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Market Milestone: 9 Years, 5 Months, 13 Days

The longest bull market in history is on the books

(Newser) - Dot-com bubble, eat your heart out: The S&P 500 has marked its longest-running bull market ever by going 3,454 days since hitting a low point in March 2009, the Wall Street Journal reports. Despite inching down a point Wednesday to 2,861, per the AP , the storied blue-chip... More »

Dow Jones Blows by 26K

If it closes above milestone, it will set a breathtaking record for 1K-point gain

(Newser) - The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened above 26,000 for the first time Tuesday morning, and the Wall Street Journal reports that the latest 1,000-point rise took only a dizzying and record seven trading days. The asterisk to that record is that it won't be official until the... More »

Wall Street's Bull Market Celebrates a Milestone

It's 8 years old, but how can it last?

(Newser) - Thursday is a Wall Street milestone: The bull market that began on March 9, 2009, turns 8 years old, making it the second-longest such run in history. (It would need to go another year and a half or so to match the record from 1990 to 2000.) Some coverage:... More »

Don't Blame Greece; Market Was 'Ripe for a Fall'

If Greek worries were the cause, gold wouldn't be soaring

(Newser) - For months now, traders have suspected that the bullish market is heading for a big correction. We may have just seen step one, writes Mark Hulbert at MarketWatch . Lots of people are blaming Greek debt fears for today's turbulence , but they should instead look to the gold market. "If... More »

This Rally Is for Suckers, Courtesy of the Fed

(Newser) - The Dow has soared a whopping 30% since March 9, but Andy Kessler doesn’t think the good times are here again. “This sure smells to me like a sucker’s rally,” he writes in the Wall Street Journal. Earnings aren’t up. The market is just responding... More »

Soaring Iraq Stock Market Gets Electronic Trading

Booming exchange will do away with writing prices on whiteboards

(Newser) - Stock traders in Baghdad are preparing for a bonanza: the introduction of electronic trading, which will replace the current system of writing prices on whiteboards, reports the Times of London. Iraq's market has risen 30% this year as improved security and dirt-cheap prices—the most expensive stock costs about 9... More »

Asia, Europe Follow US Rally

Nikkei posts biggest gain in 6 weeks

(Newser) - Yesterday's big day on Wall Street sparked a bull run on Asian markets today, with the Nikkei posting its biggest rise in 6 weeks, Reuters reports. The Tokyo exchange surged 4.6% off a 26-year closing low, with Toshiba and other tech stocks leading advances. Markets in Europe opened down... More »

Is a Bull Market on the Horizon?

Lower rates and commodity prices and stocks that looks cheap could trigger a run

(Newser) - Apocalyptic attitudes abound, but weed through the financial doom and gloom and you'll find a few economists who think we've bottomed out, and that a bull market is up next, writes Michael Hiltzik in the Los Angeles Times. The Dow has dropped 34.6% in the last year, but recent... More »

Volatile Market Hooked on Testosterone

Study pinpoints role of bullish hormone in boorish traders

(Newser) - The buying and selling of the world's wealth is at the mercy of aggressive men and their hormonal fluctuations, neuroscientists have discovered. While that doesn't come as a big surprise, the study isolates the major role that testosterone plays in making boorish traders exceptionally bullish—and the part the hormone... More »

Goldman Sachs Switches Forecasters

'Belle of the bull market' Cohen has more pessimistic successor

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs has replaced its famously bullish chief forecaster, Abby Joseph Cohen,  with a less upbeat analyst, Bloomberg reports. Cohen will remain as senior investment strategist, handing over the daily predictions to David Kostin. Kostin sees a decline for the S&P 500 to 1160 in the short run,... More »

5 Signs That Augur the Fall of the Bull

A look at reliable indicators that the bear market is ascendant

(Newser) - After reaching a high in mid-July, the Dow has taken a sharp downturn. But how do you know when the bloom is off the rose? Here are Money magazine's five signs that usually precede a fall:
  1. Sudden surge in oil prices
  2. Treasury yields run up
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