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'Wow': Owen Wilson Fans Plan Ultimate Tribute

People will gather to say what is apparently his favorite word

(Newser) - You might have seen the memes, or videos like this one , poking a little fun at how often Owen Wilson says "wow." They're like those focusing on Matthew McConaughey's recitation of "all right," but apparently have a more enthusiastic following. Case in point: About... More »

Zoolander 2 'Gives Sequels a Bad Name'

Critics say it's 'terrible,' 'lame,' and unfunny

(Newser) - Derek Zoolander returns to the catwalk—15 years later—in Zoolander 2. Critics seem to wish he had slipped, broken his leg, and ended his career a decade ago. Despite cameos from a sea of stars, the sequel to the 2001 original is getting scathing reviews. Here's what critics... More »

Zoolander 2 Confirmed in Most Befitting Way

Derek and Hansel walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week

(Newser) - What better way to announced that Zoolander 2 is on the way? Derek Zoolander and pal Hansel—aka Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson—strutted down the runway at Paris Fashion Week today, their way of saying that the sequel to the 2001 cult favorite will be out on Feb. 12,... More »

7 Celebs Who Are Notoriously Cheap

They'd like to keep their big bucks to themselves, thanks

(Newser) - Just because they make the big bucks doesn't mean they have to spend the big bucks. Radar rounds up 15 of Hollywood's biggest cheapskates. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out the complete list (including one celebrity who hoards hotel soap and shampoo) here . More »

10 Celebrity Love Child Scandals

Owen Wilson, the latest, joins a long list

(Newser) - If the National Enquirer and Star are to be believed, Owen Wilson is having a kid with his married personal trainer . He certainly has a lot of company in Hollywood: Radar rounds up 26 celebrity love child scandals . A sampling:
  • Rumor has it Khloe Kardashian might not really be Robert
... More »

Owen Wilson Having Kid With Married Trainer?

Sources say Caroline Lindqvist is expecting

(Newser) - This comes with the usual "It's the National Enquirer and Star , so take it with a grain of salt" disclaimer, but sources say Owen Wilson is expecting a baby with his married personal trainer, Caroline Lindqvist. But, hey, it's not that scandalous; she and her plastic surgeon... More »

Google Goes Hollywood, With Big Role in New Film

Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson comedy 'The Internship' gets prime access

(Newser) - The phrase "product placement" doesn't begin to cut it. In the upcoming comedy The Internship, Google has something more akin to a starring role, reports the Los Angeles Times . The company not only allowed the comedy with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn to shoot for two days at... More »

Cars 2 May Drive You Nuts

Larry the Cable Guy, Owen Wilson star in Pixar film

(Newser) - Just because it’s Pixar doesn’t mean it’s good, as Cars 2 proves. Its worst offender: sidekick-turned-lead Mater, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy.
  • “Maybe the company was tired of turning out one masterpiece after another and decided to coast for a while,” suggests AO Scott
... More »

Woody Allen Surprises: Midnight Is a Delight

He opens Cannes with a pleasant comedy

(Newser) - No wonder audiences at Cannes loved the opening film, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, writes Andrew O'Hehir at Salon . It's a "lightweight, rather silly fantasy about the eternal allure of the City of Light." And while that sounds like the set-up for a negative review,... More »

You Don't Need This Hall Pass

Farrelly brothers film stars Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis

(Newser) - The Farrelly brothers’ new film, Hall Pass, tells the story of two men given a week off from marriage. Don’t expect any surprises:
  • “The Farrellys are exploring nominally adult realms, like marital fatigue and cheating, but too often these apparent good intentions get the best of them and
... More »

Owen Wilson Welcomes a Son

Actor just got around to announcing pregnancy on Monday

(Newser) - Remember, oh, way back on Monday, when Owen Wilson announced he and his girlfriend were preggers ? Well, they're not anymore: Us reports that Wilson and Jade Duell welcomed a son yesterday at his property in Hawaii, which apparently allowed him to keep the baby bump a secret. No name... More »

Owen Wilson, Girlfriend Expecting Baby

And it could come soon, say reports

(Newser) - Owen Wilson is going to be a dad—any day now. Wilson and his girlfriend of more than a year, Jade Duell, “are happy to be expecting a baby,” the actor’s rep tells Entertainment Weekly . No other official details are being given, but PopEater notes that various... More »

Watch Out: Marmaduke Bites

Talking-dog movie among the worst of its breed, say critics

(Newser) - Comic-strip adaptation Marmaduke is howlingly bad, even by the low standards of talking-dog movies. It's unlikely to please anyone except the very youngest moviegoers, say critics.
  • The rascally Great Dane—voiced by Owen Wilson—is relocated to California for what is "basically a Saved By the Bell episode voiced
... More »

Luke Wilson a Jerk on AT&T Shoots

You might be, too, if you had to shill cell phones for cash

(Newser) - Poor Luke Wilson was forced to do lowly AT&T commercials for money, and the loss of his indie cred has apparently turned him into a huge diva. A source tells Fox that during filming Wilson would “talk back to the director,” insist that his lines be re-written,... More »

Foreigners Lap Up US Comedies

(Newser) - Foreign audiences are totally into Marley and Me, the Owen Wilson/Jennifer Aniston vehicle, which topped the international box office last weekend with $14.2 million, Variety reports. Marley’s success—it’s beating Watchmen, among others—runs counter to traditional wisdom about foreign taste for US yuks leaning more to... More »

Kate and Owen Hook Up Again?

(Newser) - Looks like Kate and Owen have rekindled a little blonde lovin', X17 reports. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson split up in the summer of 2007; Owen reportedly tried to kill himself 2 months later. Only recently has Kate's black SUV been seen in his Malibu driveway again. She even brought... More »

Bring Tissues for Marley & Me

Critics concede it's a family film, but little more

(Newser) - Walk into Marley & Me not expecting to be wowed, and it’s an easy film to watch, Claudia Puig writes in USA Today. Unfortunately, “it’s just as easy to forget.” The writers deftly pull dog-lovers’ heartstrings, but the story itself is ordinary and chemistry lacking between... More »

Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson Off Again

Volatile couple proves widespread wedding rumors wrong, for now

(Newser) - Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson aren’t engaged after all. The pair’s longstanding on-again, off-again relationship is officially off again, People reports. The rumor-spawning ring Hudson was spotted wearing was a prop. “It was a pretty bad breakup,” said a friend of Wilson’s, and a Hudson... More »

Kate and Owen Getting Hitched?

Up-and-down couple engaged since last month, Daily Mail says

(Newser) - Off-again, on-again lovers Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are going to tie the knot, reports the Daily Mail. Hudson, 29, has been sporting a giant sparkler ever since Wilson, 39, popped the question last month in Miami where they celebrated Hudson's birthday. The two first met filming the movie You,... More »

Who Stays Hot at Box Office

Dr. Seuss flick tops box office two weeks in a row

(Newser) - Dr. Seuss’ Horton heard cha-ching at the box office again this weekend despite a 45% drop in sales, Variety reports. The family flick grossed $25.1 million, beating number-two Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns and photographic horror remake Shutter, which grossed $20 million and $10.7 million, respectively, the... More »

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