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RIM Unveils Answer to iPad

iPad rival supports Flash, will be a gaming platform

(Newser) - Research in Motion unveiled its new tablet today, making the Playbook the first official competitor to Apple's iPad. CEO Mike Lazaridis wasted no time in taking a jab at his rivals, noting that the Playbook was the first tablet to access the "full web"—meaning that it supports... More »

Apple Loosens Up on Apps

Restrictions lifted, guidelines published

(Newser) - Apple has done a U-turn and scrapped restrictions introduced earlier this year on what tools developers can use to build applications for the iPhone and iPad. Developers will now be allowed to use tools based on Adobe's Flash, and restrictions on other programming languages have been lifted, the Wall Street ... More »

Jobs: iPad Gives You Freedom —From Porn

Apple boss gets into late-night email war with tipsy Gawker writer

(Newser) - When Gawker writer Ryan Tate saw an iPad commercial proclaiming the device a “revolution,” it kind of pissed him off. It probably helped that his employer is in a legal battle with Apple, and that he was having a stiff drink. So he fired off a sort-of nasty... More »

Adobe Strikes Back In Flash Scuffle

Letter, newspaper ads refute Jobs' anti-Flash argument

(Newser) - Adobe isn't taking Apple's assault on Flash lying down. The company's founders released an open letter of their own today—albeit a much shorter and less combative one—and took out ads in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg reports. “We believe the question is really... More »

Apple May Face Anti-Trust Action

The Adobe-Apple application saga continues

(Newser) - Steve Jobs may regret dissing Flash . Anti-trust regulators are investigating whether Apple violated the law by ordering developers to use Apple-made tools to build applications for the iPhone and iPad . An anti-trust case would be an odd twist for Apple, the firm that once asked regulators to slay tech Goliaths... More »

Take That, Steve: Adobe Giving Workers Androids

The tech wars continue

(Newser) - First Adobe publicly wonders why Apple won't allow its Flash animation product on any of its iPhone, iPad, etc., platforms. The Mighty Steve Jobs then writes a rant about Flash's lack of openness. The Adobe CEO responds with his own letter. Now in the ongoing tit-for-tat Adobe will give all... More »

Steve Jobs: Why I Hate Flash

Apple boss pens open letter to address controversy

(Newser) - You've got it all wrong; Apple isn't the closed system picking on the open Adobe's Flash; Flash is the closed system, Steve Jobs argues, in an open letter explaining why Apple has kicked Flash off the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. He complains that Flash is “100% proprietary,” rather... More »

Facebook Has a Bullseye on Its Back

Google and Apple will try to kill it, Microsoft to buy it

(Newser) - Mark Cuban has some good news and some bad news for Facebook. Good news: It's the “new internet,” our go-to place for at-work entertainment. “Everything that the net was 5 or more years ago, Facebook is today,” the entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks' owner writes on his... More »

Why the iPad Falls Short

13 criticisms include fingerprints, wrist aches, and browser

(Newser) - The iPad doesn't quite live up to the hype. It's "fun to play with," write Ker Than and Robert Roy Britt for LiveScience , but "it's hard to figure out what role it fills that some other device doesn't do much better." A sampling of shortcomings:
  • "
... More »

Steve Jobs: Google's 'Don't Be Evil' Is BS

Apple CEO slams Adobe, Google at company town-hall

(Newser) - Steve Jobs had some harsh words for Adobe and Google at a town hall-style meeting following the iPad's launch last week, Apple workers say. "We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business," Jobs said in reference to Google, a source tells Wired . "Make... More »

Flash Coming to iPhone, and It's a Must

Despite its pitfalls, gadget needs integral Web plugin

(Newser) - Signs are pointing to a Flash plugin coming to the iPhone sometime soon, Jason Kincaid writes on TechCrunch—but he’s of two minds about the benefits of finally getting “the real web” on Apple’s shiny gadget. Flash is absolutely essential for the internet, he writes, but making... More »

NHL Snaps It Up Online

Boosts online coverage of hockey games

(Newser) - The National Hockey League is increasing its online footprint with expanded game coverage on the web. One game each day will be offered online to America's 20 million hockey fans with multiple camera angles and on-demand playback. The league has moved to Flash-based video that more Mac and PC users... More »

Adobe Tops Microsoft for NFL Streaming

(Newser) - Power up, football fans: NFL is streaming its NBC Sunday night games live for free, CNET reports. Using Adobe's Flash, it streamed one game this week and is continuing tonight with the Chicago Bears' matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. The technology offers a few tricks, too: a “star cam”... More »

Adobe Lets Web Spiders Snag Animation

Google, Yahoo get software to better read, index Flash files

(Newser) - For years, web developers have faced a tough choice: Make their pages pretty with Flash animations, or optimize for search engines? Now, Flash maker Adobe has tried to make that choice easier, by giving Google and Yahoo the software to read and index Flash files. “For end users, they're... More »

Flash Attack Could Turn Routers Into Zombies

Experts say online criminals could exploit UPnP to hijack routers

(Newser) - Security experts have demonstrated how attackers could use Flash software and the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol to hijack their home routers, reports PC World. Users exposed to a malicious Flash file could have the servers they're trying to reach changed remotely and secretly, meaning a fraudster could redirect... More »

Adobe CEO 'To Take A Break'

Bruce Chinzen will step aside; COO Shantanu Narayen will step up

(Newser) - The popular CEO of Adobe Systems, Bruce Chinzen, will step down at the end of the month “to take a break.” President and COO Shantanu Narayen will replace him, though Chinzen will stay on temporarily as a half-time strategic advisor and remain on the board to ease the... More »

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