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Google Is a Dangerous Place for Addicts Seeking Help

There's no shortage of scammers looking to take advantage of people at their lowest

(Newser) - The internet can be a dangerous place for people seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction. And that's bad news for many Americans, as a Google study found 61% of people who enter rehab used the internet to find treatment. Search a phrase like "rehabs near me" on... More »

'Excellent' News for Steve Scalise

He was discharged from hospital Tuesday

(Newser) - Steve Scalise is out of the hospital. The House majority whip, who was injured in last month's shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice in Virginia, was discharged Tuesday, Politico reports. The Louisiana Republican will now start "intensive inpatient rehabilitation," his doctors announced Wednesday. A statement from... More »

John Hinckley Is Back Home With Mom—but Is He 'Better'?

Lisa Miller's take for Daily Intelligencer shows why that's a tough question to answer

(Newser) - The man who tried to kill Ronald Reagan to impress actress Jodie Foster was released from a mental facility in September after nearly 35 years, and now that he's home (under rigid limitations) with his nonagenarian mom in Williamsburg, Va., 61-year-old John Hinckley Jr. is trying to rebuild his... More »

Course Teaches Men to Avoid Sex-Trade Trap

Innovative program in Washington state aims to break stereotypes, the patriarchy

(Newser) - Ask a guy why he commissions a prostitute and he may come up with a variety of answers, or even a shrug and an "I'm not sure." But in King County, Wash., men who’ve been busted trying to pay for sex—many with girls they believed... More »

Rob Ford: Rehab Is Great, Like Redskins Camp

Location of said rehab remains mysterious

(Newser) - Alleged border incidents aside, Rob Ford is in rehab somewhere, and it is awesome. That's the gist of the interview Ford gave the Toronto Sun today. "I feel great. Rehab is amazing," the Toronto mayor said. "It reminds me of football camp. Kind of like the... More »

Reagan Shooter to Spend Most of His Time on Outside

John Hinckley granted 17 days per month at mother's home

(Newser) - It's quite the step up from the series of 10-day excursions he was once allowed to make outside the mental hospital he's called home since shooting Ronald Reagan in 1981. John Hinckley will now be allowed to stay with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia, for 17 days per... More »

How a Model Prison Became America's Scariest

USP Lewisberg: from rehabilitation to hardcore 'attitude adjustment'

(Newser) - A prison that once encouraged upbeat activities among inmates is now home to the nation's nastiest criminals and severe prison tactics—a transformation that may say a lot about our prison system in general. An academic article , summarized by Justin Peters at Slate , recounts how the USP Lewisberg facility... More »

Sao Paulo to Forcibly Commit Crack Addicts

Brazilian state adopts new strategy amid soaring demand

(Newser) - Officials in Brazil's most populous state say they will start forcing adult crack addicts to go to rehabilitation centers in an effort to curb growing use of the drug. The Sao Paulo state plan was announced yesterday and is scheduled to begin in 10 days. Addicts who refuse treatment... More »

Gabby Giffords Leaves Hospital

She will now begin outpatient rehab

(Newser) - Another big milestone for Gabby Giffords: She has been discharged from the hospital and will now begin outpatient rehab, reports the Arizona Daily Star . "The congresswoman is elated," says her spokesman. "This is a major step in her recovery and she’s feeling very good about it.... More »

Giffords Making 'Tremendous' Progress

Doctors say she's been told about the shooting

(Newser) - Gabrielle Giffords is making a "tremendous amount of progress" in her recovery and can now speak full sentences, her doctors say. Giffords is walking, though not without assistance, and can say sentences such as "I'm tired and I want to go to bed." Also, her "upbeat"... More »

PETA to LiLo: We'll Pay for Rehab If...

...she becomes a vegan. Or $20K of rehab, at least

(Newser) - If Lindsay Lohan really wants her stint in rehab to be sponsored , all she has to do is give up her addiction ... to meat and cheese. Headline-grabbing PETA has reached out to the star, offering to pitch in $10,000 if she goes vegan for the rest of her stay—... More »

Woman Banned From Every UK Bar

Laura Wilson, 20, gets a 2-year timeout from booze

(Newser) - A 20-year-old woman is the first person ever banned from buying or drinking alcohol anywhere in England or Wales. The police issued Laura Hall a Drinking Banning Order, which prohibits her from entering bars, pubs, clubs, or other establishments that sell alcohol. If she does, she risks a $3,800... More »

Yoga Levitates Indians Out of Jail Early

Inmates offered chance to cut time with yoga courses

(Newser) - Inmates in central India are being offered a chance to get out of jail early via the lotus position. Prison officials in Madhra Pradesh have introduced yoga courses and are offering prisoners 36 days off their sentence for every 3-month yoga course they complete. Authorities hope the exercise and meditation... More »

Yes, Your Kid Can Have a Stroke

Jonathan Dienst recalls the toll of an injury he thought impossible

(Newser) - Jonathan Dienst didn’t believe his 7-year-old could have a stroke, but more than a year of rehabilitation and expert opinion has certainly changed his mind. Son Jared was struck with a still-mysterious blood clot in the brain in June 2008, and he went undiagnosed for hours. Though Deinst writes... More »

US Eyes Saudi Rehab for Yemeni Detainees

But Saudi Arabia not jumping at the chance to take in Guantanamo detainees

(Newser) - When a Saudi Arabian returns home from Guantanamo Bay, a top Saudi prince personally informs their families—then asks them to sign guarantees that he will not return to terrorism. It’s part of Saudi Arabia’s highly effective extremist rehabilitation program, which has so far graduated 108 detainees. Now,... More »

Ankle Monitors Get a Grip on Drunk Drivers

New technology lets cash-strapped PDs free up jail space

(Newser) - In the fight against drunk driving, cash-strapped municipalities are embracing cheaper penalties than the traditional—and expensive—jailhouse, and the ankle monitor has a high-tech addition: an alcohol sensor. Repeat offenders can skip probation and even rehab if they submit to sweat-analyzing remote surveillance. “We are at a point... More »

'Healing Power of Death Metal' Buoys Wounded Vets

(Newser) - A new program is putting some smiles on the many pained faces at Walter Reed Army Medical Center—and perhaps even helping wounded veterans recover, Slate reports. The seed for Musicorps came when musician/producer/tinkerer Arthur Bloom was asked to help an amputee there play drums again. Now, the program teaches... More »

Abdul Reveals Painkiller Addiction

American Idol judge turned to meds after dancing injuries

(Newser) - Paula Abdul tells the Ladies' Home Journal she was addicted to heavy-duty painkillers for 12 years until she kicked the habit last November. Abdul insists, however, that she never shot an American Idol episode while under the influence. The 46-year-old turned to prescription meds—which made her act "weird"... More »

Armstrong Injury Puts Tour in Doubt

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong’s collar bone, broken in a Spanish race, puts his appearance at the Tour de France in jeopardy, but the cyclist is taking a wait-and-see approach, the AP reports. “We'll go from there,” he said of his recovery in the US. “I think for the... More »

Here's Betting New Tiger Is Best Version Yet

(Newser) - Tiger Woods returns to golf this week, and he’s sure to amaze—that’s just what he does, Michael Rosenberg writes for Fox Sports. “The most compelling athlete of his generation” has made over his game three times already, and after injury and 8 months off, a new... More »

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