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Stop Blaming GOP for Tripping Up ObamaCare

Law is doing fine a job of that on its own: Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - ObamaCare isn't exactly humming along seamlessly toward full implementation, and Republicans bent on derailing it are getting much of the blame. Sorry, writes Jonah Goldberg at USA Today , but it's the clumsy law itself at fault. Yes, House Republicans have voted against it dozens of times, but to... More »

Stewart to Krugman: $1T Coin Makes Me Look Bad?

Host hits back at ticked-off economist

(Newser) - Jon Stewart last week swiped at Paul Krugman's $1 trillion coin idea , eliciting a somewhat thin-skinned response from the economist, who told ABC News that "Obviously neither he nor his staff did even five minutes of looking at the financial blogs" and blasted Stewart for "ruining his... More »

Hey, GOP: Make Mitt Your Last Bland White Guy

Time for party to win over youth, Latinos: Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - For this election, Mitt Romney will do: After the hype surrounding candidate Obama, America's ready for "the bland Mr. Fixit type." Afterward, however, the GOP needs to stop kidding itself and get young and Hispanic voters on board, writes Jonah Goldberg in the Los Angeles Times . But... More »

Mandatory Voting: 'Absurd, Cynical, Repugnant'

Jonah Goldberg weighs in; plus, Sasha Issenberg's idea

(Newser) - To say that Jonah Goldberg disagrees with Peter Orszag—who recently called for compulsory voting —is a bit of an understatement: In the Los Angeles Times , Goldberg calls the idea of mandatory voting "absurd, cynical, and repugnant." The fact that Orszag and other Democrats are pushing for... More »

GOP Race Won't Be a Rerun of 2008

Candidates already look sharper than the last pack: Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - Now that The Donald and Mike Huckabee have gone home, the 2012 GOP field looks a lot clearer—and Jonah Goldberg likes what he sees. Over the past few weeks, candidates have broken the “policy logjam,” trying out positions that broke from party orthodoxy, Goldberg observes in the... More »

GOP Candidates Too Loud or Too Boring

Party needs someone who's both a fighter, fixer: Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - Tim Pawlenty took a daring step towards explosive rhetoric recently: he declared the country’s mounting debt a “pile of poo.” Try not to look too offended. “Clearly, the guy running the bleep button for the GOP primary debates isn’t worried about Tim Pawlenty,” quips... More »

Why Isn't Julian Assange Dead?

Surely the CIA should have killed him by now, Jonah Goldberg muses

(Newser) - If the CIA is really as competent as everyone seems to believe, then “why wasn’t Julian Assange garroted in his hotel room years ago?” asks Jonah Goldberg in the National Review . WikiLeaks is, according to the military, a major national security problem. So whether spies are the nefarious... More »

US Can't Build Things Anymore

Don't blame conservatives for bureaucratic nightmare, writes Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - It took just 410 days to build the Empire State Building, and a mere two years to build the Pentagon. “These days it takes longer to build an overpass,” observes Jonah Goldberg of the LA Times . “This country can’t build stuff the way it used to.... More »

The Grass Isn't Greener in China

US problems won't be solved by mimicking other nations

(Newser) - America's present woes have revived the wrongheaded liberal tradition of believing that emulating other countries is the answer, writes Jonah Goldberg. People who suggested becoming more like the Soviet Union or Japan were wrong, and people like Thomas Friedman are just as wrong when they ignore obvious shortcomings to declare... More »

Obama's No 'Ruthless Pragmatist'

The president's an ideologue and that's no bad thing

(Newser) - Jonah Goldberg isn't buying President Obama's oft-repeated assertion that he's a "ruthless pragmatist." The president is an ideologue—"the most sincerely ideological president in a generation"—but his insistence that the facts are always on his side show he may be lacking the self-awareness to realize... More »

GOP Should Copy Domino's, Admit It Screwed Up

Republicans can rise again if party acknowledges, 'We blew it'

(Newser) - The GOP need not abandon its core principles to become ascendant again—but it has to 'fess up to its failure to deliver what it preaches. The party could take a lesson from Domino’s Pizza, which in a new campaign basically says: "We blew it." The analogy... More »

Dems, Not GOP, Are Party of Big Business

Anti-free market reform is the only thing keeping fat cats alive

(Newser) - The idea that the GOP is the “party of big business” is a convenient fabrication, Jonah Goldberg writes, that handily deflects blame from the progressives who have historically been in bed with the fat cats—particularly the health care industry. Just look at GE during the Great Depression, when... More »

Stop Making Excuses for Hasan

Murderous Islamic extremism was his motive, not PTSD

(Newser) - Commentators are working overtime to explain away the Fort Hood shootings as a personal breakdown rather than what it obviously was, three conservative columnists argue today: a terrorist assault by an Islamic extremist.
  • The explanation for Major Hasan's actions should be crystal clear to anybody not afraid of offending Muslim
... More »

Conservatives Aren't Crazy, They Just Want Their Turn

8 years of Bush didn't count

(Newser) - Don’t listen to the liberals telling you the right is crazy and going to heck in a handbasket. The reality is far simpler: “After 15 or 20 years of steady moderation, many conservatives think it might be time to give their ideas a try,” writes Jonah Goldberg... More »

Ahead of Senate Hearings, Racism Charges Fly

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor’s views on race have become a hot button topic. But it’s just Republican “race mongering,” writes Derrick Jackson of the Boston Globe. Remember, the GOP “has been the party of racial code words,” from Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” to Reagan’s... More »

McCain Doesn't Send Email: So What?

Obama's attacks on Mac ignore injuries that keep him from typing

(Newser) - Barack Obama's attempt to slam John McCain for his lack of email and computer knowledge is ridiculous, Jonah Goldberg writes in the National Review. Not only is McCain unable to type because of war injuries, but his exaggerated ignorance of the Internet pales in comparison to Obama’s inexperience in... More »

'Ferocious Kind of Love' Behind Times-Bashing

Hating the Gray Lady, VF finds, often mirrors how one feels about relatives

(Newser) - It seems these days everyone’s got a beef with the New York Times these days, so Vanity Fair set out to find out why, asking a panel of experts their thoughts. Simple envy is the primary culprit, some say; others cite "a ferocious kind of love"; the paper's... More »

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