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10 Couples Who Should Never Procreate

Some, like Speidi and Paris Hilton, are just so obvious

(Newser) - Some celebrities should probably never be allowed around a child—let alone allowed to have one of their own. “That means you, Heidi and Spencer,” writes Jen Genova on Babble . The 9 other power couples who should really, really not add to their family units:
  1. No matter how
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Jesus Dumps Madonna

Wait, they were still dating? Yep, but Jesus Luz called it off

(Newser) - Though you may have long ago tried to forget that 51-year-old Madonna was dating 23-year-old Jesus Luz, you can now officially forget: It's over. The perhaps surprising part of the news? It was her Brazilian boy toy who called it quits, thanks to their age difference and the fact that... More »

Eyeing Marathon, Madonna Carts Gym in Jet

For video, Lourdes dresses as mom circa 1984

(Newser) - No wonder Madonna needed 11 suites and 25 rooms at the Tel Aviv hotel where she stayed for the Israeli finale of her Sticky & Sweet Tour—the material girl's entourage included chef, four children, boy toy Jesus Luz, and a private jet's worth of exercise equipment, the New York ... More »

Levi Is Kathy's 'Teen Choice'

Plus, Jesus Luz is still around and Jeremy Piven still isn't over sushi poisoning

(Newser) - If Levi Johnston’s goal is to break into Hollywood, he got at least a toe in the door last night: My Life on the D-List star Kathy Griffin brought him along as her date to the Teen Choice Awards, E! reports. “Long-distance relationships are not easy, especially when... More »

Redford, Longtime Galpal Marry

Plus, trouble in paradise for Madonna and Jesus

(Newser) - Robert Redford married longtime girlfriend Sibylle Szaggars in Germany this weekend, E! reports. The actor and the painter, who met in the early '90s at a Sundance Film Festival event, married in a small private ceremony conducted in Szaggars’ native German, according to a local newspaper. It is the second... More »

We're Just Pals: Jesus

Plus, Amy Winehouse drinks because she's bored, and more

(Newser) - Yet another boy toy is denying reports of a romance with Madonna. Jesus Luz told Brazilian TV program Fantastico, “She is my friend, only my friend,” the New York Daily News reports. “I don't have plans of marrying her.” Elsewhere:
  • Amy Winehouse has been boozing it
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Madonna, Jesus Set a Date! (Kind of)

Jesus' dad happy about non-binding union with 'normal' Madonna

(Newser) - Madonna and Jesus Luz are tying the knot, kabbalah-style, the New York Daily News reports. The boy toy's father spilled the details on their non-legally-binding “wedding” ceremony to Brazil’s Quem, adding, “I don’t know if there will, in fact, be a real marriage between Madonna and... More »

Madonna to Jesus: Learn English!

Plus, Ali Lohan turning into her sister, more

(Newser) - Age is nothing but a number to Madonna and 22-year-old boy toy Jesus Luz, but the language barrier is a problem. The Material Girl is paying $1,000 a week for an English tutor, the Daily Star reports, citing the Star. Elsewhere:
  • Fifteen-year-old Ali Lohan might be the new Lindsay
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Fellow Models Hate Madonna's Boy Toy

Jesus would be nothing without her, insiders gripe

(Newser) - Watch out, Jesus Luz: Your fellow male models have it in for you. At a recent New York event, “they were gossiping like catty girls about how they couldn’t wait for his career to fizzle out,” a source tells the Daily News. “Jesus had no career... More »

Madonna Sticks Close to Guy and Jesus

Fashion designers help keep model boyfriend in US

(Newser) - Madonna seems to be surrounded by supportive men. Fashion designers are “hiring Jesus Luz as a favor to Madonna,” a source tells the New York Post. “As long as he can legally work in the US, they can be together.” Meanwhile, ex-hubby Guy Ritchie’s new... More »

Madonna, Jesus Back Together

Adoption heartbreak leads to reunion

(Newser) - Madonna has been reunited with Jesus, the Sun reports. The 50-year-old singer, who dumped her 22-year-old model boyfriend last month and tweeted that she was “glad,” was recently spotted with him at a New York Kabbalah center. An insider says Madonna’s adoption fiasco prompted the reunion: “... More »

Madge Chooses Adoption Over Jesus

Singer confirms split on Twitter

(Newser) - Apparently the Material Girl would rather have another child than a young lover. Madonna confirmed her split with Jesus Luz on Twitter, the Daily Mail reports, saying she is “glad” to be single. Some are speculating Madonna dumped the 22-year-old after Malawian officials raised their eyebrows. The singer’s... More »

Madonna Adopting Again: Officials

Plus, love triumphs and troubles for celebs

(Newser) - As officials confirm Madonna is en route to Malawi to adopt a new baby, the singer received a glowing recommendation from young lover Jesus Luz’s father, the Mirror reports. “When Cupid strikes, age doesn't matter,” he said. More on Cupid in Hollywood:
  • Britney Spears is still texting
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Madge's Crazy Sex Life May Derail Adoption

'Relationships' may hurt planned adoption of Malawi toddler, says official

(Newser) - Madonna's hijinks with A-Rod and Brazilian boytoy Jesus Luz threaten to block her planned adoption of 3-year-old Mercy James from Malawi, reports the New York Daily News. "The news she is linked to another woman's husband and a man less than half her age makes us question her morals,... More »

Madonna's Phone Hangups Irk Boytoy Jesus

She can still take calls, though

(Newser) - Madonna has decided to let Jesus Luz use his cellphone around her—but only in emergencies. The unlikely pair had a fight when Madonna walked in on her 22-year-old beau on a family phone call, and “she told him it was rude for him to take a phone call... More »

Madonna Shacks Up With Jesus

(Newser) - Madonna’s latest boy toy has moved into the 50-year-old singer’s Upper West Side apartment, the Daily Mail reports. Jesus Luz, 22, has so tamed the Material Girl that she regularly cooks him dinner, and the Brazilian model has reportedly grown close to her three children. “Jesus has... More »

Jen's 'Do Worth $50K; Paris Pimps Her Ride for $282K

Priceless: Madge loses it over Britney song

(Newser) - Recession? What recession? Jennifer Aniston has a $50,000 hairdo and Paris Hilton, a $282,000 dashboard. Aniston recently insisted that her stylist accompany her to a week of European film premieres to work his $2,000-a-session wonders on her hair, the Post reports. Meanwhile, the Sun says Hilton recently... More »

Canseco Slams Madonna Over Baby Beau

(Newser) - Jose Canseco, that other famous slugger linked to Madonna, slammed the age difference between the singer and beau Jesus Luz, Us Magazine writes. “Oh, my God! Doesn’t she realize she is 60 years old? Come on!” he said. The Material Girl (actually 50) can’t catch a... More »

Penn Pokes Fun at Madonna's Boy Toy

Actor also skips own post-Oscar bash

(Newser) - Madonna’s Oscar-winning ex-hubby couldn’t resist a dig at her 22-year-old current fling, the Sun reports: When the two met at a post-Oscars bash and the Material Girl congratulated Best Actor Sean Penn, he gestured at model Jesus Luz and said, “Another kid already?” And it wasn’t... More »

Madonna, Boy Toy Get Ready for Oscars

Romance with model Jesus Luz is real, friend says

(Newser) - Madonna's Oscar night outfit will include one top-of-the-line accessory: 22-year-old model Jesus Luz. “Madonna and Jesus have spent all week planning their outfits," a friend told OK! Despite their 28-year age difference, "Madonna and Jesus’ romance is real," the pal added. "Madonna is planning on... More »

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