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Netanyahu: Gaza Ship Activists 'Wanted to Die'

White House to call for halt to blockade

(Newser) - Some of the pro-Palestinian activists killed by Israeli commandos on an aid flotilla to Gaza wanted to die to become "martyrs" for their cause, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu insisted yesterday. This "was not the Love Boat," but an operation "directed by terrorists," he added.... More »

10 Killed as Israelis Storm Gaza Aid Ships

Dozens of mostly Turkish protesters injured

(Newser) - At least 10 pro-Palestinian activists were killed and dozens injured early today when Israeli troops stormed ships laden with aid for Gaza. The troops clashed with some 600 mostly Turkish protesters who confronted soldiers attempting to halt the 6-ship flotilla in international waters. The convoy was attempting to deliver aid... More »

Conjoined Palestinian Twins Inseparable, Likely to Die

Girls had made it out of Gaza to Saudi Arabia

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia's health minister says conjoined Palestinian twins flown to Riyadh from the Gaza Strip cannot be separated and do not have long to live. The 2-week-old twin girls, joined at the chest, overcame immense obstacles to make it out of the Gaza Strip—including an Israeli blockade, rival Palestinian... More »

Palestinians, Jews Clash at Holy Site

Civilians, police injured in Jerusalem confrontation

(Newser) - Palestinian civilians and Israeli police were injured when Jews and Arabs clashed at a Jerusalem holy site yesterday. Palestinians praying at the site—which includes the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosques—pelted a Jewish group with rocks, leading police to respond with stun grenades, reports CNN. The Palestinians'... More »

Tehran Rally Turns Violent

Opposition uses government-sponsored demonstration to protest June election

(Newser) - A government-backed rally in Tehran turned violent today, the BBC reports, after opposition supporters turned out to protest June’s disputed presidential election and clashed with security forces. A state news said opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi was attacked and tear gas used during the event, intended to demonstrate support for... More »

Gaza Fighting Continues After 3-Hour Break

Militant rocket fire breaks lull, Israel says

(Newser) - Fighting resumed in Gaza today after a 3-hour ceasefire, the Times of London reports. The lull was broken by a rocket attack launched by Palestinian militants into the Israeli city of Beersheba, Israeli officials said. The Israeli military plans to halt fighting every day from 1-4pm (local time) to allow... More »

Israel Using US Smart Bombs on Gaza

Petite missile one of the world's most precise

(Newser) - The new low-cost, high-precision missiles Israel has been using to bombard Gaza were purchased recently from the United States, the Jerusalem Post reports. In September, the Israel Air Force purchased 1,000 units of the GBU-39, a bunker-buster missile whose small diameter helps minimize collateral damage, earning it a rep... More »

Israel Bombs Gaza Supply Tunnels

Egypt begins stopping Palestinians from entering

(Newser) - As Gaza air strikes raged on for a second day, Israel said it bombed more than 40 Palestinian supply tunnels used to transport weapons, BBC reports. Palestine said one tunnel intended to carry fuel from Egypt to Gaza had been destroyed. Fleeing the southern strip into Egypt, hundreds of Palestinians... More »

Pop Culture Battles Fundamentalists in Gaza

Western imports ease daily stress, but fuel the fundamentalists' ire

(Newser) - Culture is the quiet battleground in Gaza, where Jennifer Lopez pouts on CD covers beside religious paperbacks on store shelves, the New York Times reports. Combating daily food shortages and feeling isolated, Gazans escape with soap operas, sitcoms, and music—homegrown or imported from the West. But recent incidents—from... More »

Gaza in Worst Crisis in 40 Years, Charities Warn

Blockade destroying jobs, food supplies

(Newser) - As Israeli and Palestinian leaders tentatively prepared to resume peace talks, a new report by a coalition of British charities warns of a crushing humanitarian crisis in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The international consensus to isolate Hamas has led to unemployment, medical shortages and hunger worse than at any time... More »

Israel Pulls Out of Gaza on Eve of Rice Visit

Two-day 'interval' during Rice's Mideast visit

(Newser) - Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip today after five days of fighting that left over 100 Palestinians dead. Hamas is exulting over its "victory" over the "army of Jews," but Israeli leaders say the operation has served its deterrent purpose. A "two-day interval" is... More »

Columbia Prez Lays Into Ahmadinejad

Head of state answers ‘unfriendly’ intro with contentious talk

(Newser) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appeared today at Columbia University, where the school’s president called the Iranian president “a petty and cruel dictator” and excoriated him for his human rights rap sheet, Holocaust denial—which Lee Bollinger called "simply ridiculous"—and nuclear ambitions. The visitor smiled as Bollinger spoke,... More »

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