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GOPs' Next Big Push: Abortion

The 'No Tax-Payer Funding for Abortion Act' gets HR3 stamp

(Newser) - House Republicans unveiled their next major legislative push yesterday: the No Tax-Payer Funding for Abortion Act, which, as its name implies, would ban federal funding of abortion. It would essentially make permanent the Hyde Amendment, which does the same thing but must be renewed each year. They introduced that legislation... More »

For Liberals, a Bracket of Evil

No hoops knowledge? No worries here

(Newser) - Feeling left out of the NCAA basketball bracket-mania because of hoops-knowledge deficiency? If politics is more your thing, activist cell-phone company Credo Mobile has you covered with its “ Bracket of Evil .” Features matchups include Dick Cheney vs. Fox News (in the media division), Sarah Palin vs. Michele Bachmann... More »

Stupak Ready to Vote Against Health Care Bill

Unless Senate's abortion language is changed, he's out

(Newser) - Bart Stupak, of “Stupak Amendment” fame, is ready to make a stink about abortion in the health care bill again. As the House moves to vote on the Senate’s version of the health care bill, Stupak says he can’t accept the abortion language in the bill. “... More »

White House Telling Me to Zip It: Stupak

Rep predicts Senate abortion language won't pass House

(Newser) - The White House would really rather Bart Stupak keep his opinions about the abortion funding “compromise” in the Senate health care bill to himself, but the staunch rep isn’t playing ball. “They think I shouldn’t be expressing my views on this bill until they get a... More »

Stupak Tried to Scuttle Deal on Abortion

Emails suggest he worked with GOP's McConnell against it

(Newser) - Bart Stupak is apparently unmoved by the compromise on abortion language included in the Senate bill, and the Democratic congressman seems willing to work with Republican leaders to make his case. One of his aides this morning sent urgent emails to Catholic bishops and various anti-abortion groups imploring them to... More »

To Anti-Abortion Pols, Berkeley Sends Hangers

Lefty Calif. city aims to remind of pre-Roe v. Wade times

(Newser) - The notably liberal outpost of Berkeley, Calif., today sent wire hangers—a reminder of pre-Roe v. Wade, back-alley times—to members of Congress who voted for an amendment that bans abortion for anyone receiving federally funded health insurance. The city council approved the measure last night, and some 20 House... More »

Stupak: Ignore Lies About My Amendment

Foes misrepresent it as sweeping anti-abortion measure

(Newser) - The Stupak amendment does nothing but maintain “current law” that prohibits federal financing of abortion, says someone who should know: Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak. The co-author of the House amendment complains of "misinformation" characterizing it as a draconian anti-abortion measure. “The amendment specifically states that even those... More »

Senate Abortion Amendment Set to Fail

But Ben Nelson says he won't vote for final bill if it does

(Newser) - Ben Nelson’s strict anti-abortion amendment appears set to fail, despite the support of nearly all 40 Senate Republicans. The amendment, which mirrors the language of Bart Stupak’s House amendment, banning insurance companies that offer abortion from receiving government funds, would need 60 votes to pass, and there’s... More »

'Pink-Ribbon Culture' a Disservice to Women

Questionable mammograms trump right to choose in new movement

(Newser) - When women raise a fury over questionable mammograms while letting the “anti-choice” Stupak amendment pass with nary a peep, you know something’s wrong with what passes for the “women’s health movement” these days, writes Barbara Ehrenreich. "All but the wealthiest women's right to choose" could... More »

Abortion Amendment Not a Big Deal, by the Numbers

Only 13% of abortions are billed to private insurers

(Newser) - The Stupak-Pitts amendment clamping down on abortion funding by insurers isn’t the game changer it's been made out to be: It would affect only a tiny minority of women. Though 50% of privately insured women have plans that include abortion coverage, many, perhaps most, don't use it because of... More »

Stupak Is the Last Straw—No More Caving!

Women should not 'take one for the team' on abortion coverage

(Newser) - Painting the Stupak-Pitts amendment as a necessary evil—a concession women should make for the “greater good” of health care reform—is ridiculous, Katha Pollitt writes. Women have been consistently sidelined by the “theocrats and male chauvinists” throwing their weight around in the Democratic Party. “Why don't... More »

Obama, Dems Catch Flak From MSNBC

Left-leaning networks not afraid to hammer prez for moving right

(Newser) - Forget Fox News, Barack Obama is catching just as much grief from MSNBC, as the network’s liberal hosts hammer Democrats for drifting right. Rachel Maddow, for example, spent most of last week lambasting House Democrats over the anti-abortion Stupak amendment, calling it an “electoral defeat,” and contemplating... More »

Abortion Activists Mobilize Against Stupak-Pitts

Aim is to kill bill in Senate, or back in House, at any cost

(Newser) - Abortion rights activists are organizing a massive grassroots effort and targeting lawmakers to ensure the hated Stupak-Pitts Amendment never reaches the president’s desk. The coalition of groups is first meeting with senators and organizing a phone drive and petition to keep the House language out of the Senate's bill.... More »

Dem Agenda Hijacked by Christian Conservatives

Shadowy 'Family' behind Stupak-Pitts abortion amendment

(Newser) - The US Council of Catholic Bishops is getting credit for the 11th-hour inclusion of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment in the House health bill last weekend, but the real force is the shadowy alliance of evangelicals and Democratic lawmakers called the Family, Jeff Sharlet writes on Salon. Though Stupak—a Dem and... More »

Time to Drop-Kick the Dems, Ladies

Is the party prepared to get reelected without women?

(Newser) - House Democrats got their health care package through, but not before selling women down the river (again) by "restricting access to abortion in unprecedented ways," complains Kate Harding in Salon . The latest betrayal is just more evidence that it's time for women to dump the Dems, "who... More »

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