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6 Lines From the Speech That 'Shocked' Hollywood

Tiffany Haddish delivered f-bombs, talked Skype sex

(Newser) - After beating out the competition, winners at Sunday's Golden Globes will face yet another challenge: topping what one film writer is calling "the best acceptance speech of all time," delivered Wednesday. Taking home the best supporting actress prize at the New York Film Critics Circle gala, Girls ... More »

Here Are Your Oscar Winners

'Birdman' wins big at Academy Awards

(Newser) - Host Neil Patrick Harris opened tonight's Academy Awards with—what else?—a musical number about the glory of movies, joined by special guest appearances by Anna Kendrick, Jack Black, and a bunch of dancers in impressive costumes. After a short, snark-free monologue, the awards began. Stay with us throughout... More »

10 Most-Thanked People in Oscar History

And the winner is ... Steven Spielberg

(Newser) - In anticipation of the Oscars on Sunday, Vocativ analyzed all 1,396 acceptance speeches the Academy has archived on its website to figure out which Hollywood bigwigs get thanked the most. The results:
  1. Steven Spielberg: He's been thanked 42 times—and even by people who have simply been inspired
... More »

Kanye: I Wasn't Kidding About Beck's Win

Beck should 'respect artistry', give his Grammy to Beyonce

(Newser) - After Beck's surprise Album of the Year win last night at the Grammys, Kanye West stormed the stage and appeared to almost interrupt Beck as he took the mic—and the Internet laughed, assuming West was making a joking reference to the 2009 VMAs when he told Taylor Swift,... More »

This Is the Golden Globes' Craziest Acceptance Speech

Jacqueline Bisset rambles on just a bit

(Newser) - The craziest acceptance speech of the Golden Globes so far? Defamer gives the honor to Jacqueline Bisset, who won best supporting actress in a TV series, miniseries, or movie for her work in Dancing on the Edge. After taking quite a while just to get to the stage and then... More »

Is This the Best Acceptance Speech Ever?

Merrit Wever wins Emmy Award, says almost nothing

(Newser) - The first award at tonight's Emmy Awards went to Nurse Jackie's Merritt Wever for best supporting actress in a comedy—and while accepting it, an emotional Wever simply said "Thank you so much" a few times and then, "I gotta go." And then she walked... More »

Jennifer Garner: Affleck's Oscar Speech Fine by Me

She pooh-poohs speculation about marriage trouble

(Newser) - Ben Affleck's Oscar acceptance speech, in which he thanked wife Jennifer Garner for "working on our marriage" and called their union "the best kind of work," got a lot of tongues wagging in Hollywood. But he wasn't hinting at trouble in paradise, and Garner herself... More »

Romney Speech a Record Dud

Acceptance gets lowest ratings in Gallup history

(Newser) - Gallup has been polling on convention acceptance speeches since 1996, and Mitt Romney's has received the lowest ratings yet. Only 38% of those polled described his speech as excellent or good, compared to 47% who said the same about John McCain in 2008. (McCain was the next lowest-rated... More »

Romney Excerpts: Obama Failed Us

'Promises gave way to disappointment and division'

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's campaign has released excerpts from his acceptance speech, which gets delivered in person in the 10pm hour tonight at the GOP convention. One quote that seems to be getting heavy rotation in previews:
  • "If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn’t
... More »

Sandra Bullock Knew

Best Actress winner doesn't look happily married in this video

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock must have known about her cheating husband at the Oscars, and BuzzFeed has the proof. The look on her face—even captured in slow motion in the above video—as she was announced as the Best Actress winner says it all. If you’re still not convinced, compare... More »

Elinor Burkett Explains Her Oscars 'Kanye'

'Maybe I'm just, like, a middle-aged crazy person...'

(Newser) - Elinor Burkett, aka the Oscars’ “Lady Kanye,” told Joy Behar her side of the story last night. Burkett was irked knowing Roger Ross Williams would talk more about himself than the subject of their documentary, she says. “Either I could let him blather on, or I could... More »

'Kanyed' Winner's Do-Over Speech Kanyed Again

Things get weird between Roger Ross Williams and Larry King

(Newser) - Roger Ross Williams, whose interrupted Oscar acceptance speech for best short documentary quickly went viral, got a chance to finish it last night on Larry King Live —only to be cut off once again, by King himself. Williams—who went so far as to re-create his opening “Oh... More »

Oscar Winners Can't Thank Mom on Stage This Year

Nominees told to deliver thank-yous off the telecast

(Newser) - Even an Oscar producer admits the long-winded thank-you speeches are “the single most hated thing on the show,” and this year organizers think they've come up with a brilliant way to avoid them. Nominees were instructed at yesterday’s luncheon to prepare two speeches: The one for the... More »

8 Infamous Award-Show Speeches

Mariah Carey joins such notables as Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks

(Newser) - Mariah Carey has given not one, but two extremely odd acceptance speeches this week—and she’s in good company. The Frisky remembers seven other award show speeches that went down in history:
  • Angelina Jolie: Kissed her brother on the lips and talked about being “so in love” with
... More »

Rourke Steals Show at Spirit Awards

Funny, profane acceptance speech made the evening

(Newser) - Mickey Rourke brought the house down with his acceptance speech last night at the Independent Spirit Awards, a 5-minute ramble that ran the gamut from thanking the Santa Monica Police ("for giving me a bed 10 years ago") to praising co-star Marisa Tomei's pole-dancing skills. Rourke praised Wrestler... More »

Peanut Gallery to Fey: No, You Suck It

Internet poster fires back after acceptance speech

(Newser) - Only moments after Tina Fey lofted her Golden Globe and told several bloggers who've been chronic detractors to "suck it" Sunday night, they fired back with shrieks of sophomoric glee, reports the Daily News. "Give me something to suck on," posted "Cougar-Letter" on the LA ... More »

At 27, Favreau's Writing Speech of a Generation

Obama's top writer puts away videogames for Inaugural address

(Newser) - Writing the inaugural address of an epochal president known for his oratory would be a daunting job for anyone, but 27-year-old Jon Favreau had to ditch his roomies and videogames in Chicago to do it for Barack Obama, reports the Washington Post. “If you start thinking about what's at... More »

'Things Can Change,' Says 106-Year-Old Star of Speech

(Newser) - She was the toast of the town—and much of the nation—today, but 106-year-old Ann Nixon Cooper isn't letting her starring role in Barack Obama's acceptance speech go to her head, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. "It's nothing unusual really," said Cooper, the Atlanta resident Obama talked about... More »

Why Her 'Servant's Heart' Matters

Palin's speech demonstrated ordinary, old-time conservative values

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has the “power of the normal,” and she has the Democrats rightfully running scared, writes Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal. The mother of 5 with her hockey-mom jokes and imperfect voice is "vividly genuine," a trait that helped her be the first... More »

How to Write a Rousing Acceptance Speech

Radar provides the blanks, you inject your own story into a clichéd mold

(Newser) - For those whose daydream ambitions skew a little less rock-star and a little more presidential, Radar has a neat, automated form readers can use to produce their own nomination acceptance speech. Who doesn’t want to put their own stamp on clichéd, barn-burning oratory? But what, the discerning reader... More »

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