Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Did Someone at Hospital Switch Multiple Babies on Purpose?

Police launch investigation into two 41-year-old cases at Canadian hospital

(Newser) - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating after revelations that two different sets of babies—at least—were switched at birth at the same hospital 41 years ago, the AP reports. "The RCMP has an obligation to the families involved and to the public to determine if the incidents... More »

Police Forces in 2 Countries Embrace the Hijab

Mounties, Scottish police want more Muslim women to join up

(Newser) - While cops in France crack down on burkinis , police forces in two other countries have decided to embrace the hijab. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have decided to allow female officers to wear a hijab while on duty in a bid to encourage diversity among the Mounties, the Independent reports.... More »

Snowboarder With 'Strong Spirit' Found After 3 Days

Julie Abrahamsen was lost in Whistler, in 'cold, but good, condition'

(Newser) - Three days lost in the "back country" around Whistler, British Columbia, have left a snowboarder "cold," but apparently no worse for the wear. Twenty-one-year-old Julie Abrahamsen was found yesterday by searchers who spotted her tracks from a helicopter, reports ABC News . "Searchers followed the trail and... More »

Facebook Photos Lead to Arrests in Gang Rape at Party

Canadian police bust teen who may face child porn charges

(Newser) - After Facebook photos of a brutal gang rape at a party went viral, police have made two arrests and are calling for a halt to the sharing of the images, which have been "spreading like wildfire," the lead investigator tells the Vancouver Sun . "The very public discussion... More »

Murderous Cons Hiding Out in Yellowstone

Two fugitives, fiancee may be heading to Canada

(Newser) - The remaining two murderous cons who escaped from an Arizona prison and their female accomplice are hiding out in Yellowstone Park, police believe. The trio likely fled to the area after one of the escapees murdered an older couple in New Mexico and stole their pickup truck, according to law... More »

7th Severed Foot Hits Canadian Shores

Like others, severed by natural causes, but no less mysterious

(Newser) - Another foot has washed up on a British Columbia beach, bringing the total to seven over the last two years. The right foot, inside a running shoe like some of the others, was separated from the body through a “natural process,” police officials tell the Vancouver Sun.... More »

8 Die in Avalanche Horror

Snowmobilers caught in two avalanches

(Newser) - The bodies of seven Canadian snowmobilers killed in two avalanches have been recovered by a search team in British Columbia, reports the Vancouver Sun. The double tragedy occurred as survivors of a first avalanche searched desperately for their friends before they, too, were engulfed by snow. The search for an... More »

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