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XBox One Launches Latest Console War

It's got loftier ambitions, price tag than PlayStation 4

(Newser) - The XBox One launched at midnight, and with it, the latest generation of the eternal console war. Around the country, XBox devotees are lining up for the new system, which, like its rival, the PlayStation 4, is expected to be in extremely short supply, USA Today reports. Microsoft says it'... More »

$99 Gaming Console Smashes Record at Kickstarter

Ouya creators meet original goal in just 8 hours, pass $3M

(Newser) - The creators of Ouya, a cheaper and hacker-friendly gaming console built on Android , wanted to raise almost a million bucks in a month. Well, they got that much through their Kickstarter campaign in about eight hours, reports an impressed CNET . And in about a day, they had raised more than... More »

Nintendo Announces Wii 2

New console will replace Wii, could be called 'Stream'

(Newser) - Nintendo will follow up its popular Wii with a new console system next year, the company announced today. The new system, which IGN notes is codenamed Project Cafe AKA Wii 2, will be showcased at Los Angeles's E3 Expo in June. The announcement comes as Nintendo reported sagging earnings... More »

Gamers: Nintendo 3DS Makes Us Sick

Nintendo: Don't play it so much then

(Newser) - Gamers— including some reviewers —who have tried out Nintendo's new 3D-effect console say it has left them feeling distinctly woozy. Customers complain that the Nintendo 3DS, which flashes separate images into each eye, has caused headaches and nausea, and now they're having trouble getting full refunds from retailers, the... More »

Wii Muscles Up With 'Sports Resort'

Nintendo hopes Frisbee, fencing will boost flagging console sales

(Newser) - Get ready to pull a muscle as Wii expands its offering of audience participation sports to Frisbee (with a dog), fencing and jetskiing, reports Reuters. Sports Resort is scheduled to be released in June, said Nintendo executives. The company hopes the new activities will boost flagging sales of Wii game... More »

Wii Becomes Fastest-Selling Console Ever

Nintendo boss credits 50M milestone to gaming's move into the mainstream

(Newser) - The Nintendo Wii has passed the 50 million milestone to beat out Playstation 2 as the fastest-selling game console, the BBC reports. The massive sales were beyond expectations, Nintendo boss Saturo Iwata said yesterday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. He credited Wii's success to gaming's solid move... More »

Nintendo's Wii Shortage Is Good Business Strategy

Firm sees benefits of its conservative culture

(Newser) - Nintendo’s Wii is proving hard to find in the holiday rush, a phenomenon the Wall Street Journal says is indicative of the Japanese company’s cautious culture—but also good business sense. Nintendo is cautious for a reason: it saw its fortunes rise with the original NES and SNES... More »

Price Cut Lifts PlayStation Sales

Lower prices and a new low-cost model may help Sony to escape third place

(Newser) - Long lagging behind the Nintendo Wii and without a 'Halo 3' to rescue it, Sony's PlayStation 3 is finally seeing sales pick up in the weeks after a $100 price cut and introduction of a lower-end model. Sony said it sold 100,000 consoles last week, compared to sales of... More »

8 Stories