Don Imus

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Rutgers Player Sues Imus Over Insults

Fired radio host hit with libel, slander, defamation charges

(Newser) - One of the Rutgers basketball players radio host Don Imus referred to as "nappy-headed hos" is suing the shock jock for libel, slander, defamation, and violation of her civil rights, among other charges. Kia Vaughn, 20, the Scarlet Knights' star center, is seeking unspecified monetary damages from the 67-year-old... More »

Imus Gets $20M, Maybe a Comeback

DJ settles with network after getting hose for 'hos'

(Newser) - Shock Jock Don Imus may be returning to the airwaves, after a short vacation precipitated by a bit too much shock. Imus is reportedly in talks with WABC in what looks like a an embryonic attempt to launch a comeback, only four months after CBS fired him for calling the... More »

Boston Show Tries Out Imus Sidekick

Bernard McGuirk set off scandal; auditions to be Tom Finneran's co-host

(Newser) - Don Imus's old sidekick Bernard McGuirk will audition live next week to be the co-host of "Finneran's Forum," a morning political talk show on Boston's WRKO. McGuirk set off last month's controversy by calling the Rutgers womens' basketball team "hard-core hos." But his potential future co-host,... More »

Imus Will Sue CBS for $40 Mil Left on Contract

Shock jock Won't Go Quietly

(Newser) - Don Imus is off the airwaves but not finished fighting: He's hired First Amendment attorney Martin Garbus to help him sue CBS. Sources tell Fortune that Imus's five-year, $50 million contract guaranteed him a warning before his routinely foul mouth got him fired; without it, he may be owed the... More »

Kerry Says Imus Shouldn't Have Been Fired

"To me it was in the hands of the young women"

(Newser) - John Kerry defended Don Imus in a TV interview last night, saying CBS should have suspended the shock jock, not fired him. The network should have waited to make its move, he suggested, until after Imus met with the Rutgers team. "To me it was in the hands of... More »

Corzine Crashed at 91 MPH

Black box recorded speed five seconds before impact

(Newser) - Not only was Jon Corzine not wearing a seat belt, the SUV in which he was riding shotgun was clocked at 91 mph seconds before its crash last week. The trooper driving the New Jersey governor was going 26 mph over the limit on the Garden State Parkway—which he's... More »

Democratic Soapbox Disappears With Imus

Politicians fear losing a pipeline to white male voters

(Newser) - The cancellation of the Don Imus' show creates a vacuum for Democratic pols  who've used it to reach the white, politically independent men that were Imus's prime audience, the LA Times reports. Democratic candidates like Joe Lieberman,  Chris Dodd, John Kerry, and Harold E. Ford were among those who... More »

Fired Imus Meets Players

(Newser) - Don Imus sat down with the Rutgers women’s basketball team last night, hours after he became a former radio star for calling them “nappy-headed hos.”  The meeting, which included their coaches and parents, took place at the New Jersey governor’s mansion, whose proprietor, Jon Corzine,... More »

CBS Pulls the Plug on Imus

After a week of rants and apologies, it all finally hits the WFAN

(Newser) - CBS  has fired Don Imus, in a surprise move a week after the jockey called the Rutgers womens' basketball team "nappy headed hos," provoking a war of words over race in America. CBS Prez Les Moonves finally announced the decision today, citing the feelings of "young women... More »


(Newser) - MSNBC dropped toxic shock jock Don Imus this afternoon, after a day in which companies, pols, and network execs couldn't distance themselves from the host fast enough. The announcement came after General Motors and Sprint Nextel, the show's two biggest advertisers, pulled their sponsorship, and prez contender Barack Obama, intiially... More »

Advertisers Dump Imus

Procter & Gamble and others pull ad dollars after racist comment

(Newser) - Piling on to the mounting outrage against Don Imus, three advertisers have pulled their support from the CBS radio show or its simulcast MSNBC TV program. The three include marketing heavyweight Procter & Gamble, Staples and Bigelow Tea, the Wall Street Journal reports. More »

Imus Affair Could Cost Obama

Stance on trash-talk seen as a litmus test for black community

(Newser) - The Don Imus meltdown could have fallout for Barack Obama, as critics note that he kept his mouth shut for five days—until after the suspension—before condemning the shock jock's crude racial jokes. The candidate's caution is signaling to some black leaders that he isn't going to take a... More »

Rutgers Coach Fires at Imus

(Newser) - Rutgers coach Vivian Stringer struck back at Don Imus in a press conference today, calling his comments " deplorable, despicable and unconscionable"—but confirming that her players will meet with the foul-mouthed radio host. Stringer says her players are "valedictorians, future doctors, musical prodigies," not the' "... More »

Imus Gets 2-Week Suspension

(Newser) - Five days after characterizing the Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed ho's," renegade radio personality  Don Imus received a two-week suspension from NBC News and CBS Radio, along with a mandate that he must change the tone of his show, the Times reported. Imus made a contrite appearance... More »

Imus, Sharpton Square Off

After "stupid" remarks from former and ire from latter, hosts to meet on-air

(Newser) -  Two of the loudest personalities on the FM dial will publicly brawl today when right-leaning mock jock Don Imus visits Al Sharpton’s syndicated show, days after characterizing the black-leaning Rutgers basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” The always-vociferous Sharpton wants Imus fired, and Imus—no shrinking violet... More »

Imus in Hot Water Again

Uses racial and gender inappropriate epithets to describe Rutgers women's basketball team

(Newser) - Earlier this week during his syndicated show simulcast on MSNBC and CBS radio station WFAN Don Imus called the Rutgers Women's basketball team "nappy headed hoes," initiating a firestorm of criticism.  The politically incorrect shock jock now admits that his remarks were "inappropriate, thoughtless and stupid.... More »

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