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Hot-Air Balloon Rider Had to Figure Out Controls Fast

Kentucky couple recount Las Vegas scare

(Newser) - When he took a ride on a hot-air balloon near Las Vegas last week, Kentucky's Tom Stenton didn't anticipate having to operate the thing. But as he and his wife, Shawna, explain to ABC News , he had to do just that amid a crash landing. The couple were...

Runaway Balloon Gives Crowd a Major Shock

One festival-goer says the balloon 'ran over' his mother

(Newser) - Yikes! A crowd of hot-air-balloon lovers got quite the surprise Saturday when a balloon plowed right into them, CNN reports. Attendees at the Missouri balloon festival scrambled as the basket crashed through a tree and skirted the ground while trying to land. One girl suffered a minor injury and a...

Here's What Was in System of Pilot in Deadliest Balloon Crash

NTSB reveals its findings about the July 2016 crash near Austin

(Newser) - The pilot in the deadliest hot air balloon crash in US history was probably impaired by opioids and sedatives when he ignored weather warnings and flew the ride into a power line , investigators said Tuesday. Besides Valium and oxycodone, there was a high enough dosage of the over-the-counter antihistamine Benadryl...

She Said 'Yes' to Proposal. Then the Balloon Crashed

No one injured in Edmonton incident

(Newser) - Since she was a child, Christine Peters had dreamed of going on a hot air balloon ride. Her dream finally came true on Saturday, reports ABC News , but if a wedding proposal didn't make the adventure memorable enough, the subsequent crash likely did. Peters had just gotten engaged to...

Man to Pay $20K Fine After 'Unconscionably Stupid' Stunt

Daniel Boria doesn't regret his actions and says he has 'the greatest story to tell'

(Newser) - In July 2015, a young man in Canada decided it was time to promote his cleaning company and hatched a plan: Tie $10,000 worth of industrial-sized balloons (around 100 in all) to a lawn chair with an advertising banner hanging from it, take off, and then leap from the...

Pilot in Deadliest US Balloon Crash Was on Scads of Meds
Pilot in Deadliest US Balloon
Crash Was on Scads of Meds

Pilot in Deadliest US Balloon Crash Was on Scads of Meds

Experts tell NTSB that some, like oxycodone, should have precluded Texas man from flying

(Newser) - The pilot of a hot air balloon that crashed in Texas in July, killing 16 people, was taking medications that should have precluded him from flying, medical experts testified at a federal hearing on Friday. Experts testified that Alfred "Skip" Nichols, who was killed with 15 passengers, went up...

Balloon Pilot in Deadly Crash Had 4 DWI Convictions

Skip Nichols wouldn't have been allowed to fly a plane

(Newser) - If Alfred "Skip" Nichols had been a commercial airplane pilot, he probably would have been grounded long ago. Nichols, the pilot of a hot air balloon that crashed over the weekend in Texas , killing 16, was able to keep flying despite having at least four convictions for drunk driving...

Newlyweds Among Dead in Worst US Balloon Crash

Pilot was arrested for DUI in 2000

(Newser) - Authorities have confirmed that 15 passengers and the pilot died Saturday in what is believed to be the deadliest hot air balloon crash in American history. The victims of the crash near Lockhart in central Texas include newlyweds Matt and Sunday Rowan, who were married just six months ago, People...

Hot Air Balloon Likely Hit Power Lines, Went 'Pop, Pop, Pop'

16 believed dead in what is likely deadliest such incident in American history

(Newser) - The hot air balloon that caught fire and crashed Saturday in Texas likely hit a power line in what appears to be the worst such disaster in American history, reports CNN . Officials aren't yet confirming the number of dead, reports the AP , though an FAA rep says that at...

16 Believed Dead in Hot Air Balloon Crash

 16 Killed in Texas 
 Hot Air Balloon Crash 

16 Killed in Texas Hot Air Balloon Crash

The balloon caught fire and crashed into a Texas pasture

(Newser) - A hot air balloon has crashed in Texas, killing all 16 people aboard, NBC News reports. According to the ABC News , a fire started in the basket of the hot air balloon before the balloon crashed into a pasture near Lockhart, Texas, on Saturday morning. The site of the crash...

Extreme Athlete Dies Setting Up Hot Air Balloon Stunt

Tancrede Melet, 32, was 'at arm's length' from the basket when he fell 100 feet

(Newser) - A French extreme sportsman described by the Inertia as an "inspiration to the working man" has died at the age of 32 after a hot air balloon stunt backfired, ABC News reports. Tancrede Melet, part of a daredevil group known as the Flying Frenchies , was setting up the stunt...

Record-Breaking Balloon Flight Ends in Mexico

Two Eagle pilots broke distance record by some 1.4K miles

(Newser) - Troy Bradley might have been exhausted and a bit dehydrated, but the words printed on his T-shirt said it all: "Failure is not an option." The accomplished pilot and co-pilot Leonid Tiukhtyaev of Russia flew farther and longer in a gas balloon than anyone in history during a...

2 Men Ballooning Over Pacific Set Record

'Two Eagles' now on course to break duration record

(Newser) - Two balloonists who took off from Japan early on Sunday have sailed past the world distance record and are still in the sky. American Troy Bradley and Russian Leonid Tiukhtyaev— the "Two Eagles"—passed the old record of 5,261 miles yesterday and are due to pass the...

Balloonists Launch Japan-to-America Odyssey

The American and Russian pilots hope the journey will take just over 5 days

(Newser) - Riding in a 140-foot tall balloon filled with 350,000 cubic feet of gas, an American and a Russian have set off from Japan in the hopes of setting two balloon ride records at once. First, Troy Bradley, 50, and Leonid Tiukhtyaev, 58, hope to reach North America and break...

Hot Air Balloon Proposal Goes Quite Awry

Balloon ends up in the ocean

(Newser) - A romantic ride in a hot air balloon turned into a rescue operation, with lifeguards and surfers saving three people after the basket dipped into the ocean off a Southern California beach. A man was proposing to his girlfriend during their sunset ride yesterday when the balloon drifted off course...

3rd Body Found After Virginia Balloon Crash

University basketball official's body had been missing

(Newser) - Virginia state police say they've found the body of the third passenger of a hot air balloon that drifted into a power line, burst into flames, and fell into a heavily wooded area about 25 miles north of Richmond. A spokeswoman said searchers found the body this morning. Police...

School Basketball Official Was in Balloon Crash

Natalie Lewis' body hasn't been found yet: family spokeswoman

(Newser) - A family spokeswoman says a University of Richmond women's basketball team staff member was one of two passengers on a hot-air balloon that crashed in Virginia . Family spokeswoman Julie Snyder told the AP today that Natalie Lewis' body has not been found. The remains of the pilot and the...

2 Dead, 1 Missing After Hot-Air Balloon Crash

Balloon hit utility wire on descent and burst into flames

(Newser) - A hot-air balloon ride went horribly wrong in rural Virginia yesterday, and three people are feared dead. State Police say the balloon struck a power line as it was descending and burst into flames, with the gondola separating from the balloon itself, reports WWBT . A pilot and two passengers were...

Hot Air Balloons Collide in Mid-Air

2 tourists dead in Turkey accident

(Newser) - Two hot air balloons collided in mid-air during a sightseeing tour of volcanic rock formations in Turkey and crashed to the ground today, killing two Brazilian tourists and injuring 23 other people on board. The accident occurred above central Turkey's Cappadocia region, when an ascending balloon struck another balloon'...

2 Still Missing After Balloon Crashes Into Pacific

5 women rescued off Peru coast

(Newser) - A hot-air tourist balloon carrying seven people in Peru fell into the Pacific Ocean yesterday, and authorities say they have rescued five women while the craft's pilot and another man remain missing. An official says none of the people on the flight were wearing life jackets. Members of the...

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