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Mississippi Town Declares War on Baggy Pants

50 signs ordered by Laurel police department to combat saggy trousers

(Newser) - Take heed, young people of Laurel, Miss. Law enforcement is ready to fight the scourge in your town: saggy pants. The police department is set to adorn the town with 50 signs that read, "Pull up your pants. No one wants to see your underwear," with a pic... More »

Green Day Singer Kicked Off Flight for Baggy Pants

Billie Joe Armstrong refuses Southwest request to pull them up

(Newser) - Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong learned about airline security the hard way: He got booted off his Southwest Airlines flight this week because he refused to hike up his baggy pants, reports San Francisco's ABC 7 . When a flight attendant asked him to comply before takeoff, he responded,... More »

Football Player Arrested Over Droopy Pants

He's kicked off US Airways flight, charged with trespassing

(Newser) - A University of New Mexico football player was kicked off a plane and ultimately arrested yesterday because airline employees didn’t like how low his pants were hanging. Police got a call at 9am complaining that someone was exposing themselves outside a US Airways gate, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.... More »

Baggy Pants Ban Zips Though Florida Senate

Saggy pants bill passes state Senate

(Newser) - Florida State Sen. Gary Siplin's long quest to get the law behind baggy pants bans is nearing fruition. Siplin's bill to make it illegal for students on campuses to wear clothes exposing their underwear has passed the state Senate, and a similar bill is making its way through... More »

Pants on the Ground? School 'Urkels' Kid Offenders

Zip-ties prove effective against hip-hop style

(Newser) - Droopy drawers used to be a problem for Memphis middle school principal Bobby White, but he's solved it with a little help from an old pop-culture icon: Steve Urkel, the perennial nerd. Kids roaming the halls with no belt or excessively saggy pants now get "Urkeled"—school staffers... More »

Man Shoots Teen Over Saggy Pants

Kenneth Bonds really, really wanted those pants pulled up

(Newser) - Sure, saggy pants are irritating … but irritating enough to shoot someone over? A 45-year-old Memphis man admits he did just that. Kenneth Bonds apparently yelled at two teens who were on their way to a candy store, telling them to pull up their pants. When they didn’t, Bonds... More »

Court: Hoisting Saggy Pants Not Illegal Search

Officer was trying to conceal, not reveal, when she found gun, court rules

(Newser) - Beltless criminals beware: if a police officer has to haul up your pants, it's a "wardrobe assist," not a search, even if he does find a gun, according to a Minnesota court. The court was told that a suspect's baggy jeans slid to his knees when he was... More »

NY Ads Crack Down on Saggy Pants

Pull 'em up, says disgusted Brooklyn senator

(Newser) - A Brooklyn politician has launched a billboard ad campaign slamming the growing cheekiness of saggy pants. "We're better than this!" screams the ads that urge residents to "Stop the Sag." The billboards feature photos of the backsides of two young men with pants so low that... More »

'Pants' Not Just on the Ground— It's Everywhere

Song gets millions of clicks on YouTube, spurs remixes

(Newser) - Not surprisingly, the award for first viral video hit of 2010 goes to American Idol audition song “Pants on the Ground.” After 62-year-old “General” Larry Platt introduced his masterpiece to the world last Wednesday, it took off, garnering 1 million Facebook fans and several million YouTube clicks... More »

Saggy-Pants Debates Just Hot Air

'Legislative tailors' have their way across America

(Newser) - Legal battles against sagging pants are being waged across the US at an absurd rate, writes Greg Beato in Reason. Detractors argue that exposing large “swathes of underwear” should be banned, particularly because the  style emulates prison attire and to wear them is “to embrace criminality.” “... More »

Can Obama End Brotherhood of the Sagging Pants?

It's possible: JFK killed the hat

(Newser) - Fashion experts have their eyes on Barack Obama with a burning question: Can he inspire the young men of America to pull up their pants? The president-elect himself has said it's time to end the low-ride movement, and some have trotted out the (disputed) comparison of JFK single-handedly killing the... More »

Louisiana Pockets Ban on Droopy Drawers

'Can't regulate everything,' gripes senator

(Newser) - A proposed ban on saggy pants didn’t fly in Louisiana, where a Senate panel rejected the legislation as a violation of freedom of speech, reports the Times-Picayune. “This is a situation that is disgusting and needs state attention,” insisted the state senator pushing the bill. “I... More »

No Ifs, Ands, or Butts: Town Outlaws Saggy Pants

If your underwear shows, you'll pay for it

(Newser) - A Louisiana town has taken a stand against saggy pants: starting tomorrow, anyone whose underwear shows will be hit with fines or jail time. And those who want to argue will just have to zip it. "Pull ‘em up or pay up," warned the police chief of... More »

Bottoms Up! La. Town Gets Down and Dirty

Ban on saggy pants hits fashion plates below the belt

(Newser) - In Delcambre, La., showing your skivvies is about to come with criminal consequences, thanks to a new ordinance that prohibits residents from wearing low-hanging pants. Saggy-trousered offenders may be fined $500 and risk 6 months in jail. “They’re better off taking the pants off and just wearing a... More »

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