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Michael Dukakis Wants Your Turkey Bones

He's got a soup recipe to share

(Newser) - Michael Dukakis would have been one of America's thriftiest presidents, judging by what he does with Thanksgiving turkeys: He saves all the carcasses he can get to make soup with, and this year, he's probably going to have more than usual. The former Massachusetts governor tells the Boston ... More »

Deval Patrick Picks Ex-Aide to Replace Kerry

William 'Mo' Cowan gets the call over Barney Frank

(Newser) - Sorry, Barney Frank. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick will name his former chief-of-staff, William "Mo" Cowan, as John Kerry's interim replacement in the Senate, passing over the more famous retired congressman, a source tells the AP . The pick is expected to be announced later today. Cowan will hold the... More »

Here's How It Feels to Lose the Presidential Election

The 'Daily Beast' talks to three men who know firsthand

(Newser) - You campaign for months—years, even—only to lose it all on Election Day. That can't feel great, right? The Daily Beast found out exactly how bad it feels by talking to Walter Mondale (who lost to Ronald Reagan in 1984), Michael Dukakis (who lost to George HW Bush... More »

Gingrich Threatens to Sue Over Attack Ad

Campaign warns TV stations not to air super PAC spot

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich's campaign is threatening to sue Michigan TV stations that air a negative ad accusing him of supporting China's "one-child" policy, reports Politico . The mud in this case is being flung by the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future, and it alleges that 1989 legislation sponsored... More »

Dukakis Is Gracious on Senate Snub

But allies say he was passed over due to Kennedy pressure

(Newser) - For a while it looked as if Michael Dukakis would be headed to the Senate to fill Ted Kennedy's seat, but the former Massachusetts governor says he's fine with being passed over. "Hey, after you've run for the presidency of the United States..." the 1988 candidate told the... More »

Hey, Kennedys! 'Enough With the Entitlement'

Dukakis would have been a better choice for Mass. and Patrick

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy’s seat “is not a Kennedy seat anymore.” His wife could have run. Or his nephew Joe. They chose not to. So why did Massachusetts' governor bow to the wishes of a now-defunct dynasty when choosing a replacement for the late senator? “Enough, finally, with... More »

Mass. Senate Clears Way for Kennedy Successor

(Newser) - Gov. Deval Patrick should be able to name a Democratic replacement for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat before the end of the week, the Boston Globe reports. Legislation giving hm the authority to do so cleared the state Senate today, a week after the House passed it. The measure still needs... More »

Wilson's Outburst May Put Dukakis in Kennedy's Seat

Anger at lawmaker's 'you lie!' could prompt change in Mass. law

(Newser) - Anger at Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” attack may have provided the spark Massachusetts’ Democratic lawmakers needed to honor Ted Kennedy’s wish: that the state’s governor be given the power to appoint a temporary replacement for Kennedy, writes Dan Payne for the Daily Beast. The top... More »

McCain Resorts to Atwater's Bag of Dirty Tricks

They're trying to turn Obama into Willie Horton, Dowd writes

(Newser) - Before Karl Rove, Maureen Dowd reminds us, it was Lee Atwater who masterminded the Republican smear campaign, and his demolition of Michael Dukakis was his greatest, dirtiest success. Atwater painted the 1988 candidate as a weak Harvard-educated elitist with a weird last name, a man who supported "the Scary... More »

McCain Plays Horton-Like Race Card: Dukakis

Dem compares new ads to Bush spots that helped sink his 1988 bid

(Newser) - Michael Dukakis says John McCain is using the same race-based tactics that sunk the Massachusetts Democrat’s 1988 presidential campaign, PolitickerMA reports. Dukakis cites an ad that criticizes Barack Obama’s supposed economic advisor, disgraced Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines, who’s also black. Dukakis called the spot “essentially”... More »

GOP Playbook: Find Foe's Strength and Attack It

(Newser) - Republican strategists are as adept as judo masters at turning opponents' strengths against them, Michael Kinsley writes in the Washington Post. With "genius, courage, creativity and utter ruthlessness," they managed to turn John Kerry's Vietnam service into a liability and Michael Dukakis' humble roots into elitism. Now, even... More »

Foes Tag Obama With L-Word

Critics say new-style candidate is an old-style liberal

(Newser) - Barack Obama's campaign says the candidate is beyond labels but the senator's critics think they've found one that fits: liberal. The McCain campaign has branded the candidate an "old-style liberal," while the Clintonites say Obama's positions could alienate moderates—and wonder how the candidate National Journal rated as... More »

Dukakis to Dems: Make 'Chemistry'

Wants local 'captains' to create a personal bond over next candidate

(Newser) - Michael Dukakis compares today’s political climate to the time of his own downfall in 1988, when George Bush Sr. overcame a 17-point deficit and whipped him 426-to-112 in the electoral college. Refusing to feel comfortable with the Dems’ advantage, Dukakis told the New York Observer that "We have... More »

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