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How Two $1.69 Bottles of OJ Cost Dollar General $277K

Diabetic employee drank a juice, paid for it, told her bosses, was fired for 'grazing'

(Newser) - Two bottles of OJ that retailed for $1.69 at Dollar General will end up costing the chain more than a quarter of a million dollars. That after a diabetic former employee won a lawsuit connected to the juice. Linda Atkins was working at a Maryville, Tenn., location in the... More »

How a Tattoo Could Soon Help Diabetics

Sticker uses electric current instead of pinprick

(Newser) - For diabetics, monitoring blood sugar frequently involves pricking one's finger up to eight times daily with a needle, Popular Science reports. That could discourage people from carrying out the task. Fortunately, experts are on the case, and one possible solution comes in the form of what's basically a... More »

Artificial Sweeteners May Raise Your Blood Sugar

Study suggests that it's true for at least some people, thanks to gut bacteria

(Newser) - If you're drinking diet soda or consuming other products with artificial sweeteners to cut your risk of obesity and diabetes, a new study published in Nature has some bad news: You might be doing more harm than good. Researchers found that sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame can... More »

For a Better Marriage, Mind Your Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar linked to marital discord

(Newser) - "If couples have a sensitive topic to discuss, it would be really smart to do it over dinner or better yet after dinner," say researchers who have linked low blood sugar to marital hostility. "They should definitely not do it on an empty stomach." Researchers tracked... More »

Rescued Pit Bull Saves Boy's Life

Sensed his low blood sugar and warned mom

(Newser) - Pit bulls don't get a lot of good press, but here's one pooch doing its part to change the breed's image: TatorTot, a rescued pit bull from Minneapolis possibly saved a 4-year-old boy's life after he sensed a dangerous drop in the youngster's blood sugar... More »

Blood Sugar Might Be Shrinking Your Brain

Even high end of normal appears harmful, researcher say

(Newser) - We've all been told sugar rots the teeth—but the brain as well? A new study has linked blood sugar levels even at the high end of normal to shrinkage of parts of the brain involved in memory and emotions, reports ABC . The "robust" link between blood sugar... More »

Type 2 Diabetes Wreaks Havoc in Overweight Teens

Researchers emphasize prevention

(Newser) - Type 2 diabetes poses a particular problem for overweight teens, a study finds: Among hundreds of recently-diagnosed teenagers, almost half lost control of their blood sugar within a few years. Moreover, about one in five experienced serious complications from the illness. With a third of American kids and teens overweight... More »

Leukemia Drugs Cure Mouse Diabetes

Common cancer treatment sent disease into rapid remission

(Newser) - Two common leukemia drugs prevented or halted mouse diabetes in a new study, Reuters reports. The drugs prevented mice predisposed to Type 1 diabetes from developing the disease, and sent 80% of mice who already had it into remission within weeks. Scientists say the mice maintained normal blood sugar levels... More »

Early Drug Regimen Helps Diabetics Later: Study

Study shows long-term benefits for rigorous initial treatment

(Newser) - A new study pushes for early, rigorous drug treatment of diabetes, even in people diagnosed with reversible type 2, Reuters reports. Diabetics given an intense drug regimen soon after diagnosis reduce their risk of heart attacks and reap long-term benefits from that medical attention, even if they become less mindful... More »

Diabetic Moms Linked to Birth Defects

40 types of abnormality more common in mothers with disease

(Newser) - Mothers who have diabetes before they are pregnant are three to four times more likely to have a child with birth defects, the AP reports. A CDC study investigating birth abnormalities found more than 40 types of defects affecting the internal organs and spine that were significantly more common in... More »

Bypass Surgery Shows Promise as Diabetes Fix

Variation on obesity procedure has led to remission

(Newser) - Intestinal bypass surgery—a variation on the gastric surgery used to combat obesity—is showing surprising and promising results in treating diabetes, the Washington Post reports. Cutting out some of the intestine but sparing the stomach, the procedure is  producing full remission in a high percentage of cases, allowing patients... More »

Diabetes Drug Slows Artery Clogging

Choice of meds may be critical to diabetics' heart health

(Newser) - A drug used to lower blood sugar in diabetics significantly decreases the clogging of arteries, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Tests on diabetic patients found that Actos, a new-generation drug that lowers insulin resistance, aided arteries more than a drug that boosted insulin production. Heart disease kills 75% of diabetics... More »

Women's Stroke Rates Triple

Alarming rise linked to wider waistlines

(Newser) - Strokes have tripled among middle-aged American women in an alarming development experts attribute to obesity. Despite the increased use of blood pressure and cholesterol medication, 2% of women aged 35 to 54 suffered a stroke between 1999 and 2004. That's a three-fold increase over earlier studies. More »

Docs Shelve Diabetes Study After Deaths

Findings contradict long-held doctrine of lowering blood sugar

(Newser) - Researchers have abruptly tabled a major study measuring the effects of lowering diabetics' blood sugar after a surprising number of deaths among participants. The results come as a shock to the medical community, which has long held that lowering blood sugar through diet and medication is the only way for... More »

You're Only as Healthy as Your Last Meal

Food's short-term health implications can be quite bad—or quite good

(Newser) - One meal can make you healthy…or quite the opposite, according to a review of recent dietary research. Eating junk food instantly causes inflamed tissue and creates molecules that damage cells. “People don’t understand this, even most physicians,” one researcher tells Time. “Your health and vigor,... More »

Diabetes Research Shows Role of Bones, Brain

New hormones and body systems make the disease even more complex

(Newser) - The New York Times surveys what it calls an "explosion" of recent breakthroughs in diabetes research, painting a much more complex portrait of how the body balances sugar in the bloodstream, and offering radically different possibilities for treatment. One of the most surprising discoveries is that bones produce a... More »

Exercise Combo Helps Control Diabetes

Aerobics and strength training have powerful effect on blood sugar

(Newser) - A combination of aerobic exercise and strength training can provide enormous benefits for  people with Type 2 diabetes, new research shows. Although both types of activity helped control blood sugar in patients with adult-onset diabetes, combining them led to almost twice as much improvement as either did alone. Previously, some... More »

Bone Hormone Could Help Treat Diabetes

Bones produce a hormone that controls blood sugar

(Newser) - A substance produced by the skeleton may help to treat diabetes, a new study suggests. A hormone called osteocalcin regulates blood sugar; type 2 diabetics have a lower level of the hormone than other people. In the study, mice with lower levels of osteocalcin develop symptoms of diabetes, which go... More »

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