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Shots Fired Outside US Embassy in Turkey

2nd gunman detained hours after Russian ambassador killed

(Newser) - Turkish police on Tuesday detained a man who fired shots in front of the US embassy in Ankara, several hours after the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated . The man took out a pump-action shotgun he hid in his coat and fired around eight shots in the air before the... More »

'Gunshots' at Airport May Have Been Noise From Olympics Fans

Report of shots fired caused chaos at JFK

(Newser) - These are tense times, so it's no surprise that reports of shots fired at New York City's JFK Airport caused chaos Sunday night: Two terminals were evacuated, an NYPD anti-terror unit rushed to the airport, and flights were stopped on the ground or diverted after shots were reported... More »

Death of Girl Found in Texas Is Homicide

Adriana Coronado's father was also slain

(Newser) - The 14-year-old Houston-area girl whose body was found in a grassy field in west Houston died from gunshot wounds, medical examiners said in a report Saturday. The AP reports that Adriana Coronado, whose body was found Wednesday, was shot multiple times and her death has been ruled a homicide, the... More »

Man Tries to Shoot Moon With Handgun

Cameron Frank Read had apparently been talking about Halley's Comet

(Newser) - George Bailey tried to lasso the moon, but an Arizona man apparently wanted to shoot it. Cameron Frank Read, 39, allegedly fired several rounds through the window of a residence after talking about seeing Halley’s Comet on Friday, according to his girlfriend and her teen son, reports KTVK . They... More »

'Isolated Incident': Capitol Lockdown Is Lifted After Gunfire

Incident began near White House barricade

(Newser) - Police have lifted a security lockdown at the US Capitol after gunfire rang out on Capitol Hill this afternoon. Details were still developing, but Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine said it appeared to be an "isolated incident" unrelated to terrorism. Eyewitnesses say that police fired on a black sedan... More »

Moviegoer Accidentally Shoots Self ... in Butt

He apologizes, skedaddles during 'Bourne Legacy' showing

(Newser) - A Nevada audience watching The Bourne Legacy last night experienced a chilling moment when a gun went off—but it turned out it was just some guy accidentally shooting himself in the butt. The 56-year-old "was adjusting himself in his seat" when "his gun fell out of his... More »

Two Dead as Shots Fired at Occupy Oakland, Burlington

Days of both camps could be numbered

(Newser) - Two men were killed last night on separate coasts after shots were fired in or close to the Occupy Oakland and Occupy Burlington encampments. Protesters clashed with police as cops tried to close part of the Vermont camp, and local politicians were calling for the California protest site to also... More »

Temporary Lockdown After Shots Hit Pentagon

No injuries reported

(Newser) - Someone fired shots at the Pentagon early today, hitting the building and causing minor damage, defense officials said. Police who protect the massive Defense Department headquarters temporarily locked down some road and pedestrian entrances to the building after a civilian reported he may have heard shots at about 5am on... More »

McNair's Girlfriend Fired Gun: Medical Examiner

Gunshot residue tests show Kazemi fired the weapon found at the scene

(Newser) - Sahel Kazemi fired the gun that killed her and Steve McNair, TMZ reports, citing Tennessee's assistant medical examiner. Dr. Feng Li says preliminary lab tests show that gunshot residue from the gun that killed both individuals was found on Kazemi's hand—evidence supported by the crime scene and police interviews.... More »

South Carolina 'Serial Killer' Claims 5th Victim

(Newser) - A suspected South Carolina serial killer claimed his fifth victim today when a teenage girl died in hospital, the Gaffney Ledger reports. Like her father and four other victims, Abbey Tyler, 15, was found shot earlier this week in Gaffney, SC. Police say the killings are linked. Scared residents say... More »

5 Homeless Killed in Calif. Massacre

Shouts, screams and shots like 'firecrackers'

(Newser) - Three men and two women were shot dead yesterday in a mystery massacre at a California homeless encampment in Long Beach. Several residents in the area heard shouts, screams, and so many gunshots it sounded like fireworks, reports the Los Angeles Times. More »

US Army Admits Civilian Shootings in Iraq

3 who died in hail of gunfire were unarmed, innocent victims

(Newser) - American soldiers rained gunfire on a carload of innocent civilians in Baghdad, killing three, and the military falsely told news media that the victims were aggressors, the US military admitted last night. Top Iraqi officials had previously denounced the June 25 incident as murder, and used it to call for... More »

Bullets Hit LA Police Chopper, Force Landing

Pilot gets down safely; cops questioning several suspects

(Newser) - Two bullets struck a Los Angeles sheriff’s helicopter and forced it to make an emergency landing, the Los Angeles Times reports. Noone was hurt. The chopper was on its way to investigate a robbery when bullets hit its belly and tail, apparently from a high-powered rifle. Several men have... More »

2 Toddlers, 4 Adults Shot Dead in Memphis Home

Worst mass killing in city in 35 years

(Newser) - Memphis police found two toddler girls and four adults shot dead in a home in the city's Binghamton neighborhood yesterday. Three other young children have been taken to a local hospital with gunshot wounds and are said to be critically injured, reports the Commercial Appeal. Police say the shootings happened... More »

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