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11 Moles the Not-So-Magic Number for Melanoma

More than that on the right arm could mean higher risk

(Newser) - This year will see almost 10,000 deaths in the US from melanoma, with nearly 74,000 new cases diagnosed. But most skin cancers, including melanoma, are curable if caught and treated early , which is why doctors are anxious to ID them ASAP. Researchers at King's College London say... More »

Deadly Skin Cancer Doesn't Grow in Moles Alone

Some 70%-80% of melanomas aren't associated with moles

(Newser) - Out of the 74,000 people expected to be diagnosed with melanoma this year, almost 10,000 will die, the National Cancer Institute estimates. But skin cancer doesn't grow in moles alone, researchers reported earlier this month at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting. In fact, based... More »

Moles Smell in Stereo

Study says they get signals from both nostrils

(Newser) - The common mole is blind and mostly deaf, which means it relies on its nose to find dinner. Not a problem: A study at Vanderbilt University makes the case that moles smell in stereo. Researchers who watched a mole sniff out a meal determined that the little critter relied on... More »

Fox Mole Found, Fired

Joe Muto was O'Reilly Factor producer

(Newser) - Joe Muto's career at Fox News lasted eight years, but his career as Gawker 's "Fox mole" only lasted some 36 hours after his first column . Muto, an associate producer on the O'Reilly Factor, unmasked himself after being summoned to a meeting with a senior Fox... More »

Fox News: We Got the Mole Mole: No, You Didn't

Gawker's anonymous source still operating

(Newser) - It's a whack-a-mole, media style: Fox News said today it had found the "mole" who has been writing insider columns for Gawker. (Like this one about a Romney-Hannity interview.) But the mole has since posted a note on Gawker contradicting the claim. "If Fox has smoked... More »

Mole Removed From Mac's Face

Doctors call move pre-emptive for Republican, with history of skin cancer

(Newser) - A doctor removed a mole-like spot from John McCain’s face today during a routine check-up, a procedure an aide called “just a precautionary removal.” The Republican has had four malignant melanomas removed in the past; other cancerous cells have been taken off McCain’s body in the... More »

SJP's Mole AWOL at All-Star Game

Before-and-after shots highlight absence of mark often savaged in the media

(Newser) - Sarah Jessica Parker's signature chin mole, on full display as recently as 6 weeks ago, was conspicuously absent during an appearance last night at Yankee Stadium, the Huffington Post notes. One Sex and the City reviewer called the big-screen "growth on her face … so distracting you can't concentrate... More »

R. Kelly Case Obsesses Over Mole

Witnesses battle over mark seen in video

(Newser) - The R. Kelly jury was treated to a short course in video doctoring yesterday, as the rapper's defense team worked to discredit the tape prosecutors say shows him having sex with a very underage girl. The issue is the now-infamous R. Kelly mole the defense says isn't there in the... More »

CNN Anchor Cooper Has Skin Cancer

He has growth removed and says he's doing fine

(Newser) - CNN's Anderson Cooper returned to the air today after a two-day absence during which he had a cancerous mole removed from his face, E! News reports. Anderson wrote on his blog that he's fine and that the surgery went well, and a spokesman said doctors don't think the cancer has... More »

Cancer Can Wait; Botox Doesn't

New study says medical patients wait longer than cosmetic patients

(Newser) - Patients have a better chance of seeing their dermatologists if they want Botox than if they want a potentially cancerous mole examined, a new study finds. Researchers, posing as patients in a dozen cities, faced a typical wait of eight days for cosmetic procedures and 26 days to test a... More »

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