenthau, 90, leaves office this week

(Newser) - In 35 years as Manhattan DA, Robert Morgenthau has gotten along with every mayor of New York—except the current one. Mike Bloomberg, says Morgenthau, "doesn't want anybody around who doesn't kiss his ring, or other parts of his body." In a wide-ranging interview with the Wall Street ...

Brooke Astor's Son Sentenced to 1-3 Years

Anthony Marshall gets minimum sentence for fleecing mom

(Newser) - The 85-year-old son of philanthropist Brooke Astor was sentenced today to one to three years in prison for exploiting his mother's mental frailty to plunder her millions. Anthony Marshall received the minimum allowed under sentencing guidelines. The judge gave him 30 days to get his affairs in order, but Marshall...

Astor's Son Falls Behind Paying $5M Legal Bills

(Newser) - Brooke Astor's son owes his lawyers nearly $5 million in legal fees, and he's apparently having trouble paying up. Attorneys for Anthony Marshall—convicted this week of fleecing his philanthropist mother on her deathbed—filed papers saying he owes $4.7 million, a figure that could double in the appeals...

Brooke Astor's Son Guilty on 16 Counts, Faces 25 Years

Offspring swindled socialite, jury finds after lengthy trial

(Newser) - After a sensational 19-week trial, Brooke Astor's son was found guilty today on 16 of the 18 counts against him, including grand larceny and conspiracy. The 85-year-old will be sentenced on Dec. 8 and faces up to 25 years. The jury deliberated for 12 days before finding that the legendary...

Mistrial Looms in Astor Trial After 19 Weeks

Jury showing signs of strain after 19 Weeks

(Newser) - After a 5-month trial, the jury deciding the fate of Brooke Astor’s son may be at the breaking point. One juror wants out because she fears for her personal safety, the judge revealed today, a day after he felt compelled to deliver a pep talk in court urging jurors...

The Astor Trial So Far: High Society, Low Class

(Newser) - Meryl Gordon has a plum seat at the so-called Brooke Astor trial, in which her son, Anthony Marshall, stands accused of thievery. Complete with the crème de la crème of New York society recounting terrible things and scathing Astorisms, Gordon writes in Vanity Fair, it’s a “...

Daughter-in-Law Scolded Astor for Breaking Hip

Charlene Marshall berated 101-year-old in hospital: witness

(Newser) - Brooke Astor’s daughter-in-law berated the 101-year-old socialite for breaking her hip in 2003, the New York Post reports. “We had to cancel our trip to London all because of you!” Charlene Marshall groused to the hospitalized Astor, according to testimony from housekeeper Angela Moore. Anthony Marshall is...

Ex-Juror: Astor 'Knew What She Was Doing'

73-year-old who was removed from jury says Brooke 'no dummy'

(Newser) - Frank Waring, the 73-year-old alternate juror removed last week from the trial of Brooke Astor’s son, doesn’t think Anthony Marshall tricked the Alzheimer sufferer into bequeathing her fortune to him. “The woman was no dummy,” he tells the New York Times. “That tells me she...

Astor Trial Delayed as Son Visits Doc

Trial may restart tomorrow: judge

(Newser) - The Brooke Astor trial is on hold because the late philanthropist’s accused son is visiting his neurologist. Anthony Marshall—who is 85, wears a pacemaker, and has survived a heart attack and open-heart surgery—has been looking increasingly frail as the fraud trial unfolds, the New York Post notes....

Butler: Astor's Mind Was Gone
 Butler: Astor's Mind Was Gone 

Butler: Astor's Mind Was Gone

(Newser) - Brooke Astor spent her final years in a haze as her faculties deserted her, her butler testified yesterday at the fraud trial of Astor’s son Anthony Marshall. As early as 1997, Astor’s memory started to fail her, leaving her unable to recall her servants’ names or even what...

Astor Lashed Camilla for Bedding Prince

(Newser) - Caustic socialite Brooke Astor lashed Camilla Parker Bowles for perpetuating the "family mistress business" by sleeping with Prince Charles even while he was married to Diana, reports the Guardian. "Your grandmother would be proud of you," snorted Astor, referring to Camilla's great-grandmother, who was believed to be...

Producer Tells Poignant Tale of Fading Astor
 Producer Tells 
 Poignant Tale 
 of Fading Astor 
Anthony Marshall Trial

Producer Tells Poignant Tale of Fading Astor

Hollywood producer met Astor in '92; pair stayed close

(Newser) - Movie and Broadway producer John Hart took the stand in the trial of Brooke Astor's son yesterday, offering a first-hand look at her mental deterioration over more than a decade of friendship, the New York Daily News reports. Hart met Astor at a dinner party in 1992; the pair hit...

Defense Lawyer Fights Back With Astor Jewels

Pal accepted gifts of bling from woman she says was senile

(Newser) - When it comes to bling, “Brooke Astor makes Ludacris look like a rank amateur,” writes Joanna Molloy of the New York Daily News. Defense lawyer Ken Warner put those jewels center stage yesterday, questioning Annette de la Renta, a key prosecution witness, on why she accepted a $100,...

Astor Pal Gives Jurors a Taste of the High Life
Astor Pal Gives Jurors a Taste
of the High Life

Astor Pal Gives Jurors a Taste of the High Life

Socialite takes stand, leads 'tour' of heiress' $29M apartment

(Newser) - Socialite Annette de la Renta—clad in a cashmere dress probably designed by hubby Oscar—gave jurors in the Anthony Marshall trial a virtual tour of Brooke Astor's properties yesterday, which sparked the imagination of Joanna Molloy of the New York Daily News. "You could just read their thought...

Longtime Friend Testifies to Astor's Senility

Author Auchincloss told her son's lawyer she didn't recognize him

(Newser) - A longtime friend of philanthropist Brooke Astor testified yesterday that her faculties were so deteriorated the last time he saw her that she did not recognize him, the New York Daily News reports. Author Louis Auchincloss said the encounter took place 2 years before Astor allegedly changed her will, awarding...

Dazed Astor Didn't Recognize Jesse Jackson: Witness

Her son also convinced her she was going broke

(Newser) - A decade before her death, Brooke Astor was so out of it that she couldn’t recognize Jesse Jackson, a prosecution witness testified today in the fraud trial against Astor’s son, the New York Daily News reports. Anthony Marshall’s defense rides on his mother’s mental state, with...

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