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MythBusters Cannonball Rips Through Home

It goes on a wild ride through neighborhood

(Newser) - Um, whoops: MythBusters was attempting to fire a cannonball through barrels of water and a cinder block wall in order to slow its inertia. Instead, the cannon misfired, sending the reality TV show's cannonball on a tear through a residential California neighborhood yesterday. The cannonball first blasted through the... More »

Obama Tapes Mythbusters Segment

He's rocking his inner geek, experimenting with Archimedes claim

(Newser) - President Obama says he'll be exercising his inner geek in an appearance on Discovery Channel show Mythbusters—but the myth he's busting has nothing to do with his birth certificate or whether he's secretly a Muslim. And unlike what usually happens on Mythbusters, he won't be blowing anything up. "... More »

Explosive Mentos- Coke Secret Uncapped

What causes the YouTube phenom

(Newser) - You've seen it on hit YouTube videos, but now young researchers have unlocked the secret of the volcanic reaction that occurs when Mentos are dropped into Diet Coke, ABC News reports. Students at Appalachian State University say the rough, dimply surface of the sinking candy disrupts the water molecules in... More »

Discovery Will Go Public

Educational channel's IPO will bring freer financial hand—and Wall Street scrutiny

(Newser) - Discovery Communications will go public, upping the media company’s ability to make deals while opening it to shareholder and Wall Street opinion. The “MythBusters” and “LA Ink” broadcaster will be able to spend more on new programming and acquire other businesses more readily. Analysts expect shares to... More »

4 Stories