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Customers Miffed at Meal Delivery Brand Over Its Lentils

Daily Harvest recalls dish said to cause gastrointestinal issues; some claim a slow response

(Newser) - Daily Harvest's mission, as seen on its website , is "to make it really easy to eat more fruits + vegetables every day." But some consumers didn't find things easy at all after scarfing down one of the meal-delivery service's lentil-based dishes, and now the company...

Doctors Perplexed by 'Weird' Liver Ailment in Children

Theories are starting to emerge

(Newser) - Health officials remain perplexed by mysterious cases of severe liver damage in hundreds of young children around the world, the AP reports. The best available evidence points to a fairly common stomach bug that isn't known to cause liver problems in otherwise healthy kids. That virus was detected in...

Mysterious Cases of Hepatitis in Kids Spread in US

Including one potentially fatal case

(Newser) - The mysterious liver ailment affecting kids in more than a dozen countries has now been seen in children in multiple US states, and for the first time, a US child may have died of the illness. Alabama, Illinois, and North Carolina were the first states to report cases, Today reports....

Unexplained Cases of Liver Illness Among Children Concern WHO
First Death Reported
in Kids' Liver Ailment

First Death Reported in Kids' Liver Ailment

Health agencies in US and Europe investigate 'acute hepatitis of unknown origin'

(Newser) - Update: A mysterious liver disease affecting children in the US and Europe has claimed its first life. The World Health Organization didn't specify where the death occurred. It said it has received 169 reports of "acute hepatitis of unknown origin" from a dozen countries, with most of the...

Surgeon Loses License for Act of 'Professional Arrogance'

UK's Simon Bramhall had burned his initials into livers of 2 patients in 2013

(Newser) - Update: A British surgeon who burned his initials into the livers of two patients no longer has a medical license. On Monday, the UK's Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service found Simon Bramhall, 57, had broken trust with his patients through his actions during the 2013 surgeries, and that the branding...

New Machine Helps Livers Survive, Regenerate Outside Body

This could be a huge breakthrough in transplant technology

(Newser) - The liver is an amazing organ—the only internal one capable of regenerating itself—and researchers in Switzerland have come up with an invention almost as impressive. A machine they've been working on since 2015 keeps livers alive outside the human body for up to a week, instead of...

'Extremely Emotional' Tribute for Nurse Who Gave Her All

More than 100 co-workers lined hospital hall to honor late Mary Desin before organ transplant

(Newser) - If you happened to be at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Hamot hospital on Friday, you may have stumbled across what a nurse's son described as an "extremely emotional" scene in one of the hallways. That nurse, per ABC News , was Mary Desin, an employee of...

Woman Wary of Prescription Drugs Gets Liver Damage From Supplement

Doctors determined red yeast rice supplement likely to blame

(Newser) - A woman who was wary of taking prescription statins to lower her cholesterol took red yeast rice supplements instead—and ended up with acute liver damage. After six weeks of using the over-the-counter supplements, which contain the same chemical that statins use to reduce cholesterol (monacolin K), the 64-year-old Michigan...

Guy Offers Truck, Kidney in Return for Help for Sick Wife

He says she desperately needs a new liver

(Newser) - A California man desperate to save his wife's life made an unusual offer: his truck, his trailer, and one of his kidneys in return for a slice of healthy liver from somebody with O-positive or O-negative blood. In a Facebook post that went viral, Verlon Robinson, 55, said he...

British Surgeon Branded Initials on Transplant Livers

Simon Bramhall has pleaded guilty to assault

(Newser) - When you're an artist, it's considered customary to sign your work. When you're a surgeon, it's considered bizarre and illegal. Renowned British surgeon Simon Bramhall, who branded his initials on the livers of at least two transplant patients in 2013, pleaded guilty to assault Wednesday, the...

Teen Plays Paintball for First Time, Suffers Unheard Of Injury

Only 4th known time a person has suffered any kind of organ damage while playing

(Newser) - When an 18-year-old arrived at a London emergency room with severe abdominal pain, no appetite, and a fever, doctors recognized the symptoms of appendicitis and scheduled an emergency surgery. They were in for a shock. Once the teen had been cut open, doctors at North Middlesex University Hospital were "...

Jackass Star Vincent 'Don Vito' Margera Dead at 59

Uncle of Bam Margera succumbed to kidney, liver failure: family

(Newser) - In what TMZ describes as a "double blow" for Jackass star Bam Margera, his uncle, Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, died early Sunday at age 59, April Margera (Bam's mother and Vincent's sister-in-law) tells TMZ . Vincent, also known as his character "Don Vito," "struggled...

Too Much Sitting Can Kill You in a New Way

 Too Much Sitting 
 Can Kill You 
 in a New Way 
in case you missed it

Too Much Sitting Can Kill You in a New Way

Sitting is 'slowly but surely killing us,' says an expert

(Newser) - Too much sitting is already linked to a higher risk of anxiety disorder and certain types of cancer . Now you can throw liver disease into the mix, too. A new study out of South Korea finds those who spend at least 10 hours a day on their behinds have a...

Your Liver Is Younger Than Your Brain
Your Liver Is Younger
Than Your Brain

Your Liver Is Younger Than Your Brain

Scientists learn what makes our organs age at different rates

(Newser) - It's well established that our most vital organ, the heart, doesn't necessarily age at the same rate as we do—based in part on lifestyle factors, some of us have hearts that are older or younger than our chronological age. Now researchers are reporting in the journal Cell ...

Tim Cook Offered Steve Jobs Part of His Liver

But Jobs staunchly refused: new book

(Newser) - As Steve Jobs got sicker, in need of a liver transplant, the man who would replace him at Apple—Tim Cook—offered up part of his own liver. The story comes via Fast Company 's excerpt of Becoming Steve Jobs , a biography by Brent Schlender and Fast Company Executive...

Teen Makes Leap in Study of Own Rare Disease

Elana Simon co-authors new study on fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma

(Newser) - At 18, Elana Simon is already the co-author of a study in the renowned journal Science . The subject? Her own rare liver cancer, which she was diagnosed with at age 12. Together with scientists, another survivor of the disease, her surgeon, and her dad, who runs a cellular biophysics lab,...

Surgeon Accused of Branding Initials on Patient's Liver

UK doctor has been suspended

(Newser) - When a liver-transplant patient ended up back in the operating room for an unrelated procedure, the surgeon noticed an odd thing: The letters "SB" were branded on the patient's liver. And the name of the doctor who had performed that transplant? Simon Bramhall. Sure, it might be a...

Stealth Threat to Your Liver: Diet Aids

Responsible for 20% of liver injuries in hospitals

(Newser) - The New York Times takes a look at the unregulated dietary supplement industry, and finds some scary conclusions: Dietary aids are responsible for 20% of drug-induced liver injuries in hospitals—up from 7% a decade ago—and that figure only includes the most severe cases. While most patients recover, some...

How Belly Fat Is Wrecking Your Memory

 How Belly Fat 
 Is Wrecking 
 Your Memory 

How Belly Fat Is Wrecking Your Memory

Liver, brain crave same protein, study reveals

(Newser) - Excess belly fat makes you more susceptible to memory loss and even dementia—and now scientists think they know why. The link between abdominal fat and brain shrinkage was discovered back in 2010, but a new study has pointed to a possible cause: As Scientific American puts it, "Your...

1 in 10 Kids Has a Liver Like an Alcoholic's
1 in 10 Kids Has a Liver
Like an Alcoholic's
in case you missed it

1 in 10 Kids Has a Liver Like an Alcoholic's

Rise in fatty liver disease alarms experts

(Newser) - Huge numbers of American children have a liver disease that used to be seen mainly among adult alcoholics—and most of them don't know it, researchers warn. Around 10% of children are now believed to have fatty liver disease, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver failure in some...

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