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Balloon Ride Turned Deadly Just Seconds From Landing

Disaster believed to be deadliest balloon crash in history

(Newser) - Egyptian authorities have ordered all hot-air balloons grounded while the crash that killed 19 tourists in Luxor yesterday is investigated. The ban came as more details emerged about the crash that is believed to be the deadliest in ballooning history, the BBC reports. Witnesses say the balloon was seconds from... More »

19 Tourists Killed After Balloon Plunges 1K Feet

Tourists from Britain, France, Hong Kong killed in Egypt crash

(Newser) - A hot air balloon flying over Egypt's ancient city of Luxor caught fire and crashed into a sugar cane field early today, killing at least 19 foreign tourists, a security official says. The casualties included French, British, and Japanese nationals, as well as nine tourists from Hong Kong. Three... More »

Wedding Party Survives Balloon Crash

It crash-landed moments after vows

(Newser) - A couple in San Diego almost had one of the shortest weddings on record after taking their vows in a hot air balloon that crash-landed soon afterward. The balloon, with the couple and 11 others on board, missed its landing spot and almost clipped a power line before the basket... More »

Hot Air Balloon Crash Kills 11

Disaster strikes in New Zealand

(Newser) - A hot air balloon crashed and killed all 11 people aboard near a rural New Zealand town about 90 miles north of the capital of Wellington, officials said. Witnesses told local media of seeing 30-foot-high flames rising from the balloon's basket before it plummeted to the ground. Police don'... More »

Missing US Balloonists Found Dead

Fishing boat finds remains in Adriatic Sea

(Newser) - An Italian fishing boat has found the remains of two American balloonists who vanished during a cross-Europe race two months ago. Veteran balloonists Richard Abruzzo, 47, and Carol Rymer Davis, 65, were still inside the balloon's gondola when it was hauled out of the Adriatic Sea, AP reports. Contact with... More »

Thanks for the Ride, Falcon

(Newser) - Just about everyone seems to hate Richard Heene, but the emotion just proves how powerfully the balloon boy hoax gripped our collective imagination. “Had Richard called 911 and reported that he’d last seen his son near a Greyhound bus station, almost nobody would have cared,” writes Brandon... More »

Balloon Boy Family Plans 'Big Announcement'

Heenes have tried twice to get a reality show going

(Newser) - With skeptics in full throat, the balloon boy family promised a "big announcement" today. "I'd like to speak to everybody about a few things," dad Richard Heene said this morning. He scheduled a 1pm news conference, then postponed it til later in the day after soliciting reporters'... More »

Balloon Boy Throws Up on Today, GMA, as Dad Denies Hoax

Falcon Heene vomits twice on-air during morning show rounds

(Newser) - The Heene family made the morning show rounds today, denying that the “Balloon Boy” saga and search for assumed-missing son Falcon was a publicity stunt. “I went through such a rollercoaster of emotions yesterday, to have people say that, I think is extremely pathetic,” dad Richard told... More »

Missing Boy Is Fine: He Was Hiding in Garage

6-year-old set off frantic search after hot-air balloon took off

(Newser) - A 6-year-old Colorado boy thought to have floated off in a helium balloon has been found safe at his home—hiding in a cardboard box in the garage attic. Sheriff Jim Alderman turned to reporters during a news conference and gave a thumbs up. "He's at the house."... More »

Search On for Balloon's Missing Box

No sign of boy; adventurous family was on Wife Swap

(Newser) - A troubling twist in the search for 6-year-old Falcon Heene, thought to have floated away in his father's homemade balloon near Denver: He may have crawled into a box attached to the bottom of the balloon before it accidentally lifted off from his family's back yard. That box wasn't attached... More »

Errant Balloon Lands, But Boy Missing

(Newser) - A 6-year-old boy is missing after he supposedly floated away in his father's homemade balloon over the skies of Denver. The craft came down about 3:30pm, after two hours in the air, but the youngster wasn't inside. His fate remains unclear, and it's possible that he fell out during... More »

Where to Find Real America

(Newser) - Travel writer Gary McKechnie helps USA Today round up some of the best places to get a taste of old-fashioned Americana:
  • Little League World Series, Williamsport, Pa.: The end-of-August tradition is free.
  • Mark Twain America, Hannibal, Mo.: Be like Tom Sawyer and go on a guided cave tour.
  • All-American Soap
... More »

Records Float Away for Hapless Skydiver

Balloon sails without him as Fournier muffs third shot at parachuting from outer space

(Newser) - The third time was not a charm for a retired French army officer-turned-daredevil who  hoped yesterday to parachute to earth from the edge of outer space. Michel Fournier's latest attempt to ride a balloon 25 miles up before his death-defying, 15-minute leap—a feat which would have smashed several records—... More »

Party-Balloon Aeronaut Priest Missing in Brazil

Priest raising money for his parish drifts out to sea

(Newser) - Rescuers in boats and helicopters are searching off the coast of Brazil for a priest who vanished while trying to set a world record for the longest flight with helium-filled party balloons, AP reports. The priest took off from the northeastern city of Paranagua in a chair with hundreds of... More »

Wireless Tech Leaps Forward ... on Balloons

Flying 'towers' could revolutionize rural Internet, cell use; Google interested

(Newser) - A decidedly whimsical business model could bring wireless Internet and cell service to wide swaths of rural America, slinging signals from balloons drifting toward the edge of space. Don’t scoff—the system is already providing services for truckers and oil companies, courtesy of Space Data Corp., and Google is... More »

RIP, Steve Fossett

Daredevil declared dead five months after disappearance

(Newser) - He vanished on a routine flight five months ago, and now daredevil Steve Fossett has been declared dead at the age of 63, the AP reports. The famous world record breaker was last seen flying a small plane over western Nevada where 15-20 private planes have disappeared since 1950. The... More »

Aviation Adventurer Is Missing

Search parties on the lookout for America's Richard Branson

(Newser) - Quixotic aviator and adventurer Steve Fossett, the first person to make it around the world in a balloon, was missing today when his plane disappeared over western Nevada. A search is on for his single-engine Bellanca, but the millionaire entrepreneur didn't file a flight plan, the AP reports. More »

Hot Air Balloon Bursts Into Flames, Kills 2

Passengers leap from fire as balloon launches over British Columbia

(Newser) - A hot air balloon went up in flames last night over Western Canada, killing two and injuring 11. The balloon erupted into a fireball as it was preparing to launch, but broke free of its tethers as passengers jumped off. They leaped from the burning balloon with their clothes on... More »

Couch Flies High in Chair

(Newser) - Kent Couch of Bend, OR, floated 193 miles at an average height of 11,000 feet  to La Grande, OR, in a lawn chair attached to 105 balloons. It took him almost 9 hours. He equipped himself with all the essential high-tech equipment to make the flight—a cell phone... More »

Polish Artist Installs Huge Nude Balloon in Italy

(Newser) - Polish artist Pawel Althamer has placed a 70-foot long nude balloon in a plaza in Milan. It is a self-portrait of the artist.  In Italy such a sculpture is "nothing new."   A passing American commented that it "wouldn't fly" in the U.S. More »

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