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US Business School Grads Seek Work Abroad

Overseas opportunities lure MBAs away from Wall Street

(Newser) - Exports of American business school graduates are soaring as the recession turns grads away from the traditional path to Wall Street. Taking a post abroad generally means a lower salary, but grads from some of the country's top business schools say the career boost from working in thriving foreign economies... More »

Leaked Text Causes Chaos in Copenhagen

Developing nations say they're getting an unfair deal

(Newser) - Leaders of developing countries angrily accused rich nations of cutting them out of the negotiations at the Copenhagen climate summit after the leak of a secret draft agreement. The Guardian got hold of the draft, known as the "Danish text," and says it would allow rich nations to... More »

Investors Rush Back Into Risky Emerging Markets

After a season of defensive investing, money flows to developing economies

(Newser) - The economic slump may not be over, but investors are piling on risk in emerging markets, driving up stocks in developing nations as they seek the large rebounds that will accompany a global turnaround, the Wall Street Journal reports. The week ending May 6 saw some $4 billion flow to... More »

Bears Lurk in Markets' Bounce: Analysts

(Newser) - The ongoing rally in global financial markets could be setting investors up for another crash, analysts tell the Financial Times, warning that it could be a so-called “bear market bounce.” The fact that financial stocks, which took a beating as markets tumbled, are leading the uptick is particularly... More »

How the US Became a Banana Republic

America is a textbook IMF case—but one without a solution

(Newser) - As chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, MIT professor Simon Johnson saw a pattern in bankrupted countries from Argentina to Indonesia: "The powerful elites within them overreached in good times and took too many risks." The current US crisis, Johnson writes in the Atlantic, is "shockingly... More »

Geithner Urges G20 to Pump Up Global Economy

Treasury seeks billions to help IMF prop up struggling nations

(Newser) - Tim Geithner is calling on the other G20 nations to help the US get the global economy back on its feet, the Washington Post reports. The Treasury secretary, who leaves for a G20 summit tomorrow, said in a briefing yesterday the administration plans to ask Congress for another $100 billion... More »

Poll: 72% of World Cutting Spending

Economic malaise spreads to emerging markets, hits hard

(Newser) - Nearly three-quarters of households worldwide are cutting spending, with emerging markets particularly fretful about global economic woes, a 22-country survey found. Those countries are facing “precipitous decline," putting “in check any notion of 'decoupling’”—the idea that emerging markets are working independently of those of... More »

Big Pharma Seeks Big Profits in Developing Nations

Drug Makers See Future in New Markets

(Newser) - The pharmaceutical industry is turning away from the US shores that helped fill its pockets and toward the developing world, the Economist reports. Massive growth has made markets like India and China too attractive to ignore, despite lower income levels and weaker patent laws. And many companies fear Barack Obama's... More »

'Circle of Pain' Snags Emerging Markets, Too

Krugman: Russia et al. not immune after all to crisis' vicious cycle

(Newser) - Only a few weeks ago, it seemed the main fronts of the financial crisis were the Western banking system and mortgage market. But now the crisis has spread to emerging markets like Russia and Brazil. As Paul Krugman writes in the New York Times, the mantra of “decoupling”—... More »

American Capitalism Is Dead. The Culprit? America

(Newser) - As Wall Street banks collapse like a house of cards, American capitalism isn’t just failing in practice; the very idea of unregulated, free-functioning markets has received a serious blow, writes Anthony Faiola in the Washington Post. Once the symbols of American economic might, there's a real possibility that many... More »

Booming Brazil Nabs A-List Ad Campaigns

From SJP to Richard Gere, American stars making pitches in Rio

(Newser) - If you want proof that the Brazilian economy is on fire, look no further than the TV ads. While Sarah Jessica Parker professes her love for a Sao Paulo mall, Richard Gere promotes hair care products in dubious Portuguese. What's made the influx of American stars possible, writes Bloomberg, is... More »

Even Hedge Funds Start to Feel the Crunch

Market-beaters may have reversed upward trend with ugly July

(Newser) - Hedge funds, usually known for beating the wider market, are taking a hit in the general financial slump, the Wall Street Journal reports. Though they're still outperforming the market for the year, early data suggest that trend might have reversed last month: One study of 60 funds shows them off... More »

As World Economies Falter, Brazil Sambas

New economic powerhouse withstanding tremors

(Newser) - Economies worldwide are stalling, with growth slowing to a trickle and markets seizing up. But in Brazil, long a laggard on the international stage, the economy is growing at the largest rate in three decades. Good government, progressive social programs, and newly discovered resources have allowed Brazil to finally take... More »

Tech Firms Buoyed by Demand Abroad

International demand keeps tech afloat even as economy sinks

(Newser) - The tech sector keeps rolling even as the overall economy continues to flail, the Wall Street Journal reports. Four of tech’s giants, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Nokia, posted quarterly results yesterday, riding high on developed nations’ need for cost-saving technologies and emerging economies’ demand for infrastructure upgrades as the... More »

Axis of Wealth Shifting East

India, China claim biggest surge in new millionaires

(Newser) - Nations once known for extremes of poverty—China, India and Brazil—are now producing more of the world's millionaires and super rich than ever before, according to a new study of the globe's wealthiest entrepreneurs. The US is losing ground to emerging markets when it comes to producing personal wealth,... More »

Fisher-Price Courts Far-Flung Fans

Firm adjusts to shifting global sales patterns

(Newser) - Fisher-Price has tackled some unexpected challenges lately, from perfecting a recording of the phrase “It’s learning time!” in Mandarin to removing pig illustrations from Turkish kids’ books. In the past 5 years, Fisher-Price’s sales abroad have more than doubled while sales drop domestically—as traditional toys... More »

US Should Welcome New World Order

'Rise of the rest' good news for America, Zakaria argues

(Newser) - The age of American dominance is ending, and Americans should be fine with that, writes Fareed Zakaria in his new book The Post-American World. In an excerpt in Newsweek, Zakaria argues that America’s long-preached globalization gospel has produced a prosperous “post-American” landscape. “It is the rise of... More »

Microsoft Weighs Subscription Model for Office

Firm's core apps face Google competition

(Newser) - Microsoft is considering introducing a subscription-based business model for its Office suite of applications in the US, the Wall Street Journal reports. The firm said it was launching a beta testing program, “Albany,” and expected to make the subscription generally available by the end of 2008. Microsoft’s... More »

IPO Fever Shows Kenya is Recovering

Thousands line up to buy into delayed Safaricom offering

(Newser) - When Safaricom, Kenyan’s partially state-owned cellular giant, went public, Kenyans lined up by the thousands to buy in—a generally good sign for a country recently wracked by paralyzing ethnic violence, the Wall Street Journal reports. Safaricom’s IPO itself had been delayed by post-election clashes, but now the... More »

PC Makers Aim Overseas

US remains biggest market as demand in other skyrockets

(Newser) - PC makers are increasingly setting their sights on markets outside the US, which are making up an ever-larger share of the worldwide computer market, USA Today reports. PC sales are growing in the US, still the world’s largest market, but are rising much faster elsewhere. Last year, the US... More »

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