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Coming in 2018: Plugged-In Grandmas

And 9 other predictions, in AI, health care, the economy, and more

(Newser) - At no time of year do more people whip out the "out with the old and in with the new" mantra than on Jan. 1, and LinkedIn has surveyed CEOs, economists, scholars, and "other bold thinkers" to see what changes they expect to see worldwide in 2018. These... More »

Obama's New Catchphrase: 'Change Is'

President emphasizes his achievements with new rhetorical device

(Newser) - Barack Obama has a new pet rhetorical device designed to highlight his accomplishments and kindle memories of his 2008 campaign. The magic words: “Change is…” Obama trotted out the phrase a dozen times in a speech in New York Wednesday, the Huffington Post reports, with lines like, "... More »

Palin Memoir: I Inspired Obama's 'Change'

Palin suggests Dem's '08 adviser lifted Alaska strategy

(Newser) - Sarah Palin believes she might deserve some of the credit for President Obama's victory but not in the way some people in the McCain camp would have it. In Going Rogue, Palin points to her campaign for Alaska governor as having used the "Change" theme and suggests she may... More »

Sorry, Mr. President, Nobody Likes Change

Let's reform health care, as long as it can stay the same

(Newser) - If you listen to pandering politicians or ranting radio hosts, you’d think Americans want big, far-reaching change right away. They might disagree on what change, but nobody likes the way things are. Well, you’d be wrong, writes Michael Kinsley for the Washington Post. As the health care debate... More »

Forget Comfort Food: We Shun It in Turmoil

Studies suggest we don't seek solace in the familiar

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom has it that when we face big changes, we look to the familiar to get us through—whether it’s comfort food or music we’ve loved for years. But new studies suggest the opposite is true, that “change begets change,” in the words of one... More »

Fickle Voters Are Change Obama Can Believe In

We're ready to change politics, religion, relationships at the drop of a hat

(Newser) - Whether it’s religion, relationships, or politics, Americans are getting more fickle, experts say. Seniors citizens are more open to divorce, college students are more open to changing schools, and more than 40% of Americans will switch religions, notes one pollster. All this could be bad news for President Obama,... More »

Huzzahs for Masters of Change

(Newser) - Saying that “change is no longer a dreamy notion but a reality—and a responsibility,” Rolling Stone lists 100 people from all walks of society with “the power of making people think and making them move.” The top five:
  • Barack Obama: “He has a capacity
... More »

Sarkozy Makes an Un-French Call for Diversity

President vows to end 'equality' policy that ignores race, ethnicity

(Newser) - France has a long tradition of official blindness to race, ethnicity, and religion; all citizens, in theory, are equally French. But in practice, French companies are reluctant to hire employees with non-French names or addresses in ethnic neighborhoods, and France's 555-member parliament has only 1 MP of color. In a... More »

Obama Team Clogs Inboxes, Elicits Backlash

Mugs to donations, that David Plouffe emails incessantly

(Newser) - Barack Obama and his various Internet organs are hawking everything from civic engagement and disaster relief to coffee mugs and fleece scarves, causing fatigue among supporters, Politico reports. And while some are just tired of incessant emails from the likes of David Plouffe, watchers are concerned about how the president-elect... More »

Arugula as 'Hope Salad,' and Other Obama Changes

How president-elect can deliver, concretely, on campaign mantra

(Newser) - In case you haven’t heard, Barack Obama wants to bring change to America. Culture11 offers a list of what that change might mean:
  • When daughters ask for a puppy, Daddy shouts: "Yes we can!"
  • French win fries debate in White House cafeteria. Arugula now known as “
... More »

Byrd, 90, Resigns as Appropriations Chairman

Senator, rumored to be under pressure from Reid, will be replaced by Hawaii's Inoyue

(Newser) - Robert Byrd resigned today as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, acquiescing to Democratic leaders who reportedly wanted him out of the job, the Hill reports. Byrd, 90, has been hospitalized three times in the past year, and said he was willing to leave the committee in younger hands—namely,... More »

This Election Isn't Change, It's More of the Same: Didion

(Newser) - The striking thing about this election season isn’t how different it’s been from years past, “but precisely how similar,” Joan Didion writes for Salon. "Time got wasted in the familiar ways," she laments. The country is in the grip of a startling transformation, but... More »

Stop Bashing Washington Insiders; You'll Need Them

Consensus within the establishment is necessary for change

(Newser) - Voters have loved to hate Washington insiders since Washington’s founding, and politicians have sought to capitalize on those feelings for just as long. So it makes sense that even the GOP ticket, fortified by Sarah Palin, is running as an outsider insurgency. But, Norman Ornstein points out in the... More »

Camps Vie for 'Reformer' Label

McCain, Obama fight for 'nebulous' image of change

(Newser) - John McCain and Barack Obama are both laying claim to an agenda of “reform”—but neither has offered a clear idea of what that means, writes Jonathan Weisman in the Washington Post. In opening speeches last night, the words “reform” or “reformer” were spoken 11 times.... More »

Time to Change the Slogan, Obama

Obama must tell story of our economic future

(Newser) - It’s time for Barack Obama to drop the “Change We Can Believe In” slogan in favor of something closer to “Change Before It’s Too Late,” writes Frank Rich in the New York Times. The former phrase fit the Democratic primary throwdown, but now Obama must... More »

Here Comes Era of Activist Government

It's necessary, and McCain is better suited for the job: Brooks

(Newser) - With daunting issues demanding immediate action—energy, the markets, and crumbling infrastructure to name but a few—the US is about to enter a phase of "government activism," writes David Brooks in the New York Times. Bad news for John McCain, right? Maybe not. As past periods of... More »

'Change' Falls Flat With Hoosiers

Voters clinging to 'traditional values' could require Democrats to tweak approach

(Newser) - Despite the ubiquitous use of “change” as a rallying cry in the Democratic primaries, the New York Times notes, the candidates might want to reconsider using it ahead of Indiana's May 6 primary. Although they’re dissatisfied with the economic toll taken by the decline in manufacturing, voters generally... More »

Obama Surges in National Poll

He opens 16-point lead, seen as having best shot against McCain

(Newser) - Barack Obama has opened up a lead of 16 points over Hillary Clinton among voters nationwide and is seen as the candidate with the best chance to beat John McCain, according to a new poll from CBS and the New York Times. Obama had a lead of 54% to 38%... More »

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