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Americans Like to Drink, and They're Lazy

40% do no exercise at all, says federal report

(Newser) - Plenty of Americans still like to drink, smoke, and hang out on the couch. Over half of the population—61%—drinks alcohol, 20% smoke, and 40% do no leisure-time exercise at all, says a new government survey. Only about 31% exercise enough to reap benefits. The survey found little improvement... More »

Sully Gets His Own Cocktail

It's a Manhattan with a splash, get it?

(Newser) - Today’s the first anniversary of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III’s death-defying Hudson River landing, and if you’d like to raise a glass and celebrate, here's just the thing. Renowned cocktail inventor Dale DeGroff whipped up a cocktail formula worthy of Sully’s name, and the New York ... More »

Finally, World-Class Wine From Japan

Critics applaud vino from local grape

(Newser) - For decades, critics wouldn’t give Japan’s wine industry a second sniff—but a new wine from a local grape could change all that. One firm’s koshu wine has won over taste buds from France to the US, the Guardian reports. The “crisp and pleasant” Cuvée... More »

Bubbly Really Is All About the Bubbles

Fizzy bits hold up to 30 times the flavor as rest of drink, study finds

(Newser) - It turns out the bubbles are indeed the most important part of “the bubbly.” According to a new study, most of a champagne’s flavor comes from its bubbles, which contain up to 30 times more flavorful chemicals than the rest of the drink. It’s a watershed... More »

French Wines Wither Under Climate Change

Industry pushes President Sarkozy for carbon emission cut

(Newser) - A warming world has French winemakers sweating more than a little, experts tell the Financial Times. “Current research suggests that by the end of the 21st century, one summer out of two will be at least as hot as 2003,” the year of a record-breaking heat wave that... More »

Caffeinated Booze Prompts State Probes

AGs said to be concerned over deceptive marketing

(Newser) - State attorneys general are taking a hard look at increasingly popular caffeinated alcohol beverages amid fears the combination is dangerous and targeted at underage drinkers, the Wall Street Journal reports. The AGs are calling for company records from the makers of Joose and Four Loko. At 7-Eleven, Joose has had... More »

How to Make a Real Old-Fashioned

(Newser) - Esquire adds to its everything-a-man-must-know lessons with a primer on the Old-Fashioned, which is nothing less than the “Fender Strat of cocktails” because it “embodies the classic American combination of offhand style, swagger, and micrometer engineering,” writes David Wondrich. At its heart is good old American whiskey—... More »

Thais Woo Tourists With New Cocktail

Authorities hope concoction will cure hangover from airport protests

(Newser) - Thailand's tourism authority is hoping the Siam Sunray will wash away the lingering aftertaste of airport anarchy, the Guardian reports. The newly invented cocktail—made with vodka and traditional Thai ingredients like Kaffir lime and lemongrass—was unveiled yesterday as part of a campaign to bolster a tourism industry battered... More »

Mix Masters Stir it Up in Cocktail Contest

Four special drinks, one judge and lots of jitters

(Newser) - Bartending is a serious business—just ask the four finalists at the US Bartenders’ Guild National Cocktail Competition held in Chicago this year. All four "mixologists" suffered stage fright while preparing their signature drinks for the judge, reports Gourmet. Despite sweating buckets, Las Vegas native Anthony Alba took first... More »

Distillers Like Taste of Bourbon Boom

Weak dollar, rising exports help fuel spike in sales

(Newser) - Kentucky bourbon is popular in the likes of Russia and China as drinkers worldwide flock to the US drink, the AP reports. A weak dollar, rising exports, and a bourbon trend among young Americans are also fueling the boom. "Younger consumers are interested in drinks that were, you might... More »

Coca-Cola May Bid to Swallow Up Snapple

Soft drink titan looking to juice up its portfolio

(Newser) - Coca-Cola is talking to private-equity firms about purchasing Cadbury Schweppes PLC's Snapple and Mott's brands, the Wall Street Journal reports. Coke is trying to expand its presence in the fast-growing market for noncarbonated drinks--namely juices, waters and ready-to-drink teas, like Snapple. Mott's includes apple juice and sauces, as well as... More »

Wine Buzz Grows, Beer Flattens

The beer class is finally embracing the grape, Slate says

(Newser) - The American middle class has become connoisseurs of everything—coffee, '80s Japanese garage-rock bands, environmentalist toilet paper, and now wine, writes Slate's Field Maloney. Fermented grape juice doubled its audience in the past decade, while consumption of lower-brow beer stagnated. And for the first time in history, Americans pollees prefer... More »

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