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$100 Bills Have Been Hidden All Over Oregon's Capital

You can thank 'Benny'

(Newser) - Oregon's capital is rolling in Benjamins thanks to a generous yet mysterious "Benny-factor." The Statesman Journal reports $100 bills began appearing around Salem in May 2013 and more than $50,000 has been discovered since, including $8,600 last month alone. The individual responsible—nicknamed "Benny"...

Some of the New $100 Bills Will Be Worth $1K—or More

All thanks to serial number-minded collectors

(Newser) - We are a couple of weeks away from getting our newly designed $100 bills , and when they arrive on October 8, some will actually be worth $1,000 ... or more. No, the government isn't slipping in an extra zero. But it is including, as always, an eight-digit serial number....

We're Having Big Trouble Printing $100 Bills

30M of the bills didn't cut the mustard

(Newser) - The US is less than two months away from getting its new $100 bills —hopefully. The Oct. 8 release date is already more than two years behind schedule, a delay caused by production problems that apparently have not abated. Writing for the New Yorker , David Wolman reports that the...

After 10 Years of Tinkering, New $100 Bills Coming

Blue lines? Orange bells? Plenty of color in new greenback

(Newser) - At long last, the United States is getting new $100 bills, reports Reuters . Set to be released more than two years behind schedule on Oct. 8, the redesign has been in the works for a decade. Among the additions:
  • a blue, 3D security ribbon that's not printed but woven

Why We Should Stop Printing $100 Bills
Why We Should Stop Printing $100 Bills

Why We Should Stop Printing $100 Bills

In short, because only criminals use them

(Newser) - The really pretty amusing news that the US had screwed up in printing its latest batch of a billion new $100 bills got Timothy Noah of Slate wondering: “Why does the world need 1 billion $100 bills? Indeed, why does the US continue to print C-notes at all?” The...

Feds Quarantine $110B in Potentially Defective $100 Bills

New security features caused wide-scale printing problem

(Newser) - The new $100 bills were designed to thwart counterfeiters—but instead, the complex process required to create the high-tech bills has thwarted printers, resulting in $110 billion in currently unusable bills. The new hundreds, planned for roll-out in February, include a 3D security strip and color-shifting bell image—and producing...

$100 Bill Goes 3D
 $100 Bill Goes 3D 

$100 Bill Goes 3D

New security features designed to curb counterfeiting

(Newser) - The $100 bill is getting a new look and two high-tech security features to curb counterfeiters, the AP reports. A 3D security ribbon on the front has images of bells and 100s that move as you tilt the bill. The note, which is out next February, also has a Liberty...

The C-Note Gets a Facelift
The C-Note Gets a Facelift

The C-Note Gets a Facelift

New security thread aims to protect bill most targeted by foreign counterfeiters

(Newser) - Even Ben Franklin has a little work done every now and then. The $100 bill, which bears the founding father's image, is undergoing a state-of-the-art redesign aimed at thwarting counterfeiters who target the C-note more than any other denomination, the AP reports. The new security thread utilizes microprinting and 650,...

8 Stories
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