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Obama Campaign: GOP Using 'Swift Boat' Tactics

New attack is a smear campaign, Obama team says

(Newser) - We've arrived at this election's "Swift Boat" moment, at least according to President Obama's re-election campaign. A group of former US intelligence and Special Forces operatives launched a harsh media campaign against Obama yesterday, claiming Obama should not take credit for killing Osama bin Laden and... More »

Now Obama Ad Gets in on 'Taxless Mitt' Narrative

Plus, ad discusses Romney role in huge tax avoidance scheme

(Newser) - Did Mitt Romney pay no taxes for 10 years, as Harry Reid has been alleging ? Well, the Obama campaign doesn't know, but it certainly implies that's a possibility in its latest ad. "Did Romney pay 10% in taxes? Five percent? Zero? We don't know,"... More »

Obama Rings Hollywood's Cash Register for $2.3M

President attends Conn. fundraiser with Anne Hathaway, Aaron Sorkin

(Newser) - President Obama was again feted by Hollywood VIPs last night, from Jerry Springer to Anne Hathaway, but this time Hollywood came to his coast for a Connecticut fundraiser. Harvey Weinstein hosted the fundraiser at his home, and the 60 attendees—who paid $38,500 each—also included Aaron Sorkin, Joanne... More »

Campaigns Basically Spamming Donors

Deluge of campaign emails comes off as 'panicked'

(Newser) - It might be time to relegate Barack and Mitt to your spam folder. Both 2012 presidential campaigns have latched on to email and social media as successful ways to garner donations, but the frequency of such messages may be getting on some supporters' nerves, reports the Washington Post . The Obama... More »

Obama Sets Campaign Spending Record

And that may not be a good thing

(Newser) - The Obama campaign shelled out around $400 million between the beginning of 2011 and June 30 of this year, more than any incumbent in recent history has spent in such a short span, shows a New York Times analysis of Federal Election Commission records. In June alone, Obama spent a... More »

Obama. Slogan. Infuriating. Grammar. Dorks.

Is that period effective—or even correct?

(Newser) - President Obama's re-election campaign slogan isn't just "Forward"—it's "Forward." And that little period is causing quite a bit of controversy, the Wall Street Journal reports. First of all, there's the question of whether the period takes away from the slogan's... More »

Election 2012's Projected Tab: $5.8B

Record amount expected to be spent on presidential, congressional races

(Newser) - The USA's continuing economic struggles certainly haven't had a negative impact on campaign spending—which could hit nearly $6 billion this year. A non-partisan group estimates that the total spent on presidential and congressional races will hit $5.8 billion, a record number that would top 2008's... More »

Morgan Freeman Gives Obama Huge Campaign Boost

Donates $1M to pro-Obama super PAC

(Newser) - Priorities USA Action, the super PAC supporting President Obama, has been struggling, raising just $6 million last month —and one-sixth of that came from a single source: Actor Morgan Freeman is putting his money where his mouth is, Politico reports, donating a cool million bucks to the super PAC.... More »

Miami School Board Members: Ax Michelle Event

Michelle Obama's campaign event inappropriate, they argue

(Newser) - A couple of Republicans on the Miami-Dade School Board are not happy with Michelle Obama's plan to hold a campaign event at one of their high schools tonight. The first lady plans to push voter registration and enlist residents to volunteer for President Obama's re-election campaign—and two... More »

Dem' Latest Campaign Lure: Coffee With Joe Biden

$3 donation earns a chance for trip

(Newser) - Three dollars is about what your average Starbucks latte costs, but in the Obama re-election campaign, that same $3 might just get you a cup of coffee with Joe Biden—not to mention airfare and a hotel room for the trip, reports USA Today . Called, unsurprisingly, "A Cup of... More »

White House Would Like Your Wedding Gifts

Campaign unveils 'Obama Event Registry'

(Newser) - "I now pronounce you, husband and White House?" In a fundraising move already getting tweaked from the right , the Obama re-election team has unveiled the "Obama event registry." Instead of asking friends and family to buy gifts for the newlyweds (or birthday boy, or whomever), you can... More »

Aretha Spends $2K Per Minute to Be Near Obama

Leaves Sarah Jessica Parker-hosted fundraiser after 20 minutes

(Newser) - Aretha Franklin paid the $40,000 ticket price to attend Sarah Jessica Parker's Obama fundraiser last night, but left after just 20 minutes. That means she spent $2,000 per minute to be there, TMZ helpfully calculates. Apparently it was worth it, because she described the food ("chicken... More »

Obama, DNC Raised $53M in March, But...

...April's number is the one to watch: Politico

(Newser) - Between them, President Obama's 2012 campaign and the Democratic National Committee raised $53 million last month, Obama's team announced today. That's up from February's $45 million and January's $29.1 million, Politico reports; the last time around, in March 2008, Obama's campaign raised $42.... More »

Obama's Big-Money Donations Lagging

$2K gifts number less than half of what they did at this point in 2008

(Newser) - The Obama re-election campaign is out-earning the Republicans, and has collected donations from more than 1.4 million people. But one area where President Obama is badly lagging is with big-money donations—an issue that political observers say could presage problems to come, reports the Washington Post . At this point... More »

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