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Latest Today Wrinkle: Savannah Towers Over Matt

NBC wants her to wear shorter heels, source claims

(Newser) - After much drama, Savannah Guthrie replaced Ann Curry as co-host of NBC's Today—but it may not all be smooth sailing yet. "Guthrie's height has become an issue," a source tells the New York Post . She's 5'10", but that shoots up to more than...

Here's Why Ann Curry Really Got the Boot

Matt Lauer was '100%' behind it, says source

(Newser) - If you thought things seemed a little, well, cold between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on her final Today show appearance, there's good reason for that, a source tells Us Weekly : "Matt Lauer is 100% behind Ann leaving," the insider claims. There's not much in the...

Savannah Guthrie Takes Ann Curry&#39;s Seat on Today
Yep, Savannah Guthrie
Will Replace Ann Curry

Yep, Savannah Guthrie Will Replace Ann Curry

NBC to make 'Today' shuffle official: Hollywood Reporter

(Newser) - Savannah Guthrie sat in Ann Curry's former chair this morning as co-host of Today, and it looks like the seat will become hers permanently. In a not-so-surprising development, NBC will officially announce later today that Guthrie will be Matt Lauer's full-time co-host, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Her...

Ann Curry's Send-Off Hits 'Wrong Note'

'Today' co-host gets less than 5 minutes to say goodbye

(Newser) - There was no fancy farewell montage or goodbye song performance : just Ann Curry, on the Today couch alongside Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales, bidding adieu to the viewers she loves. "This is not easy to say, but today is going to be my last morning as a...

Ann Curry's Today Goodbye: Today's the Day

Co-host announces exit in 'USA Today' interview

(Newser) - It's official: Ann Curry is saying goodbye to Today viewers this morning, she told USA Today in an emotional interview yesterday. It's "going to be a bit of a tough day," Curry says, but she is excited about her new role within NBC: She will lead...

Matt Lauer Joins Twitter, With Questionable Strategy

So far, he's only tweeted about one thing: Justin Bieber

(Newser) - We assume that, at some point, Matt Lauer plans to tweet about something, anything, other than Justin Bieber. But since launching his Twitter account this morning, the Biebs has been Lauer's sole topic of conversation. "Twitter Newbie Matt Lauer Already Has the Whole Thing Figured Out," declares...

Palin Reads Papers, Scrawls Notes on Hand on Today

Former governor happy to poke fun at herself

(Newser) - Sarah Palin kicked off her Today stint this morning by reading a newspaper on screen, as co-host Matt Lauer joked, "Oh, man, she's doing her homework!" Lauer had already teased Palin about that issue—a reference to her 2008 interview with Katie Couric in which she couldn'...

Matt Lauer Dig to Palin: Are You Reading Papers Now ?
 Palin, Couric Ready to Rumble 

Palin, Couric Ready to Rumble

'Game on,' vows Today co-host

(Newser) - Katie Couric and Sarah Palin again go mano a mano this morning in a manufactured media war, and Palin's looking to win this round in her debut as co-host of the Today show . With Couric guest-hosting the competition over at Good Morning America, Matt Lauer razzed Palin yesterday by...

Sheen: Uh, Sorry About All That &#39;Winning&#39; Crap

 Sheen: Uh, Sorry 
 About All That 
 'Winning' Crap 
'today' interview

Sheen: Uh, Sorry About All That 'Winning' Crap

He promotes 'Anger Management' on 'Today'

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen himself is the first to admit that some of his actions during that "winning" meltdown phase of his life were "a little cringeable." On Today this morning, he told Matt Lauer that when he watched footage from that time, "I didn't recognize parts...

Lindsay Lohan: Where I&#39;ll Be in 5 Years
Lindsay Lohan: Where I'll Be
in 5 Years
'today' interview

Lindsay Lohan: Where I'll Be in 5 Years

'Hopefully I'll have just come from the Oscars,' she tells Matt Lauer

(Newser) - Apparently both Lindsay Lohan's hair color and her Today interview answers come out of a can. LiLo's full sit-down with Matt Lauer aired this morning, and her comeback attempt swings into full gear this weekend when she hosts Saturday Night Live. Vulture notes that Lauer "went easy"...

Emotional Meredith Vieira: I've Decided to Leave Today

As rumored, Ann Curry will replace her

(Newser) - Meredith Vieira today confirmed the rumor that's been going around for a while : She is leaving Today in June. As expected, Ann Curry will replace her as Matt Lauer's co-host. An emotional Vieira said she is "sad" to leave but looking forward to spending more time with...

Katie Couric and Matt Lauer Could Reunite on New Daytime Talk Show, Sources Say
 Couric, Lauer: Together Again?  
plus: regis!

Couric, Lauer: Together Again?

Rumors flying about a 'Today' reunion

(Newser) - You knew this was coming : Katie Couric and Matt Lauer are talking about teaming up again, a source tells the Wall Street Journal . The former Today co-hosts are considering a new daytime talk show, though talks may or may not progress. Couric's CBS Evening News contract expires in early June...

Matt Lauer May Be Leaving Today Show

News follows report that Meredith Vieira is going, too

(Newser) - The morning show intrigue continues: On the heels of a report that Meredith Vieira will be leaving the Today show comes another that says co-host Matt Lauer is on his way out, too. An anonymous insider tells Entertainment Tonight that Lauer won't renew his contract in December, and ET raises...

Kanye Blasts Taylor Swift
 Kanye Blasts Taylor Swift 

Kanye Blasts Taylor Swift

She never stuck up for me, rapper complains

(Newser) - It's been more than a year since Kanye West's drunken stage invasion during Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech—and it looks like he still hasn't forgiven her. "Taylor never came to my defense in any interview," the rapper complained in a rambling rant at a New York show....

Kanye Dumps 'Today' Show Over Lauer Feud

Singer won't perform day after Thanksgiving for 'obvious reasons'

(Newser) - Kanye West and George Bush may be singing Kumbaya, but the artist still isn't feeling any love for Matt Lauer: West announced on Twitter that he'd canceled a high-profile appearance on the Today show "for obvious reasons" following his disastrous, "very brutal" interview with Lauer. West had been...

Note to Presidents: Words Matter
 Note to  
 Words Matter 
howard kurtz

Note to Presidents: Words Matter

Obama, Bush must recognize that demeanor isn't trivial

(Newser) - In office, George W. Bush seemed laid back no matter what, while Barack Obama “has not been a happy warrior.” Both men have been true to form in major interviews over the past week, writes Howard Kurtz in the Daily Beast . Obama acknowledged discouragement—a fair point, but...

Kanye: Lauer Used Me

 Kanye West: 
 Matt Lauer 
 Used Me 


Kanye West: Matt Lauer Used Me

Rapper rants on Twitter; feels 'alone,' 'used'

(Newser) - First Kanye West called George Bush a racist. Then Bush called the moment “disgusting.” Then Kanye accepted the blame. The latest in the Bush/Kanye mess, brought to you by Matt Lauer and Twitter:
  • Kanye West told Lauer he understood Bush’s feelings.
  • Then the rapper went on a

Bush Opens Up About Regrets in Lauer Interview

'Mission Accomplished,' Katrina flyover were missteps, Bush says

(Newser) - George W. Bush opened up about his legacy and some of his regrets in his first one-on-one TV interview since leaving the White House. Bush, speaking to NBC 's Matt Lauer, defended his decision to invade Iraq but admitted that declaring combat operations over in front of a "Mission...

Bush Recalls Boozy Hijinks
 Bush Recalls 
 Boozy Hijinks 
matt lauer interview

Bush Recalls Boozy Hijinks

Saucy Dubya got himself into some drunken pickles

(Newser) - Before George W. Bush gave up alcohol, he enjoyed “a beer or two, or a martini, before dinner, bourbons, B&Bs”—and, combined with his “wise-ass” personality, it occasionally got him into some awkward social situations. In an interview with Matt Lauer airing Monday, Bush recalls a...

Bush: Worst Moment as President Involved ... Kanye

Bush 'didn't appreciate' being called 'racist' by rapper

(Newser) - The lowest moment of George W. Bush’s presidency may not be the one you’d guess: It was when rapper Kanye West said, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, that Bush “doesn’t care about black people.” When he heard the comment—which he interprets as West...

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