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They Dreamed About an NBA Future. Instead, They Got Scammed

Yearlong Fusion probe into prep school basketball reveals the common cons of the industry

(Newser) - They were young hoops shooters who paid more than $25,000 a year to attend what they thought was an elite basketball academy that would prep them for the NBA. What they got instead, per a deep dive at Fusion , was ripped off. It's a close look by Luke... More »

Cheap American Beers, From 'Worst' to 'Least Worst'

Deadspin ranks 36 inexpensive US brews

(Newser) - Sometimes there's nothing better than a cold beer—and a cheap one at that. But according to Will Gordon at Deadspin —who ranked 36 cheap American beers "from worst to least-worst"—plenty of US brews are better poured down the drain than your actual throat. Where... More »

Mark Sanchez Romanced Me: 17-Year-Old Girl

'EK' claims to have 'hooked up' with New York Jets quarterback

(Newser) - Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez met a new lady friend on New Year’s Eve, and she just so happens to be a 17-year-old high school student. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, writes AJ Daulerio on Deadspin : In both New York and New Jersey, where the romancing allegedly... More »

Blame (or Thank?) Blogs for Brett Favre Scandal

Mainstream media would never have reported on this, writes Howard Kurtz

(Newser) - “I didn’t get into journalism to write about Brett Favre’s private parts,” harrumphs Howard Kurtz today in his last Washington Post column, and most mainstream reporters would agree. “But our ability to spike such tawdry tales ended many seasons ago.” Now blogs can drive... More »

Dear Mr. Ebert, Sorry I Was Such a Tool

Longtime admirer Will Leitch comes clean about insulting his hero

(Newser) - As a University of Illinois undergrad, Will Leitch lived the dream: He befriended his hero, Roger Ebert. "I wanted to be him, desperately," Leitch writes. "He was the reason I did anything." They fell out of touch, and the protégé later found himself in New... More »

Bigger Jerk Than Phillips? Deadspin's AJ Daulerio

Throws whatever ties site had to journalism out window in vendetta vs. ESPN

(Newser) - In the shadows of the Steve Phillips controversy is the reaction at Deadspin, where editor AJ Daulerio, having missed out on the scoop, appears to emptied his in-box in airing years’ worth of anonymous tips about ESPN’s seamy side. That, in turn, got its own reaction from the sports... More »

No Way Mitchell Hits Latest Pitch Out of Park

Bungled baseball steroids report bodes ill for Mideast efforts

(Newser) - Those who think George Mitchell will achieve progress in the Middle East point to his record of robust diplomacy in Northern Ireland 10 years ago. One hopes, for the sake of peace, that Mitchell follows his work there and not a more recent example, Will Leitch writes for the New ... More »

Little League's Foul Plays

(Newser) - Just like their big-league heroes, Little League players compete each year in their own small-fry World Series. But Deadspin offers 10 reasons to cancel the big game:  
  1. Flat-brimmed caps: Learn to crease those caps boys.
  1. Giving up home runs to Canada: No self-respecting team should lose to hockey players.
... More »

Author Uses Costas Show to Blast Bloggers

Irate writer's profane 'discussion' sweeps newfangled Interwebs

(Newser) - The déclassé world of sports bloggers infiltrates the vaunted mainstream media today with New York Times sports media expert Richard Sandomir's take on Tuesday's episode of HBO's Costas Now. The live "town hall" setting included a segment on sports bloggers that quickly devolved into a tirade by Pulitzer... More »

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