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Praise the Lord and Pass the Pistols

But pastor must tell others about 'security force'

(Newser) - Now you can go to church packing heat—as long as you do in Louisiana. GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed into law the controversial "Gun-in-Church" bill that authorizes people after 8 hours of safety training to carry concealed weapons into any house of worship (including mosques) as part... More »

Red Tape Stalls Oil-Sucking Barges

Coast Guard needed to verify presence of... life jackets

(Newser) - Bobby Jindal is furious. Last week, he commissioned a fleet of 16 barges to comb the Gulf with vacuum equipment and suck up crude oil, and they had been working surprisingly well—until the Coast Guard stopped them on Wednesday, forcing them to sit at port for 24 hours. Authorities,... More »

Sandbar Plan Is Bad Science

At best, berms will do nothing to protect La. coastline

(Newser) - Bobby Jindal's plan to protect the Louisiana coastline with sandbars is more the product of political hysteria than pragmatic decision-making, Sharon Begley writes for Newsweek . Few coastal scientists think the berms—which will cost $360 million initially and need to be constantly rebuilt—will protect the wetlands from BP's oil.... More »

BP: Oil Will 'Flow for a While'

Oil giant hopes for some containment until August

(Newser) - Even as BP readies its next effort to stanch the oil oozing from its busted well, the oil giant was already redefining success, reports Politico. "The oil's going to flow for awhile," Managing Director Bob Dudley told State of the Union, adding, "Our objective is to …... More »

Oil Spill Gives Bobby Jindal a 2nd Chance

By criticizing cleanup, governor regains footing

(Newser) - Bobby Jindal, last seen spectacularly botching his response to an Obama speech last year, may have resurrected his political career thanks to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. The Louisiana governor has ironically been calling for a bigger government response, and criticizing BP's slow, incompetent efforts to fix the leak. In the... More »

Jindal to US: We're Not Waiting for You

Sand berms will go without Army Corps of Engineers OK

(Newser) - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says the state is not waiting for federal approval to begin building sand barriers to protect the coastline from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Jindal's defiant comments today came as oil pushed at least 12 miles into the heart of Louisiana's marshes. Two major pelican... More »

Louisiana Marshland Defies Cleanup

Dredging to create barrier might actually be the most cost effective

(Newser) - Ever since the Deepwater Horizon spill, Bobby Jindal has been advocating building temporary islands to protect Louisiana's marshes from oncoming oil. With heavy oil hitting the wetlands this week, environmentalists are actually starting to take the Louisiana governor seriously, AOL News reports. It's not that the plan is great—there... More »

Scientists Slam White House on Oil Spill Response

Meanwhile, heavy oil hitting Louisiana marshlands

(Newser) - With heavy oil at last washing ashore in Louisiana, scientists are slamming the Obama administration for responding to the Deepwater Horizon spill too slowly, and not investigating enough. “It seems baffling that we don't know how much oil is being spilled,” one oceanographer said on Capitol Hill yesterday.... More »

Obama on Gulf Coast: 'BP Will Be Paying the Bill'

In Louisiana, president gets firsthand look at effects of ruptured oil well

(Newser) - President Obama visited Louisiana this afternoon, seeing for himself the effects of the continuing oil spill and promising an "all-hands-on-deck" reaction, the Times-Picayune reports. "BP is responsible for this leak. BP will be paying the bill," he said. "But as president of the United States, I... More »

Feds Press BP on Funding Gulf Cleanup

Homeland Security, Interior secretaries tour oil spill area

(Newser) - BP is not doing enough to remedy the effects of the oil spill created when one of its offshore drilling facilities exploded, and the federal government plans to pressure the company to fund and complete the cleanup of the crude-choked Gulf of Mexico. "We cannot rest and will not... More »

Creepy Letters to 30 Governors Spook FBI

Pols told to leave office in 3 days or they will be removed

(Newser) - The FBI has warned police around the country that there may be violence in the coming days inspired by ominous letters sent by an extremist group. Thirty sitting governors have received letters telling them that if they don’t leave office within 3 days they will be removed, according to... More »

Keep an Eye on Rick Perry —for President

If he wins big in Texas, he's in perfect position for 2012

(Newser) - Fred Barnes says there's not much sense getting worked up about GOP presidential nominees for 2012 until after the 2010 elections. At that point, even Meg Whitman and John Kasich could conceivably join the list of usual suspects. In his survey of the field, however, Barnes seems to have a... More »

La. Justice Quits in Interracial Wedding Flap

Officials, including Gov. Jindal, pressured Keith Bardwell

(Newser) - A Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to marry a couple because the bride was white and groom was black resigned today, after weeks of refusing to step down despite calls for his ouster. Keith Bardwell quit with no explanation of his decision; Gov. Bobby Jindal called it "... More »

Jindal Slams Anti-Mixed Marriage Judge

Governor calls for firing of Louisiana justice who denied couple marriage license

(Newser) - Gov. Bobby Jindal and other Louisiana officials say a justice of the peace who refuses to marry interracial couples should lose his job. "This is a clear violation of constitutional rights and federal and state law," Jindal said, calling for Keith Bardwell's case to be referred to a... More »

McCain Warms to Romney 2012

Former rival lends his name to big fundraiser

(Newser) - Mitt Romney let bygones be bygones when he campaigned for John McCain last year, forgetting an acrimonious relationship with his erstwhile rival for the GOP presidential nomination. Now, McCain appears to be repaying the favor and ginning up support for the former Massachusetts governor’s 2012 bid, reports the Boston ... More »

Jindal Slams 'Dishonest' Health Plan

Dems' current version as bad as Hillarycare, Louisiana gov writes

(Newser) - President Obama is presenting health care reform as a bipartisan effort, but, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal writes in the Wall Street Journal, he and fellow Democrats have taken “a fundamentally dishonest approach to reform.” Obama is “repeating the mistakes” of Hillarycare, forcing Americans to join a public... More »

Jindal: Dems' Health Care Reform 'Devastating'

(Newser) - President Obama “is currently just flinging stuff against the wall, in trillion-dollar chunks, to see what sticks,” and his plans for health care are no different, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal writes on Politico. Thanks to failed bailouts and a “trillion-dollar stimulus that has not stimulated,” America... More »

Twitchy GOP Absorbs Yet Another Scandal

From Sanford to Ensign, Republican leaders are falling down

(Newser) - Mark Sanford caused the GOP enough of a headache when he disappeared—but coming back to South Carolina only made it worse. The second Republican sex scandal in a week has left party leaders angry and exhausted, reports the New York Times, and has them wondering whether they can mount... More »

GOP Govs Back Down, Request Stimulus Funds

Ambitious conservatives cave on most federal aid dollars

(Newser) - Tough talk about rejecting stimulus funds earned some GOP governors—and presidential hopefuls—plenty of headlines, but reality has set in, Politico reports. Under fire from their legislatures, Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, and Sarah Palin have all requested funds in the past week. “At this point it looks like... More »

Redoubt Eruption Burns Jindal

In wake of explosion

(Newser) - Mount Redoubt erupted in Alaska, but Bobby Jindal is feeling the heat in Louisiana, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Democrats are raking the governor over the coals for scoffing at “something called volcano monitoring” as an example of wasteful spending in his televised speech last month. “It’s... More »

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