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Burglary Suspect Foiled—by His Croc Tracks

His shoes' tread pattern matched prints from crime scene: cops

(Newser) - An Alaska man faces theft, burglary, and criminal mischief charges after his comfy footwear managed to bite him in the butt. Fairbanks police say Roland Huntington Grace, 21, stole $400 from a crepe restaurant, took $30 from a church, returned to nab $5 more from the crepery, and stole $1,... More »

Crocs Save Shocked Boy

Plastic clogs 'acted as insulators'

(Newser) - The fashion world may sneer at Crocs but you won't find a better shoe to save you from death by hairdryer. The mother of a 3-year-old British boy says his plastic shoes saved his life after he picked up the faulty appliance in a swimming pool changing room and received... More »

Crocs Too Comfy for Yom Kippur: Rabbi

Sandals don't inflict sufficient suffering for holiday, religious leader rules

(Newser) - A Lithuanian rabbi has ruled that Crocs should not be worn during Yom Kippur because the sandals are too comfortable, Ynet news reports. Rabbi Elyashiv based his judgment on a prohibition against leather sandals, saying they were banned because they fail to provide an appropriate level of suffering for the... More »

Crocs Scramble to Stay Afloat

Company may go belly up as debt deadline looms

(Newser) - The company that makes the once-ubiquitous, quirky Croc shoes is about to go belly up, experts fear. The Colorado firm lost $18.5 million last year, has a warehouse full of unwanted shoes and just weeks to pay off its debt. Blame it on the economy and fickle consumers. "... More »

Crocs Sued For $7.5M Over Escalator Accident

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania woman has sued the manufacturer of Crocs for $7.5 million after her son was injured in an escalator accident, the Baltimore Sun reports. The 6-year-old was wearing the company's foam clogs when they caught in an escalator and mangled his right big toe. The suit charges that... More »

$148M Loss Bites Into Crocs

Demand for colorful clogs tanks

(Newser) - Crocs, the maker of hugely popular colorful plastic clogs, suffered a $148 million third quarter loss on a 32% drop in demand in Europe and the US. The Colorado-based company has shuttered a factory in Canada, will close another in Brazil next month, and has amassed extensive unsold inventory, reports... More »

Clog-Maker Crocs Falling Off

Firm has seen drastic decline in sales, share price

(Newser) - Crocs, Inc,. the firm that makes those ubiquitous rubber clogs, is having a bit of a fashion emergency. The stock has lost 90% of its value in less than a year, and the company predicts a 20% sales decline by the end of 2008, NPR reports. The firm’s execs... More »

Japan Warns of Croc Danger

Officials want changes to popular clogs, susceptible to escalator mishaps

(Newser) - After their research confirmed what many had complained about, Japanese officials today asked the makers of popular Crocs clogs to do something about a design that makes wearers susceptible to getting caught in escalators, the AP reports. The grip and flexibility of the plastic footwear led to several dozen incidents... More »

Danger! Crocs on the Escalator!

Accidents on the rise for kids wearing popular shoes

(Newser) - At rail stations, department stores and shopping malls from Washington to Tokyo, kids wearing Crocs shoes or similar footwear are getting their toes caught in escalators with painful and occasionally bloody results. The accidents have become so commonplace that the Washington Metro has posted ads—featuring a crocodile—calling for... More »

Crocs to Kick Off Apparel Line

Ugly footwear continues march toward world domination

(Newser) - If looking down at ugly shoes isn't doing it for you, good news—soon you can look down at a whole Crocs outfit. The manufacturer of the colorful clogs is launching a clothing line. The adults' and kids' duds, made from a version of the material in the signature shoes,... More »

Bush Can't Pull off Crocs

Prez should have vetoed sporty footwear choice, Givhan says

(Newser) - Whether you think President Bush is stepping boldly into the future or trampling on civil liberties, these days he's doing it in an ugly pair of shoes. Cameras spotted Bush sporting black Crocs—those trendy, tacky, rubbery clogs with ventilation holes and a heel strap—proving, Robin Givhan argues, that... More »

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