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SpaceX Seeks Space Flight Holy Grail

California company plans first-ever reusable rocket

(Newser) - Flying a capsule to the International Space Station was apparently just the beginning. The California company SpaceX is also refashioning its Dragon spacecraft to ferry astronauts, and planning to launch a huge new 23-story rocket from an Air Force base near Santa Barbara. Executives say they're even working... More »

Strangest Passengers in NASA History

From frogs to fish, the space shuttle has carried plenty of crazy critters

(Newser) - You can probably name the first American sent into space (Alan Shepard), but the first monkey, frog, and jellyfish made the trip with far less fanfare. Space Shuttle Atlantis took off yesterday with a few odd passengers: an iPhone and a mutant strain of salmonella. But they're not the... More »

Up to 1M Gather for Final Shuttle Launch

A 50-mile traffic jam is expected

(Newser) - Up to 1 million people are converging on Cape Canaveral to see the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis, surprising many with such a level of interest in the 30-year-old space program. A 50-mile traffic jam from the Kennedy Space Center to Orlando is expected today, despite the 70% chance... More »

Woman Tweets Endeavour Pic, Shoots to Fame

Stefanie Gordon captured launch from plane window

(Newser) - When Stefanie Gordon tweeted a picture she took from her airplane window, she never expected it to get her interview requests from just about every major news outlet and a retweet by NASA. But that’s exactly what happened—since Gordon happened to be on a flight to Palm Beach... More »

NASA Pushes Back Endeavour Again

Shuttle won't launch before May 16

(Newser) - Gabrielle Giffords is getting some extra recovery time before her husband's final space flight: NASA yesterday announced that the shuttle Endeavour would launch no sooner than May 16, reports NASA managers made the call after meeting to take stock of repairs to a broken power unit, which... More »

NASA Scraps Endeavour Launch Tomorrow

Unsure when next opportunity will come

(Newser) - NASA has scrapped tomorrow's tentative launch of space shuttle Endeavour, reports, saying that it needs more time to fix the broken auxiliary power unit that delayed the launch on Friday. "We're looking more toward the end of the week, maybe next weekend," says a... More »

NASA Postpones Shuttle Launch Over Technical Glitch

It's off for at least 48 hours

(Newser) - No Endeavour launch today—or probably this weekend either. NASA postponed the high-profile launch to investigate trouble with heaters in the shuttle's power system, reports MSNBC . No word yet on what that means for the day's most awaited spectator, Gabby Giffords. Husband Mark Kelly and crew were less... More »

Shuttle Blasts Off on Last Night Flight

Endeavour headed for construction work at space station

(Newser) - The shuttle Endeavour lifted off early this morning from Cape Canaveral in what will likely be the last nighttime launch of the soon-to-end space shuttle program. The six astronauts on board are hauling a new room and observation deck up to the International Space Station, where they are set to... More »

Discovery Delayed 2nd Time

(Newser) - NASA called off another launch attempt for the shuttle Discovery, scheduled for early tomorrow, due to a broken valve in the craft’s liquid propellant system, reports tonight. It’s the second time the mission has been postponed in less than 24 hours: Storms early this morning forced... More »

Discovery Set to Blast Off

Lightning could still delay launch

(Newser) - NASA has cleared the Space Shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven to launch tomorrow, as long as a slight chance of lightning doesn't delay fueling efforts, reports NASA won't fuel the spacecraft—preparing for a 13-day resupplying mission—if there is a 20% or greater chance of... More »

Weather Pushes Back Shuttle Launch Again

(Newser) - Lightning and thunderstorms in Florida today forced NASA to postpone the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour, reports, the fifth delay for the mission. Officials are now looking at approximately 6:25pm EDT tomorrow, though there’s a 60% chance of bad weather; the forecast looks better Wednesday,... More »

NASA Scrubs Shuttle Launch

Hydrogen gas leak forces Endeavour's launch to be called off a second time

(Newser) - A hydrogen gas leak has forced NASA to call off the launch of the space shuttle for the second time in less than a week, AP reports. The glitch, discovered just hours before blastoff, means Endeavour's mission to the International Space Station will now be delayed until July 11 because... More »

NASA Hopes for Wednesday Launch

Moon probes would be delayed to Friday

(Newser) - NASA is planning to delay the launch of two unmanned moon probes to give the space shuttle Endeavour another shot at takeoff, reports. The shuttle was grounded last week because of a hydrogen gas leak. Mission managers will make the final decision later today, but expect Endeavour to... More »

NASA Delays Shuttle Over Gas Leak

(Newser) - NASA officials canceled today's Space Shuttle Endeavour launch after workers discovered a hydrogen gas leak during fueling, reports. If the failure is fixed soon, the seven-member crew could lift off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., as early as tomorrow morning, when near-perfect weather is expected. Discovery's STS-119 launch was... More »

Discovery Launch Postponed

Fuel valve concerns cause further delays to mission

(Newser) - The Space Shuttle Discovery’s mission to deliver the final piece of a solar power array to the International Space Station was delayed again today, only hours before scheduled launch, CNN reports. The mission had already been postponed a month so technicians could determine whether three valves that control fuel... More »

Shuttle Blastoff Smashed Launch Pad

Force of liftoff scattered tons of concrete debris

(Newser) - The Discovery shuttle caused severe damage to the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center when it blasted off Saturday, the Houston Chronicle reports. The force of the blast shattered a large section of one the trenches designed to direct shuttle exhaust away from the pad, scattering tons of concrete debris... More »

Endeavour Blasts Into Space

Shuttle will dock with space station tomorrow

(Newser) - The shuttle Endeavour thundered off its launch pad early this morning, carrying seven astronauts and two major pieces of hardware to the International Space Station. On board is a $1 billion science module that contains research gear for the station's lab, the first Japanese contribution to the orbital base, reports... More »

Shuttle Atlantis Lifts Off

Weather doesn't delay mission to international space station after all

(Newser) - After bad weather prompted worries of a further delay, US space shuttle Atlantis successfully blasted into space today, the AP reports. NASA had feared the same cold front that ravaged the South with tornadoes would push the launch to tomorrow, or later. Aboard, with seven astronauts, is the European Space... More »

Weather May Postpone Atlantis Launch

Blast-off tomorrow has 70% chance of being rained out: NASA

(Newser) - Conditions don’t look great for tomorrow’s launch of the space shuttle Atlantis, reports. The scheduled 2:45 pm ET launch has a 70% chance of being rained out as the southern US continues to feel the cold front that loosed several deadly tornadoes yesterday. If a... More »

NASA Delays Launch of Atlantis Again

Faulty sensors push back date, possibly to next month

(Newser) - NASA has again pushed back the launch of the shuttle Atlantis as it wrestles with faulty fuel sensors, reports. The shuttle will go up Jan. 24 at the earliest, with a more likely launch either Feb. 2 or 7. Atlantis is due to begin an 11-day mission to... More »

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