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Mississippi Town Declares War on Baggy Pants

50 signs ordered by Laurel police department to combat saggy trousers

(Newser) - Take heed, young people of Laurel, Miss. Law enforcement is ready to fight the scourge in your town: saggy pants. The police department is set to adorn the town with 50 signs that read, "Pull up your pants. No one wants to see your underwear," with a pic... More »

Alabama Town Goes After Girls' Short Shorts for Equality's Sake

Town proposes banning short shorts, mini skirts, and saggy pants

(Newser) - "I prayed about this; I know that God would not go around with pants down.” That's the reasoning Dadeville City Council member Jimmy Frank Goodman gave when proposing an ordinance banning sagging pants last month, the Alexander City Outlook reports. Now the Alabama town of a few... More »

Man Tries to Enter Plea, Gets Jailed for Saggy Pants

Judge tells LaMarcus D. Ramsey to buy a belt when he gets out

(Newser) - LaMarcus D. Ramsey had to appear in Alabama court yesterday to enter a plea on a charge of receiving stolen property—and was found guilty of something else entirely. Authorities say Ramsey has been given a three-day jail sentence for contempt of court for wearing so-called saggy pants. Circuit Judge... More »

Saggy Pants Ban a Profitable Move for Georgia Town

Waistlines are down, cash is up

(Newser) - In Albany, Georgia, saggy pants are a sartorial faux pas—and quite the little moneymaker. On Nov. 23 of last year, the city instituted a ban on anyone wearing pants (or skirts!) more than three inches below the hips. Since then, 187 citations have been issued, raking in $3,... More »

Airline OKs Flier in Women's Underwear

But saggy pants aren't allowed on US Airways flight

(Newser) - It's getting tough to figure out airline dress codes. One thing's clear, though: The tightest, tiniest "pants" apparently will fly. Days before a college football player was bounced—and busted —for wearing saggy pants, an older male passenger tarted out in women's bikini briefs and... More »

Jet Passenger Booted Over Baggy Pants

College football player refused to hike 'em up, says US Airways

(Newser) - Today's installment in people being booted off pubic transportation, this one involving saggy pants and the classic line, "My pants are up, sir." A 20-year-old University of New Mexico football player got thrown off a US Airways flight because the airline says he refused to pull up... More »

Football Player Arrested Over Droopy Pants

He's kicked off US Airways flight, charged with trespassing

(Newser) - A University of New Mexico football player was kicked off a plane and ultimately arrested yesterday because airline employees didn’t like how low his pants were hanging. Police got a call at 9am complaining that someone was exposing themselves outside a US Airways gate, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.... More »

Florida Cracks Down on Bestiality, Saggy Pants

Bills go to governor's desk

(Newser) - Two bills of note have been sent by Florida lawmakers to the desk of Governor Rick Scott: One makes kids who wear droopy pants at school subject to suspension, and the other makes bestiality a misdemeanor. The latter is the work of a state legislator upset about publicized cases of... More »

Pants on the Ground? School 'Urkels' Kid Offenders

Zip-ties prove effective against hip-hop style

(Newser) - Droopy drawers used to be a problem for Memphis middle school principal Bobby White, but he's solved it with a little help from an old pop-culture icon: Steve Urkel, the perennial nerd. Kids roaming the halls with no belt or excessively saggy pants now get "Urkeled"—school staffers... More »

Man Shoots Teen Over Saggy Pants

Kenneth Bonds really, really wanted those pants pulled up

(Newser) - Sure, saggy pants are irritating … but irritating enough to shoot someone over? A 45-year-old Memphis man admits he did just that. Kenneth Bonds apparently yelled at two teens who were on their way to a candy store, telling them to pull up their pants. When they didn’t, Bonds... More »

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