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Surprise: Salty Diet May Make You Drink Less

Study could have implications for astronauts headed to Mars

(Newser) - An international team of scientists studying the effects of salt intake on our bodies has discovered a surprise: High-salt diets seem to make us less thirsty over time. Reporting in the Journal of Clinical Investigation , they confirm previous findings that more salt makes humans pee more, but added "seemingly... More »

Inside the Web-Conquering Sensuality of 'Salt Bae'

Fans fawn at Nusret Gokce's seasoning skills

(Newser) - The kids have known about "Salt Bae" since seasoning first hit elbow on Instagram last month. But now that celebrities and professional athletes like Travis Kelce and Usher are getting in on the action, the media is catching up. The Wall Street Journal has a major profile on Salt... More »

America's Nutrition Guidelines Take a Mediterranean Shift

Also, coffee gets a boost, and there's a shift in cholesterol thinking

(Newser) - You can relax your grip on that cup of java: "Moderate coffee consumption" can be part of a healthy diet, according to new federal dietary guidelines released Thursday. In fact, three to five cups is apparently just fine, notes the Los Angeles Times . The guidelines emphasize veggies, fruits, and... More »

Man Spent 6 Months Making Sandwich 100% From Scratch

Andy George takes DIY to the extreme, even making salt and killing a chicken

(Newser) - Think you know how to make a sandwich? Think again. Andy George, who hosts the "How to Make Everything" YouTube channel, has just posted his latest episode on YouTube showing that to make a chicken sandwich completely from scratch is, at least for him, a six-month, $1,500 endeavor.... More »

NYC Pushing for High-Salt Warnings in Chain Eateries

Would be first US city to make restaurants dish on what meals are high sodium

(Newser) - Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg first took on Big Salt by setting up the National Salt Reduction Initiative , which encourages restaurants and food manufacturers to voluntarily reduce the sodium found in their fare. Now current Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration is getting into the act: The city's Department... More »

Mom Who Killed Son With Salt Gets 20 Years to Life

Lacey Spears sentenced in 2014 death of 5-year-old Garnett

(Newser) - Lacey Spears , the mom convicted in March of poisoning her 5-year-old son to death with salt, received 20 years to life in prison at her sentencing today, the Westchester Journal News reports. Acting state Supreme Court Justice Robert Neary said he didn't give her the maximum 25 years... More »

Researchers: Yes, You Do Eat Too Much Salt

As two other studies counter: Salt? No big deal

(Newser) - Whether due to a love of processed food or soy sauce, almost every adult on the planet likes salt way too much—on average, we consume almost double the amount of sodium recommended by the World Health Organization, a new study finds. Think that's no big deal? Well, researchers... More »

New Jersey Can't Get Salt Thanks to ... the US Flag?

Law bans vessel carrying salt from traveling without one

(Newser) - In a season of seemingly endless snow, New Jersey towns are running out of rock salt—and 40,000 tons of the stuff is supposed to be on its way. Trouble is, the shipment is stuck in Maine because the vessel that would carry it doesn't have an American... More »

Possible Home for Nuke Waste: Salt Beds

Officials want to expand New Mexico facility

(Newser) - The Department of Energy already buries some nuclear waste in salt beds, and some officials think the plan should be expanded so more radioactive waste can also be deposited there. At the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in the desert of Carlsbad, New Mexico, the waste is deposited half a mile... More »

Study: No Need to Dramatically Cut Salt

Consuming ultra-low levels may actually do more harm than good

(Newser) - Go easy on the salt, but not too easy. That's the surprising finding of a new study from the prestigious Institute of Medicine, reports the New York Times . The report concluded that people who follow the advice of groups such as the American Heart Association and limit intake to... More »

Salt Causes 10% of America's Deaths

Excess sodium contributed to 2.3M deaths in 2010: study

(Newser) - Just when you thought sugar was the leading health villain, along comes salt. Sugary drinks may have contributed to 180,000 deaths around the globe in 2010, but excessive salt consumption caused 2.3 million deaths that year, according to a new study by the American Heart Association. Some key... More »

Salt, Bad for You? Nope, Never Was

Gary Taubes cracks open flimsy anti-salt science

(Newser) - Time to crack open those Sun Chips, folks: Looks like salt is not only good for you, avoiding salt may be bad for you. In a daring New York Times piece, Gary Taubes challenges the standard salt-is-deadly wisdom by rolling out a few studies and quoting a few experts. "... More »

For Drinkable Water, Add ... Dirt?

And maybe some salt: Scientists propose simple fix for world crisis

(Newser) - One in 6 people in the world faces a clean-water shortage, according to the United Nations—so scientists are proposing a quick fix. Dirty water can be rendered drinkable using a few odd ingredients: Sun, salt, dirt, and lime, NPR reports. The sun's rays can kill the germs in... More »

Fast Food Far Saltier in the US

Same products contain less salt in Europe, Australia

(Newser) - If you're craving some Chicken McNuggets, you're better off getting them in Europe than on this side of the pond. With 1.6 grams of salt per 100 grams of nugget, the American version is packed with more than twice the salt of British McNuggets, which contain 0.... More »

No. 1 Source of Salt in Our Diet Isn't Chips ... It's Bread

On list of top sodium sources, salty junk food comes in a distant No. 10

(Newser) - If you had to bet $5 on whether more salt in your diet came from bread or chips, you'd probably be out five bucks. Potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn actually rank a distant No. 10 on the CDC's list of the top 10 sources of sodium, released yesterday.... More »

Iran's Largest Lake Turning to Salt

Oroumieh Lake shrunk by 60% thanks to drought, over-damming of rivers

(Newser) - It's the third largest saltwater lake on Earth—or was. Iran's Oroumieh Lake, home to migrating flamingos, pelicans, and gulls, has shrunk by 60% and could disappear entirely in just a few years, thanks to persistent drought, misguided irrigation policies, and the damming of rivers that feed it.... More »

Wait, Salt's Not So Bad Now?

New study defies conventional wisdom, but experts not convinced

(Newser) - In a world with constantly changing nutritional guidelines (eggs are bad for you; no, they're good for you! ), one food has seemed to be consistently maligned: salt. But a new, and highly contested, study finds that low-salt diets do not prevent high blood pressure—and actually increase the... More »

Stressed? Dig Into Some Pretzels

Increased sodium means decreased stress hormones: Study

(Newser) - Bartenders may put out pretzels and chips to keep customers thirsty, but something deeper might be at play. All that salt helps ease social anxiety and keeps people loose, suggests a new study. Researchers found that rats exposed to stressful situations were much calmer when loaded up with sodium, which... More »

Many Chinese Salt-Buyers Want Their Money Back

But some stores say 'tough luck'

(Newser) - All those panicked consumers in China who bought all the salt off store shelves ? Yeah, they'd like their money back now. "I regret it very much. I will never behave this silly anymore," says one woman who was refused a refund for the four-year supply she purchased.... More »

Panicked Chinese Hoard Salt After Japan's Quake

Shoppers buy rumor that it protects against radiation

(Newser) - With Japan and its stricken nuclear reactors in mind, waves of misinformation and panic are sweeping through China. Shoppers have cleaned shelves of iodized salt, believing rumors that it can protect against radioactive exposure—table salt doesn't have enough iodine to do that—or that China's supply will be contaminated,... More »

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