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Football Star Sees Autistic Kid Eating Alone, Swoops in

Feel all the feels, thanks to FSU's Travis Rudolph

(Newser) - When Leah Paske got a message from a friend Tuesday that said, "Travis Rudolph is eating lunch with your son," accompanied by a now-viral photo of her son chowing down in his Florida middle school with a young man, her first response was: "Who?" That response soon... More »

Panhandler Expects Ticket, Gets Lunch

Passerby snaps a photo

(Newser) - Lynn Murphy, a homeless mother of four, was panhandling on a road in Fall River, Mass., when she noticed a state trooper driving toward her. She was thought she was going to get a citation. Instead, she got lunch, ABC News reports. Trooper Luke Bonin, in plainclothes as he returned... More »

Man Stabs Co-Worker Over ... Meatballs

Assailant fled the scene, charges are pending

(Newser) - Don't touch a man's meatballs—that's the lesson a Maryland man learned last week when he pilfered his co-worker's lunch, the Baltimore Sun reports. It all started when a male employee of an unnamed business in Fallston took a single meatball from another man's lunch.... More »

Why You Should Brown-Bag It

Mark Bittman recommends you bring your lunch to work

(Newser) - It may not be the "hip" thing to do, but Mark Bittman thinks you should start bringing your own lunch to work. "What happens when you bring your lunch is that you start to see it as primary, and the restaurants and fast-food joints and company cafeterias as... More »

Romney, Obama Lunch Remains Low-Key

They talk foreign policy, promise to stay in touch

(Newser) - The most interesting thing that happened in regard to Mitt Romney's lunch with President Obama today took place before it even began. Secret Service arrested a man who apparently tried to stop Romney's motorcade at a White House security gate, reports AP . He reportedly became combative with an... More »

Obama, Romney Will Have Private Lunch Tomorrow

It'll be their first face-to-face meeting since the election

(Newser) - President Obama will sit down with Mitt Romney tomorrow at a private lunch meeting at the White House, spokesman Jay Carney announced today. "It will be the first opportunity they have had to visit since the election," Carney said, according to Politico . The meeting will take place in... More »

Colbert Looks for GOP's Obama

He thinks Bob Morris and Kyle Jones have the right stuff

(Newser) - Last night was Stephen Colbert's 1,000th show, but he's not looking back. With the GOP presidential race in turmoil, he's looking for the party's future savior, and since Barack Obama made the leap from senator to president in just four years, he figured state legislatures... More »

Hong Kong Stockbrokers Protest ... Shorter Lunch Hour

It's being cut from 90 minutes to an hour

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street, it ain't. About 1,000 stockbrokers in Hong Kong marched in protest today because their lunch hour is getting cut from 90 minutes to one hour, reports AP . Exchange officials say the move is necessary to bring Hong Kong's trading hours in line with other... More »

Warren Buffett Lunch Snags $2.6M

Anonymous bidder sets record in charity auction

(Newser) - Warren Buffett's status as an oracle seems intact. An anonymous bidder will pay $2.6 million to have lunch with the chief of Berkshire Hathaway, topping the 2008 record of $2.1 million, reports Monsters & Critics . Buffett auctions off the lunch every year on eBay, with proceeds going to... More »

Bill and Barack Buddy Up Over Lunch

Relations have improved between president, ex-president

(Newser) - Rapping knuckles on Wall Street is hard work, so when Barack Obama finished yesterday, he hopped over to Greenwich Village to grab a bite with Bill Clinton, reports the Washington Post. On the menu? "Fish, pasta and salad," said Clinton. "Even I was healthy." And up... More »

White House Invites CEOs for Lunch—Then Bills Them

(Newser) - Four top CEOs who sat down to lunch with President Obama at the White House have an unusual memento: the bill for their meals. White House staffers collected the credit card numbers of the executives from Coke, Xerox, AT&T, and Honeywell so they could pay up afterward, Politico reports.... More »

Cafés Squeezed as France Turns to Le Sandwich

Thousands of small eateries shut, but McDonalds is booming

(Newser) - France used to be the home of the three-hour lunch, complete with wine, cheese, and maybe some spirits to push indolent workers through the rest of their day. But times have changed, and so have eating habits—these days, reports the Washington Post, the French are scarfing down sandwiches in... More »

Obama Makes Second Burger Outing, Spends $80

Brian Williams joins take-out trip for cheeseburger, fries

(Newser) - Yes, President Obama would like fries with that. The commander-in-chief made another cheeseburger run today, shelling out almost $80 on lunch for an entourage that included NBC’s Brian Williams, the Chicago Tribune reports. The president took aides and the Nightly News anchor, who’s trailing him for a “... More »

Recession Adds Drama to Paying for Lunch

Power diners shy away from picking up big tabs

(Newser) - Power lunches once ended with diners diving for the bill, corporate cards held high. These days, the checks tend to sit there uncomfortably, everyone hoping the other guy will pay, writes Laura Holson in the New York Times. The recession has turned picking the tab into a virtual earnings report.... More »

French Workers Lose Appetite for Leisurely Lunch

Thousands of restaurants go pffft as French eat at their desks

(Newser) - Thousands of cafes and restaurants in Paris are closing as French workers change their eating and spending habits and dine at their desks just like Americans. French office workers are skipping traditional long lunches in favor of takeaway baguettes. Those who do opt for restaurant meals skip aperitifs, hors d'oeuvres,... More »

How France Fell for Le Big Mac

McDonald's French operation is company's 2nd most profitable

(Newser) - After the US, what country has the most profitable McDonald's franchises in the world? The surprising answer: it's France, home of the Michelin Guide and the three-hour lunch. The London Times travels to Paris to discover how the French have begun to adopt Anglo-American eating practices, abandoning the leisurely midday... More »

Brown-Bag Boom Makes for Stinky Office Fridges

Employees moan about offensive odors, liquefied carrots, missing pizza

(Newser) - A rise in brown-bag lunches is turning office fridges nationwide from a munchies Mecca into an oversized Petri dish—and workers are crying foul, the Chicago Tribune reports. Booming food prices and health concerns are increasing bring-your-own numbers, but the good stuff doesn't always get eaten. "I've found things... More »

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