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Chelsy Turns Down Fortune for Harry Kiss-and-Tell

She won't spill royal beans about 7-year romance

(Newser) - Prince Harry is likely breathing much easier. Ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy recently turned down a super lucrative deal to do a tell-all book about her flame-headed former love. She has told friends she will "never, ever" speak about her seven-year romance with the handsome prince, even though she has been... More »

Harry to Chelsy: You're Next

But Chelsy Davy wants her own life, say pals

(Newser) - Still hungry for royal wedding hoopla? You might not have to wait long—if Prince Harry gets his way. "You're next," he was heard saying to gal pal Chelsy Davy at the wedding of the duke and duchess of Cambridge last week. The two were nearly inseparable... More »

Prince Harry, Chelsy Together Again

After more than five hours, they leave bar together

(Newser) - On-again, off-again … and again … and again couple Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy appear to be on again. Davy is back in Britain after a six-month trip to Africa, and the two were spotted reuniting at a cocktail bar. “It was like they had never split up. Harry... More »

Meet Prince Harry's New Girlfriend

Camilla Romestrand is—gasp!—a rock star

(Newser) - Four months after splitting with longtime girlfriend Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry has found a new squeeze. Camilla Romestrand is a Norwegian rocker who fronts UK band Eddie The Gun, PopEater reports. “Let's just say she knows her way around Buckingham Palace but is trying to keep the relationship as... More »

Harry, Chelsy Split Again

This time it's permanent, tabloid claims

(Newser) - It’s quits again—maybe for good this time—for Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy. The on-again off-again couple has been dating for six years, but broke up in 2007 and again last year . Now, “we’re finished,” Davy reportedly told friends, adding that she doesn’t want... More »

Prince Harry Back With Chelsy, Taking it Slow

Prince and ex-girlfriend on again after 'secret meetings'

(Newser) - Prince Harry is back with ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, rekindling a 5-year relationship that cooled in January, reports OK! Harry's partying lifestyle was too much for  Chelsy, 23, to handle, but the two are back together after a series of secret meetings set up by the 24-year-old prince, reports a royal... More »

When Words Fail, Send a Winehouse Card

Plus, Real Housewives sex tape blocked, and more

(Newser) - Coming soon: Amy Winehouse wrapping paper. The troubled singer has signed a deal to feature her lyrics on cards as well, the Sun reports. The first tune to hit stores will be Rehab, but a source insists the line will be “classy too. You Know I’m No Good... More »

Poor Harry Still Pines for Chelsy

Plus, Susan Boyle rejoins tour, and more

(Newser) - Prince Harry split with his latest galpal, British TV host Caroline Flack, when he realized ex Chelsy Davy was “the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he told friends. “The fling with Caroline has focused Harry’s mind back on Chelsy,” one tells the... More »

Wills Wants to Be a Real Soldier

Nightclub confession also touches on Harry's split with Chelsy

(Newser) - It may seem like England's Prince William has it all, but the News of the World is reporting that the 26-year-old is jealous of his brother's chance to serve in Afghanistan. An undercover reporter says he got the prince to open up at a party, reports the AFP, but a... More »

Jen's 'Do Worth $50K; Paris Pimps Her Ride for $282K

Priceless: Madge loses it over Britney song

(Newser) - Recession? What recession? Jennifer Aniston has a $50,000 hairdo and Paris Hilton, a $282,000 dashboard. Aniston recently insisted that her stylist accompany her to a week of European film premieres to work his $2,000-a-session wonders on her hair, the Post reports. Meanwhile, the Sun says Hilton recently... More »

Dumped Harry Cozies Up to Singer

Prince, singer strike up 'friendship'

(Newser) - It appears it didn’t take Prince Harry long to recover from his breakup with Chelsy Davy: The royal struck up a friendship with singer Natalie Imbruglia and has been constantly texting her, the Mail reports. The 24-year-old prince attended Imbruglia’s 34th birthday party after being introduced by Sir... More »

Paris: Acting Dumb Is Hard

Heiress mistakes chef for prime minister

(Newser) - Paris Hilton is no dummy—just ask her. The hotel heiress blames her stint on The Simple Life for her international reputation as a five-star ditz, the Daily Mirror reports, and she insists she didn't really mistake TV chef Gordon Ramsay for British PM Gordon Brown. “I know exactly... More »

Prince Harry, Girlfriend Call It Quits

Relationship said to have "run its course"

(Newser) - Prince Harry and his long-time girlfriend Chelsy Davy have parted ways, according to the Telegraph. Davy reportedly decided that their often long-distance romance and Harry's military lifestyle were too much of a strain. The prince is beginning a training program with an army helicopter unit that would have kept the... More »

For Britain's Young Princes, a Role Reversal

Harry's Afghan tour, Wills' chopper antics flop public perception

(Newser) - It seems like only yesterday that William was Britain's standup prince, brother Harry the misled stoner in an SS uniform. But after revelations that William landed his RAF helicopter on his girlfriend’s lawn, and that the younger Harry served actual combat in Afghanistan, the tables have turned, the AP... More »

Harry Can't Commit to Love or War

Prince quits girlfriend, "ready to quit" army

(Newser) - Prince Harry has had commitment troubles recently, the AFP reports. The young royalty lost girlfriend Chelsy Davy earlier this month after skipping her 22nd birthday party to attend the Rugby World Cup between London and South Africa. And now he's "ready to quit' the army unless assigned to combat... More »

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