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Ex-Astronaut Killed When Son Crashes Into His Jet Ski

NASA mourns Capt. Alan Poindexter

(Newser) - NASA is mourning former astronaut Alan Poindexter, who died in a jet ski accident in Florida over the weekend. Poindexter, 50, was on a jet ski with his 22-year-old son when his older son, 26, crashed into them on another jet ski, sending both men into the water, reports the... More »

Newt's Lunar Ideas Not Lunacy

We should listen to Gingrich's space ideas: Jeffrey Goldberg

(Newser) - Jeffrey Goldberg is not what one might call a Newt Gingrich fan, but as he sat on the tarmac at Reagan National Airport gazing at the space shuttle Discovery as it prepared for its final flight, he realized something: "On the matter of space exploration … Newt Gingrich is... More »

NASA Decides Homes for Retiring Space Shuttles

Three museums get Atlantis, Discovery, and Endeavour

(Newser) - NASA's space shuttle fleet has only two flights left, and the space agency announced today where the shuttles are going for retirement, reports CollectSpace :
  • Atlantis: It stays with NASA and will be parked at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida.
  • Discovery: It's going to the Smithsonian's Steven F.
... More »

Captain Kirk Launches Discovery's Final Flight

Shuttle leaves space station, set to land on Wednesday

(Newser) - Discovery left the International Space Station for the last time today, but not before getting a rousing send-off from Captain Kirk himself. As the astronauts woke, they were treated to the unmistakable voice of William Shatner. "Space the final frontier," the recording said. "These have been the... More »

Discovery Astronauts Bottling Outer Space

Bottle will remain sealed, hit museums

(Newser) - The Discovery crew will leave the International Space Station today for the first of two spacewalks—and one of their missions is to capture a sample of space in a metal bottle. The bottle will be given to Japan's space agency, which says it will remain sealed and make the... More »

Robonaut Joining Space Station Crew

'A giant leap forward for tinmankind'

(Newser) - International Space Station astronauts won't need to worry about the newest crew member hogging the oxygen or clogging the toilet. Robonaut 2 will become the first humanoid robot in space when he heads to the station this week on the space shuttle Discovery's final mission, AP reports. "R2" will... More »

Up for Grabs: Free* Space Shuttle *$29M Postage & Handling Required

Museums vie for soon-to-be-retired spacecraft

(Newser) - NASA is preparing to give away its space shuttle fleet to institutions willing to cough up $28.8 million per spacecraft for cleaning and transportation. Atlantis will be retired after returning from its final mission today and some two dozen museums and other institutions around the country are vying to... More »

Fire Sale! NASA Slashes Price of Shuttles 32%

Space agency hoping to unload them for $29 million apiece

(Newser) - NASA space shuttles are now priced to sell. The space agency cut the per-shuttle price from $42 million to $29 million for Endeavour and Atlantis, reports the Orlando Sentinel . NASA is retiring the fleet at the end of the year and hopes museums or schools want them for display. The... More »

NASA Finds Cocaine at Shuttle Facility

Staffers undergo drug tests, and Discovery is being re-checked

(Newser) - NASA is investigating 200 staffers and rechecking shuttle equipment after finding cocaine at a Florida facility charged with servicing the shuttle Discovery. The agency drug-tested each of the employees after finding drug residue in a plastic bag, but it hasn't released results. NASA will double-check Discovery's systems to make sure... More »

Discovery Lands Safely in Calif.

14-day mission ends on West Coast after poor weather scrubs Florida attempt again

(Newser) - After bad weather kept it from heading to Florida for the second consecutive day, the space shuttle Discovery touched down safely in California moments ago, reports. The crew returns after a 14-day mission that including resupplying and repairing the International Space Station. More »

Discovery Leaves Space Station, Heads for Home

(Newser) - The shuttle Discovery detached from the International Space Station today and began its journey home to Earth, reports. The 13-day mission help resupply and repair the station; the seven crewmembers are scheduled to return to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center at 7:05pm Thursday. More »

Discovery Roars to Space Station Docking

Massive main thrusters used after leak in smaller thrusters

(Newser) - The space shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station in impressive style yesterday, using the space ship's massive main thrusters instead of the six smaller thrusters typically engaged, reports A leak in one of the smaller maneuvering thrusters forced astronauts to use the noisy big engines to... More »

Discovery Delayed 2nd Time

(Newser) - NASA called off another launch attempt for the shuttle Discovery, scheduled for early tomorrow, due to a broken valve in the craft’s liquid propellant system, reports tonight. It’s the second time the mission has been postponed in less than 24 hours: Storms early this morning forced... More »

Discovery Set to Blast Off

Lightning could still delay launch

(Newser) - NASA has cleared the Space Shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven to launch tomorrow, as long as a slight chance of lightning doesn't delay fueling efforts, reports NASA won't fuel the spacecraft—preparing for a 13-day resupplying mission—if there is a 20% or greater chance of... More »

NASA Delays Shuttle Over Gas Leak

(Newser) - NASA officials canceled today's Space Shuttle Endeavour launch after workers discovered a hydrogen gas leak during fueling, reports. If the failure is fixed soon, the seven-member crew could lift off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., as early as tomorrow morning, when near-perfect weather is expected. Discovery's STS-119 launch was... More »

Discovery Heads for Home

(Newser) - The space shuttle Discovery and its seven-astronaut crew undocked from the International Space Station today after an eight-day mission, reports. Before heading toward earth, the shuttle flew around the station to get the first photos of its handiwork—the installation of a final set of solar panels that... More »

Astros Fire Up Thrusters to Dodge Trash

Space junk becomes increasing concern

(Newser) - Discovery's astronauts fired thrusters yesterday to maneuver the million-pound International Space Station out of the path of approaching space junk, the third such threat to the orbiting lab in two weeks, reports The four-inch chunk of debris—from a Chinese rocket that broke apart in 2000—was heading... More »

Astronauts Install Last Pair of Solar Panels

(Newser) - The International Space Station is about to get full power for the first time. Two astronauts today installed the last pair of solar panels for the station in a six-hour spacewalk, reports The station, which now has a total of eight solar panels, will unfurl the newly installed... More »

Discovery Launch Postponed

Fuel valve concerns cause further delays to mission

(Newser) - The Space Shuttle Discovery’s mission to deliver the final piece of a solar power array to the International Space Station was delayed again today, only hours before scheduled launch, CNN reports. The mission had already been postponed a month so technicians could determine whether three valves that control fuel... More »

Discovery Returns to Earth

Mission saw successful expansion of space station

(Newser) - The space shuttle Discovery swooped back to Earth today after successfully expanding the International Space Station, the AP reports. The shuttle’s seven crew members delivered Kibo, the new billion-dollar Japanese science lab, and a pump to repair a broken toilet. Discovery also brought home flight engineer Garret Reisman, who’... More »

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