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Relic of Legendary Celebrity Divorce to Be Auctioned

Black wool dress worn by Marilyn Monroe expected to fetch as much as $150K

(Newser) - The black dress that a distraught Marilyn Monroe wore to a 1954 press conference announcing her separation from baseball legend Joe DiMaggio less than a year after she married him is going up for auction. The simple wool dress with a zippered turtleneck front will be up for bidding starting... More »

Up for Auction: Marilyn Monroe's Love Letters

Including notes from Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller

(Newser) - It's no secret Joe DiMaggio loved Marilyn Monroe. The baseball great cried at her funeral and for 20 years had flowers placed at her crypt several times a week. The public displays were unusual for the famously stoic and private DiMaggio. Now, his heartbreak over the breakup of their... More »

10 Stars Who Got Married at City Hall

It's more common than you might think

(Newser) - Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard quietly got married recently, but rather than throw a typical, huge wedding, they headed to City Hall and let a justice of the peace do the honors. Turns out it's not entirely uncommon among the stars. The Frisky rounds up nine more celebrity couples... More »

DiMaggio Ring, Possibly Stolen, Heads to Auction

Yankee may not have owned 1951 World Series token

(Newser) - A 1951 World Series ring headed to auction has Joe DiMaggio's name etched inside—but it comes with a healthy supply of contention. First off, the ring may never have belonged to the baseball great; the auctioneer says DiMaggio rejected the ring's initial design. And if he did... More »

Crypt Above Monroe's Sells for $4.6M

(Newser) - An anonymous bidder paid more than $4.6 million to win an online auction for the crypt directly above the actress' final resting spot at a Los Angeles cemetery. Bidding started at $500,000 on Aug 14. The final bid was $4,602,100. The Los Angeles Times reported earlier... More »

Sleep With Marilyn: Wife Selling Hubby's Crypt Above Monroe

(Newser) - A former Beverly Hills resident is about to get a rude awakening when he's evicted from his crypt above Marilyn Monroe so his wife can sell it, reports the Los Angeles Times. Elsie Poncher says her hubby was a "helluva nice guy," but she needs the money to... More »

BoSox Star Dom DiMaggio Dead at 92

All-Star excelled in the shadow of brother Joe and Ted Williams

(Newser) - Dom DiMaggio, the talented younger brother of Joltin’ Joe, died today at the age of 92, the Boston Globe reports. The former Red Sox center fielder went to the All-Star Game seven times in his 11-year career, and earned accolades from his contemporaries. Ted Williams called DiMaggio “the best... More »

Church Scolded Joe About Monroe

'You never should have married her in the first place,' bishop told DiMaggio

(Newser) - A Catholic bishop scolded divorced Joltin' Joe Dimaggio for marrying Marilyn Monroe—and the famous slugger never talked to the cleric again, reports the New York Post. After DiMaggio's marriage to Monroe dissolved, Bishop Fulton Sheen told him: "You had no business marrying her in the first place,"... More »

Vast Trove Yields Marilyn Secrets

Papers from unearthed Monroe filing cabinets suggest abortion

(Newser) - Filing cabinets stuffed with receipts and letters are opening a window into Marilyn Monroe’s personal life, Vanity Fair reports. Payments for something "medical" coincide with her 1953 hospitalization for a gynecological procedure, suggesting an abortion, and notes she sent to husband Arthur Miller’s children while they were... More »

Jeter, Politely, Nudges Yankees Legends Aside

Captain, 33, seems surprised to find he's passing big names in team's record books

(Newser) - When Derek Jeter passed Joe DiMaggio on the Yankees' all-time hits list earlier this season, he didn’t even notice. “I had no idea,” the captain tells the New York Post. “Somebody said something to me because I didn't see it flash on the scoreboard.” Jeter,... More »

Secret Monroe Porn Fetches $1.5M

FBI once thought it tied to JFK

(Newser) - A copy of an FBI-classified Marilyn Monroe sex tape quietly surfaced last month and sold for $1.5 million, reports the New York Post. The 15 minutes of silent footage, which the anonymous New York buyer plans to keep private so as not to make a “Paris Hilton out... More »

Yankees Legend Rizzuto Dies

(Newser) - Phil Rizzuto, who filled the annals of the New York Yankees as both a shortstop and a broadcaster, is dead today at 89. The Scooter tended the infield for 13 years with the Bombers, alongside Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio, and took home seven World Series titles. After being cut... More »

Foul-Mouthed Hit King Strikes Out with Kids

Rose chided by parents for vulgar tirade at baseball camp

(Newser) - All-time leading hitter Pete Rose may have dropped the ball at a local Army-sponsored baseball camp, the Cincinnati Enquirer writes. Instead of advice on hitting or sage life lessons, the former Red regaled 7 to 14-year-old kids with a profanity-laden rant that included a description of the time he "... More »

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