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A Mystery Powder Arrived in the Mail. It Almost Killed 9

Backpackers hospitalized Tuesday in Australia in state of 'agitated delirium'

(Newser) - Nine backpackers from four countries were sent to hospitals in Australia this week, including at least three who were on life support Wednesday, after snorting a white powder sent through the mail. Seven men and two women, ages 21 to 25, snorted a white powder they assumed was cocaine around... More »

Powdered Alcohol Has US Senator 'in Total Disbelief'

... as inventor Mark Phillips decries 'nanny state'

(Newser) - People may well love Palcohol, and that's exactly what some lawmakers are worried about. Introduced in 2012 and approved for sale by the feds last month, the powdered-alcohol product is running into strong opposition despite pleas from its inventor, the New York Times reports. Six states have already banned... More »

More States Move to Ban Powdered Booze

Kids could 'sprinkle it on top of their Wheaties'

(Newser) - The dangers of powdered alcohol are not to be sniffed at, according to lawmakers who are trying to ban the product before it hits the shelves. Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Vermont have already outlawed booze in powder form, and Colorado is the latest to discuss a ban on... More »

Feds Approve 'Powdered Alcohol'

Palcohol changes website copy after official approval

(Newser) - As if alcohol, marijuana, caffeine, and pills of various kinds aren't enough to give Americans a buzz, the federal government has approved a new product: powdered booze, reports Gawker . Even the company behind it, Palcohol, says the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's approval caught it... More »

Packages With White Powder Sent to 8 Fed Buildings

Initial tests show substance likely calcium carbonate

(Newser) - Envelopes with white powder were found yesterday in eight federal buildings in seven different cities across Washington, Idaho and Utah, prompting the evacuation of an IRS building and a US attorney's office. The FBI is investigating whether the incidents were linked. "It is obviously disruptive and taken seriously,"... More »

Airports Crack Down on Powder

New anti-explosive measures complement limits on liquids

(Newser) - Air travelers have yet another thing to worry about when packing their bags: powder. Federal authorities haven’t banned or even restricted baby powder, makeup, talcum powder, and the like, but the TSA is outfitting airports around the country with new kits to test such seemingly innocuous material for explosives.... More »

Chianti Makers Not Toasting Powdered Wine

(Newser) - Angry Italian winemakers say a product that changes water into wine is more insulting than miraculous, Der Spiegel reports. The vintners complain that the "wine powder," made by a Swiss company that caters to hikers, is a "terrible copy" of Italy's Chianti and gives the entire... More »

'White Powder' Package Sent to Palin

Eighth package sent to governors

(Newser) - A package containing a suspicious white powder originating in Texas was intercepted yesterday en route to Gov. Sarah Palin's office, AP reports. Seven similar packages have been sent this week to other governors. They all contained harmless powder, but results of tests on the Alaska letter are pending. More »

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