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Dan Marino: I Was Confused, Didn't Mean to Sue NFL

Upon further review, Hall of Famer backs out of concussions lawsuit

(Newser) - The growing ranks of NFL veterans taking the league to court over concussions included a Hall of Fame quarterback, but only briefly. Dan Marino has withdrawn his name from a new lawsuit, reports the Sun-Sentinel . In a statement, the ex-Dolphins star blames it on legal confusion. "Within the last... More »

Too Little: NFL's $765M Concussion Deal Scrapped

She worries it's too little to cover 20K players

(Newser) - A federal judge today rejected a $765 million settlement between the NFL and players who suffered concussions, but maybe not for the reason one might think: US District Judge Anita Brody scrapped the deal on the grounds that the funds wouldn't be sufficient to cover nearly 20,000 players... More »

NFL Pushed ESPN to Drop Concussion Documentary

Goodell and company reportedly told network they weren't happy: sources

(Newser) - ESPN yesterday backed out of a documentary on NFL concussions that it's been working on with PBS' Frontline for more than a year, in a surprise, last-minute move. Today, the New York Times hints at an explanation: The NFL pressured the network into it. Commissioner Roger Goodell and other... More »

Now at NFL Camps: No Tackling

Football tries to protect stars with less-intense training

(Newser) - If you want to see some truly star-studded touch football games, maybe you should try watching NFL training camp. All 32 teams kick off their camps this week, and a lot of them are limiting or outright banning tackling, the New York Times reports. Just this week the Eagles joined... More »

Protective Parents Could Kill the NFL

How concussion awareness could hit football's talent pipeline

(Newser) - Will the Millennials be the generation that killed pro football? Morley Winograd and Michael Hais, who've written two books on Millennials, think so, because if any generation is going to be scared off by the reports of the long-term risks of the game, it's them. "Millennials are... More »

NFL Urges Judge to Toss Concussion Suits

Issue is a labor dispute, league argues

(Newser) - Thousands of former players suing the NFL over football-related brain injuries should have their lawsuits dismissed because the issue is a "labor dispute," the league argues. The NFL filed a motion yesterday to shut down the lawsuits, reports AP . Some 3,377 former players, including 26 Hall of... More »

Ex-Players Hit NFL With Vast Suit Over Concussions

They allege that the league lied to them about brain injuries

(Newser) - More than 2,000 former NFL players will file the largest sports lawsuit in history today, combining their various concussion-related complaints against the league. The suit claims that the "NFL exacerbated the health risk by promoting the game's violence" and "deliberately and fraudulently" hid the danger of... More »

Researchers Want a Look at Junior Seau's Brain

To look for signs of repeated head trauma

(Newser) - Did Junior Seau have football-related brain damage? The Boston University Center for Traumatic Encephalopathy wants to look at his brain to find out, Peter King reports on Twitter today. The Center has studied the brains of a number of deceased football players, and almost every time it's found evidence... More »

Teen Dies of Football Brain Injury

Ridge Barden collapses on field during NY game

(Newser) - A 16-year-old New York high school athlete collapsed during a football game with a head injury and died hours later from bleeding in the brain. Linesman Ridge Barden passed out after a "blunt-force trauma" collision during the third quarter of a game in Homer. "I don't think... More »

Lawsuit: NFL Hid Concussion Effects for 90 Years

75 ex-players suing the league

(Newser) - A group of 75 former NFL players is suing the league, claiming that it has been hiding the harmful effects of the concussions for nearly a century. “The NFL knew as early as the 1920s of the harmful effects on a player's brain of concussions,” the lawsuit... More »

NFL May Crack Down on Violent Hits

Player safety at fore after weekend of scary hits

(Newser) - Long a culture that rewarded hits that have come ever harder, the NFL is looking to crack down on players who deliver illegal or dangerous blows to fellow players. On the heels of several breathtaking instances this weekend, the AP reports that the league is considering suspensions or fines as... More »

NFL Finally Admits Concussions Cause Damage

League will now support head injury research it has dismissed

(Newser) - The NFL for the first time acknowledged that concussions have long-term effects yesterday, as it announced a plan to donate $1 million or more to head trauma research. “It’s quite obvious from the medical research that’s been done that concussions can lead to long-term problems,” a... More »

New NFL Concussion Rules Debut This Week

Amnesia, poor balance will keep players sidelined for the day

(Newser) - The NFL today introduced its new rules governing concussions, expected to result in fewer injured players returning to the field when their symptoms subside. Players can be cleared to go back in the game only by independent experts, and if a player exhibits certain symptoms—amnesia, balance issues, or an... More »

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