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Conn. Ad Aims to Curb Underage Drinking Early

Billboard featuring baby, beer bottle draws some attention

(Newser) - Connecticut health authorities are using a tried-and-true advertising technique to get their point across: use a baby. What’s got people talking, though, is that the baby is in an anti-underage-drinking billboard, and is being given a sip from a beer bottle. The photo of the baby is paired with... More »

Capt. Sully Plans Return to Flying

Hero pilot will also become part of US Airways' safety management team

(Newser) - Chesley Sullenberger, who saved the passengers and crew of US Airways Flight 1549 when he executed daring water landing on the Hudson River in January, will soon return to flying. The hero pilot's return to the cockpit is imminent, the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles reports. In addition to flying,... More »

Now Who Needs Health Care?

SoCal rally turns ugly when reform opponent has finger bitten off; perp on the lam

(Newser) - A pro-health care reform event in southern California turned surreally bloody last night, NBC Los Angeles reports. Opponents of the effort turned out to oppose supporters organized by MoveOn.org, and when a supporter crossed the street to challenge the other group, a brawl ensued. During the fisticuffs, a 65-year-old... More »

Calif. Wildfire Doubles Size to 85K Acres

10K evacuated as soot covers parts of Los Angeles

(Newser) - A southern California wildfire almost doubled in size overnight, reaching a whopping 85,760 acres, NBC Los Angeles reports, calling the speed of the fire’s spread “staggering.” A blanket of soot covers parts of the city as locals are warned to stay indoors, and heavy winds are... More »

Paris Swears She Hyped Pledge This!

Party girl testifies in court, tells judge he's 'the best ever'

(Newser) - Paris Hilton testified in a Miami courtroom today that she's an Aquarius, she's creative, and she promoted the 2007 clunker Pledge This! "more than I ever plugged anything in my life." The party girl/heiress defended herself against a lawsuit that claims she failed to hype the $7.5... More »

Jackson's Ex-Wife Rowe: 'I Want My Children'

(Newser) - Debbie Rowe, mother of Michael Jackson’s two eldest children, wants custody—and a restraining order to keep them away from Jackson’s father, she told KNBC-TV of Los Angeles today. “I want my children,” said Rowe, ex-wife of the late singer and mother of Michael Jr., 12,... More »

LA Judge Tosses Tyler Blog Suit

LA judge throws out strange case

(Newser) - A Los Angeles judge dismissed Steven Tyler’s blogger lawsuit yesterday after unnamed suspects failed to show up in court, NBC Los Angeles reports. The Aerosmith frontman couldn't identify the online scribes he accuses of defamation and impersonation—that is, lying about him and his girlfriend, and posing as his... More »

Waterboarded Shock Jock Mancow: 'Absolutely Torture'

(Newser) - A Chicago radio host submitted himself to a waterboarding demonstration to prove it isn’t torture, but it didn’t work out that way, NBC affiliate WMAQ-TV reports. “Way worse than I thought it would be, and that’s no joke,” Erich “Mancow” Muller said. “I... More »

Outlook Grim for Calif. Fire as Winds Continue

(Newser) - Poor firefighting conditions today—following a windy night—have allowed the Santa Barbara, Calif., wildfire to grow, and it has now consumed 3,500 acres and 75 homes, KNBC-TV reports. The fire, which has forced 30,000 people to flee their homes, is just 10% contained. Winds today are expected... More »

Hero Dog Saves Owners From Mountain Lion

(Newser) - A hero mutt was seriously injured yesterday when he tackled a mountain lion charging his owners in a California park, reports KNBC-TV. "Out of nowhere a mountain lion just charged us. I noticed my dog notice him. He met him right there in the middle and saved my life,... More »

Obama No 'Superman' for Chicago's Olympic Bid

But rival Madrid wishes Bush were still here

(Newser) - Barack Obama may be the world's darling for the time being, but that doesn't mean his hometown of Chicago is a shoo-in to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, says Spain's sports minister. "He's not Superman," says Jaime Lissavetzky. "I don't think he will be the decider."... More »

Bush Street Gets Overnight 'Update' in SF

Pranksters in notoriously liberal city rename thoroughfare, if only temporarily

(Newser) - Partisan pranksters struck San Francisco overnight, covering four blocks of signs on the city’s Bush Street with “Obama Street” signs, NBC affiliate KNTV reports. The covers look professional, and chalk messages on the pavement encourage pedestrians to look up and notice the “change.” A rally is... More »

Series Delayed Another Day

Forecast of high winds, rain, and even snow in Philadelphia pushes conclusion to Wed.

(Newser) - A forecast of high winds, heavy rain, and even snow in Philadelphia tonight moved Major League Baseball to push the conclusion of Game 5 of the World Series until at least tomorrow, NBC10 reports. “While obviously we want to finish Game 5 as soon as possible, the forecast for... More »

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