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America's Most 'Perfectly Average' City Is...

...Knoxville, Tenn., depending who you ask

(Newser) - New York Times economic policy reporter Annie Lowrey took to Twitter last week with a tough but fascinating question: "What is the most perfectly average place in the United States and why?" George Mason economics professor Tyler Cowen thinks he has the answer: Knoxville, Tenn. Writing on Marginal Revolution... More »

You're Probably Sub-Average

Bell curve may misrepresent human performance

(Newser) - We tend to think of human performance as fitting a bell curve: Most people's output is about average, while there are a few outliers who are either extremely talented or very much the opposite. But people might not work that way, a new study suggests. Researchers analyzed the performance... More »

Men Hot for Average Women: Study

Sorry, hotties: scientists find males prefer typical to supermodel

(Newser) - Women need not be supermodels or Playboy bunnies to attract men’s attention. In fact, guys tend to find so-called average women the most attractive, scientists tell the Telegraph. They polled 100 male students on line drawings of women’s torsos with varying measurements, and found that the men preferred... More »

Coming: Dating Show for People With 'More to Love'

(Newser) - Fox is producing a “dating show for the rest of us” featuring average-looking and average-size female contestants competing for the love of an ample “Kevin James-type,” the Hollywood Reporter reports. Titled More to Love, it was inspired by the success of Bachelor and The Biggest Loser, which... More »

4 Stories